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JPark Island Resort is the new FUN

First of, I’d like to thank Jeane Louise Mainit of Viajera CebuanaViajera Cebuana for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to check out one of the best resorts Cebu has to offer. 1,152 more words


Jeff's patio.

Jeff rolled lethargically into a patch of sun. The trouble with the Sun was that it moved. If it could just stay where it was at about 1pm for eternity, life would be so much more satisfying than it currently was. 561 more words



Be prepared for the day
when everyone thinks for himself
No one to help defend
Each person becomes his own defense lawyer
All the witnesses whether good or bad… 148 more words


Boracay Island

My first time to visit Boracay.


The Poor Little Girl (Did not mind the “Cleavage Problems”)


Patio Pacific bathroom 130 more words


Just cruisin' around... Española por el Caribe

I am so happy to share with you guys that I went on a cruise in December! It was not cheap and I missed the last week of semester –which meant that I had to take the finals sooner– but it was TOTALLY worth it. 3,284 more words

Living In The USA

Point of no return

There is no coming back to this worldly life but there are two kinds of people who wish to come back to this life: a martyr and a disbeliever … and a third, a non-practicing believer? 243 more words

The Final Message