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Series of Deadly Sins--Pride

“But what will not ambition and revenge
Descend to?”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost


A sense of exile

…certainly there was an Eden on this very unhappy earth. We all long for it, and we are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature . . 17 more words

Spiritual Void

Quote Of The Week

Into this wild Abyss/ The womb of Nature, and perhaps her grave/ Of neither sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire,/ But all these in their pregnant causes mixed/ Confusedly, and which thus must ever fight,/ Unless the Almighty Maker them ordain/ His dark materials to create more worlds,–/ Into this wild Abyss the wary Fiend/ Stood on the brink of Hell and looked a while,/ Pondering his voyage; for no narrow frith/ He had to cross. 

John Milton, Paradise Lost


The Fallacy of Humanity

The fallacy of humanity and the qualities that define mankind are central themes encountered throughout John Milton’s classic epic, Paradise Lost. The concept of “free will” and the rejection of “God” as the supreme authority of the universe are examined at length, as well as mankind’s relentless pursuit of knowledge- a thirst that has yet to be quenched to this day. 94 more words


The First Superhero Story

Action Comics No. 1 was the Big Bang of the Golden Age of Comics, the start point for superhero history. Unless you count the actual Big Bang, which was about fourteen billion years earlier.  1,019 more words

February 22, 2015

Dear diary,

Today I had a lot of thoughts. I told Jennifer if she was tired she should go to sleep and then I left to meet up with Alice. 614 more words


Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

Professor David Ullman, who specializes in literate of the demonic and he concentrates on Milton’s Paradise Lost, is just finishing up another year of teaching at Columbia University in the English Department, when his life is forever changed on the last day before summer holidays. 310 more words

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