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"white people can't play badminton"

“White people can’t play badminton.” This thought echoes through my mind every Tuesday during my weekly badminton session. I look around the university gym for a court I can join, taking mental note of which (white) people seem all too pleased just to be able to hit the shuttlecock over the net or who are laughing and joking too much and whom, therefore, I shall not play with. 336 more words


The Undisclosed Drug Problem in America

One of the most common interventions in health care are prescription medications. Long term care facilities in particular provide as many as 10-15 medications to a patient to include vitamin and mineral supplements. 548 more words

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Perspective: Believing your Way to Greatness

You’ve got to Know, to Possibly Understand

 This is meant to be read after Mindset

The definition of perspective, in the context i’ll be using it today: 1,405 more words


Meeting Etiquette Part #32

In my continuing effort to stay on the very cusp of business meeting etiquette, I would like to introduce the reader (if the reader hasn’t already met) to the latest in business nomenclature. 383 more words

Tim Braun

Is Genesis History? The Movie

(4 Minute Read. With video.)

What really happened
In the beginning“?

Did God create the world in six days, or did it take billions of years? 1,424 more words