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true intimacy = seeing and being seen

When most of us hear the word intimacy, we commonly think of sexual intimacy. But there is an aspect of intimacy that is vastly unexplored… an expression as sweet, more inclusive and with more everyday applications than sexual intimacy. 647 more words


The Risks of Happiness-Through-Achievement

In today’s age of ultra-competitive college admissions, a cutthroat job market, and a systematic bent for STEM over the humanities, impressionable youth are being swept up in a profession-based pursuit of happiness. 420 more words


The Sun and Mercury in The Bull (Taurus) astronomically

I want to write a short series of posts on Gemini through the lens of esoteric astrology, but find myself stymied. Astronomically, the Sun is in The Bull and not the Twins, and Mercury is not retrograde in Gemini but also is in The Bull (Taurus). 329 more words


Mark 9:14-50

John Carter – December 4, 2014 – Mark 9:14-5- – Gospel
Empty Arguments 1,810 more words


Akashic filed and the origin of the universe

The origin of the universe and the origin of man or earth is something that has fascinated thinkers of all time. But what is really fascinating is his inch perfect. 1,450 more words

Twin Flames: old paradigm relationship constructs don't apply in Sacred Union

If you’ve been on this journey long, well-meaning friends, therapists, family members, spiritual guides, colleagues and energetic healers may tell you various versions of:

Twin Flames

In the center ring: scientists debate the process of climate science

Summary:  Here’s one of the best conversations I’ve seen about the state and process of climate science (not the technical details for professionals). If he were alive, Thomas Kuhn would smile at this evidence that his theory so well describes the workings of science — on which we rely for prosperity and perhaps survival.  1,639 more words

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