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Road Vientisiete de Abril to Villa real

As long as I can remember driving on this road was like driving in the dark. There was so much dust in the dry season one could not see where they were going. 64 more words


Semana Santa (spring break)

Spring break is coming up! Tamarindo is spring breakers number one destination. It is about a 5 hour drive from San Jose and 45 mintues from Liberia Internatinal Airport. 118 more words


Videoblog : Porto de galinhas Brazil 

Watch where i am and what i am doing, its how it goes discovering Porto de Galinhas Brazil video to sjow the nice beaches and great view from the world qe have here. 6 more words

White Lung - Paradise (domino)

  Του Άη-φον και σήμερα. Ας φτιάξω πρώτα τον εσπρέσο μου και μετά να μη ξεχάσω να ψαλιδίσω λίγο το μούσι πριν βγω έξω. Τι έχει συμβεί στον κόσμο, δηλαδή στο Διαδίκτυο; Χμμμ, περνά η ώρα και δεν έχω τσεκάρει τι έχει κυκλοφορήσει σήμερα στο μουσικό δακτύλιο. 12 more words


A Piece of Paradise..

When life gets a bit too stressful (between diet and work), there’s only one thing to do…escape to a paradise destination. (It is the only time when running away is an acceptable solution to de-stress.) 382 more words


Daily Heller Blog Post Reaction

“When Cuba Was Seductive” was the article I chose for this reaction post.

This article was written recently in response to Cuba and the United States recently reopening diplomatic relationships. 188 more words

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