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I took a couple of vacation days last week. One thing which helped me relax more than anything else was pulling the plug on Facebook for a couple of days. 554 more words

Public Theology

The Easy Road to Cynicism, and the Perilous Expedition Getting Back

“The adventure begins,” I thought to myself while sitting on the couch after working hard to get my apartment furnished and in order. One would think I was referring to the idea of being an adult, independent, beginning a new life of being self-supportive. 624 more words

Mars Gone Mad

MindScents Monday: The Cost

“Are you prepared to pay the price?”

I found the words unsettling.  I had been working with my mentor for only a few months when I found myself face to face with “the goal”.   613 more words

Oct 24/16: Research paradigms

Today’s reading:

I belong to interpretivism or I adopt an interpretivist approach to my research. According to this source interpretivism understands knowledge as a socially constructed and mutual process (hence the both inevitable and undeniable connection between the researcher and the researched) and it also aims to… 488 more words

Thesis Progress

Nintendo Switch thoughts

Today Nintendo revealed their new console to the world, previously known as the NX. Before today people only really had one thing in mind, would Nintendo once again go for a gimmick or would they try to square up to Microsoft and Sony with a powerful, competitive console? 469 more words


New Earth

New Earth © 2016 Hope at paperheartdreams

The old paradigm: Get married, have kids, go to work, go to church, retire, die…

The new paradigm: Self express divinity, be independent, create… 38 more words