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Ga In - Paradise Lost

불을 꺼줘 please
어둠 속에 내가 있을 거야
거짓말 해도 돼
너는 잘못한 게 없는 거야

let me do it
지금부터 넌 좋은 꿈을 꾸는 거야 393 more words


Paradise Lost - published


John Milton published his classic Paradise Lost 3/27/1667.  Milton, born in 1608 (12/9), was at a good mental age to produce this excellent contribution except for the fact that by now he was blind (a daughter wrote what he dictated to her from his memory).  279 more words


Ga In's "Paradise Lost" Draws Negative Feedback from Netizens

When I first saw that video, I knew people were going to be a little… offended… by it. I think it’s a 15+ or 19+ rating so you can imagine that the video is a bit explicit. 314 more words


Guest author blog: Oliver Langmead: Why I love epic poetry and you should too

I’ll put it simply. The epics are some of the most beautiful writing you’ll ever read or hear.

There’s a good reason why we’re still talking about them today. 675 more words

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It was released digitally on March 12, 2015.The album is Gain’s first release to be promoted by more than one lead single since her solo debut. 33 more words

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