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Thinking Beyond The Box




The Power of Perception

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”

― Anaïs Nin

You know, it is rather amazing how quotes like these blow our minds; how the arrangement of already familiar words creates a whole different meaning that pierces through our consciousness.   754 more words


Jojos and Groundies

I had a strange conversation with a co-worker the other day that went something like this …

Liz: “I could really go for a cookie right now!   335 more words

Dan Pallota's TED talk reveals the path to a new era for nonprofits----[MissionReThinc.]


An inspiring examination of our attitudes toward Nonprofit Organizations in terms of competition and market share relative to for profit companies. On this TED talk, activist and fundraiser Dan Pallota calls for a generosity of thought, imagining a world where Non-profits are judged based on capacity of work instead of minimal administrative expenses.

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Do Love Like The French Do !

A May-December fling, how far, how long?
Not the least of love, but a sin sublime
For those who trade love, for a song!
We made ours, to outlast, world’s paradigm! 135 more words