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Breaking your Personal Average: shifting from the paradigm of minimalism

I’d like to start with a common problem. It’s not attitude nor is it behaviour, at least for most parts. It is not the wrong skill or the lack of talent.  611 more words

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Time to change?

Paradigm shift? What’s a paradigm again?

‘Paradigm’ has been the word of the week thanks to Thomas Kuhn. This was one of those texts I approached thinking, “OK, I know about this.”, in a smug way, and then three pages in I’m not even sure what day it is anymore, let alone understanding ‘paradigm’. 621 more words

Scapegoat culture

Its a weird world we live in, it seems that we are quick to criticise public figures a lot without really thinking about it. I know I have jumped to conclusions a bit quickly and I haven’t been the biggest supporter of our oligarch representatives, but I try my best to make sure that I read up to finalise my opinion on certain topics.  601 more words

Like the Copernican Revolution and the Renaissance

This is an absolutely great synthesis of the credible and incredible. The current models of astro-physics are showing their absurdity as the telescopes created to delve into the workings of the universe actually show the workings they sought. 66 more words

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