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Trees full of white flowers, smell of jasmine oil, intriguing temples and the greenery! I haven’t done much this time but I guess stopping and relaxing for a change was a good idea. 148 more words


Looking For Paradise

The end is more likely than longevity now. The odds are against you. And so you start to think a lot. You think a lot about Life. 64 more words


Stopping By A Perfect, Gardening Getaway

We were on our way from the temple and saw this farm between Rte 179 and 202 North. Jersey Fresh was the best and amazing flower, fruit, and vegetable market I have ever seen. 194 more words


Hittin' the Slots on Freemont Street

If you haven’t noticed, Vegas is my favorite vacation spot in the entire world (and I’ve been to quite a few places). I’m not into gambling, and I’m not even that into drinking, but  like New York City, there is… 287 more words

When It's Hot & Humid, Fantasize!

Sure… it may be hot and maybe humid where you are now, but… come December, it will be cold, so… here is a fantasy to consider and place on your Bucket List. 226 more words