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Shabu Shabu - Suki-Ya Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Suki-Ya is where people get together to experience healthy, low fat food in a warm atmosphere with impeccable service. We were there to celebrate my son’s birthday. 52 more words



Day after day and year after year more awareness is fortunately rising about human sexuality and its spectrum, but one kind I practically never hear about, which falls between the cracks, is what I call Q-straight. 268 more words


Tear Me Down

There aren’t enough words to make myself understand. Maybe there’s too many words that resonate with me that I just can’t. I still go back to the days I reveled in drowning. 403 more words

Molting Away - I Love Me, I Love Me Not

When you’ve shed yourself from a situation with a person that encompassed your entire being and life, reality can become utterly confusing. Even the small things that you knew to be part of your routine, part of you, are tainted in ways that has you wondering if you should go back. 1,172 more words

Is Life Really Unfair?

Often times in this part of the world where I come from have i heard people said words like, “life is not fair”. In fact, it’s a very common thing. 769 more words


Come With Me, I Found Your Gift...

There’s a revolution going on that only few of us really see. It has nothing to do with the news, the killings or worrying about what’s going on when you turn on the TV. 508 more words