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What Keanu Reeves had to do before opening the script

Our life is more and more structured by the technological innovations. In Munich I use public transportation a lot more and an app is constantly sending me delays or different traveling options. 487 more words

Technology Of Communication

Recognise this World's Paradigm

This world likes to eat. Seriously, if its not its natural resources, its our natural instincts. From animals, we introduced this thing called ‘humanity’ – and now, we are robotic. 54 more words

What Is Life?

It is even a vapor
Here and gone
Not dependent on a wager
Nor an eon

It is just like smoke,
Blown away
Think about this, folk, 213 more words


Paradigm S Curves

People work in a mindset commonly explained by fear of change, resistance to change, or appeal to tradition:  the new and unexpected disturbs people, and so they fight it.   801 more words



rolling through smells, upstairs ceiling creaks, he’ll sleep now that he’s home, motions
find cyclic-tablets in a row, ducks sit spitting visions of horse-hair onto tables of… 154 more words

Iglesia Simple Pt.2

  1. LA VOLUNTAD DE DIOS es buena agradable y perfecta…
  2. LOS PARADIGMAS DE LA IGLESIA: Las cosas que creemos que debe de hacer la iglesia…
  4. 913 more words