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Left Brain Angels and Right Brain Gods, by Rod Tweedy

The Divided Brain and Religion

Harvard neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, commenting on the subtle but significant differences between how each hemisphere of our brain understands and engages with the world, observed that “the two halves of my brain don’t just perceive and think in different ways at a neurological level, but they demonstrate very different values based upon the types of information they perceive, and thus exhibit very different personalities” ( 3,789 more words

William Blake

Paradise Lost : Book 2 Summary

Book 2 opens with Satan on his throne as though contemplating what to do next.  He *seems* to be open for suggestions.  Moloch pipes up and advises war, they have an army waiting after all, and besides how could things possibly get any worse. 1,695 more words


Paradise Lost Book 1 : A Summary

I thought it would be useful during my reading of Paradise Lost to review by way of writing a summary after each book, so here goes… 856 more words


Author Snapshot : John Milton

Today, I began Paradise Lost, completing the first book.  Before I go any further though I wanted to take a closer look at Milton, the man. 580 more words


After we are words and come to pass

Memorize 60000 words of Paradise Lost.
Face evil head on, a storm on black sky.

We justify possible ways of God to men.
We find romantic ways of black storms. 32 more words


It is becoming too painful...

It is becoming too painful, dear,
To love you the way I’ve been loving so far:
With hope. The uncertainty kills me. I fear
That I am beginning to fall apart. 145 more words


Tweets of the week: Quills

After reading thousands of romance books, Google's AI is writing eerie post-modern poetry. https://t.co/Tk5SPg0cDr

— GB Gabbler (@CircoFootnotes) May 14, 2016

Ursula K. Le Guin names the the books she likes and wants you to read: …

105 more words
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