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psychiatric drugs are not cures ~ far from it

Due to limitations in the dominant (biomedical) psychiatric paradigm ~ from A Prescription for Psychiatry by Peter Kinderman:

role of the biomedical specialist defaults to making inaccurate, unreliable and invalid diagnoses and issuing prescriptions for psychiatric drugs which, as we saw in the previous chapter, bear little systematic relationship to the diagnosis, are in no real sense ‘cures’ and seem to cause nearly as many problems as they solve, at least in the long run.

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The Magical Paradigm of Choice

After all these twenty years of unstructured magic study and practice- not including an additional decade and a half of other esoteric explorations- I am not quite ready with the form of magic I find is my “thing”, as it were. 1,137 more words


They should have interviewed me instead.

In response to… Agent of the controllers speaks out.

Analyzing the NWO blueprint for el president. I successfully predicted, back in 2012, that the ‘controlers’ would ‘install’ a FAKE populist US president in 2016. 579 more words

Life is not a Picnic

In his “Life of Christ” Bishop Fulton Sheen points out there are only two philosophies of life: (1) “…first the feast, then the hangover…” and (2) “…first the fast and then the feast.” 741 more words


Pre-order Strangers To Superfans Now

You can now order your copy of Strangers to Superfans: A Marketing Guide to the Readers’ Journey. I know many of you have been waiting for this one so I’ll just give you the links: 311 more words


On veganism, the dog, and abundance

I pass a McDonald’s on the way home from the gym every day. Its golden arches glow like a beacon, promising the comforting familiarity of a greasy, salty quarter pounder with cheese. 1,307 more words

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