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Isle of Love

The soft murmurs of love

Audible to the eager hearts

Love flows around the isle

Where two lovers reside

Away from speculations

Night skies shine brighter… 41 more words


Mañana Borneo, Kota Belud - Going Incommunicado At The Beach

“We’ve been here all day and my phone’s battery is still 90 percent!,” exclaimed Alia in amazement.

A wonderful feat for a PR practitioner where her trade demands constant usage of a smartphone to the point of charging the gadget three times a day and lugging it along with a bulky power bank. 915 more words


Eon terra cotta

Esoteric Traditon: “Expect to have tomorrow every measure of that which was held in attentive appreciation today.”

Translation: A person will invent a future containing only what has been paid for with the present’s attention. 1,883 more words

Achetypes And Depth Psycology

Geminis in Photograph - New Horizons (Live)

Host – “(My songs sounded like) late beatles”

Me – “….. (Speachless)”

S**t, unexpectedly I get excited with this..

Anyway, this is my latest song 15 more words


Geminis in Photograph - Walk in the Light (Live)

I must confess that right now I am unconditionally happy while listening to what I’ve done this evening on the way home. I must’ve been a grinning weirdo with earphone in the train (Well, the movie is dark and I don’t know why but ce n’est pas grave). 8 more words


Olamide – Legendary Hustler Ft. 9ice & Reminisce

The darkness might be taking too long to subside but endurance is the only option if you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel… 89 more words


There Are Words For Paradise

We ran to Tahiti. After four years, nine months, and 1 day of dreaming, running, and planning, we are in Tahiti. We ran 4,109 miles to Tahiti and now we are here. 1,078 more words