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New Years Resolution! — Cosmic Convergence

What is your New Years Resolution going to be? Mine is to start doing all the things I have wanted to do, starting with traveling through Central America and going to Cosmic.

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Nobody enjoying the comfort of a beautiful relationship would pray to experience a heartbreak but when it comes, you have to cry, ‘dry your eyes’ and move on: for until you turn the corner, you may not enter into a paradise of a better love, that the broken relationship, if it hadn’t ended, would have caused you to miss forever.


07 Dec 2016

A tiny island in the middle of the sea, where crumbling vestiges of some ancient past still cling to the undergrowth as if they had one last, reluctant secret hidden in their broken pillars and fading hieroglyphs, where marmalade sunsets bend low each evening to decipher the words before the moon wakes the sleeping marble, knocking in silver code, where the dark quiet is punctuated by owls telling their young about  ghosts that walk by day… Who would you take to such an improbable paradise Marcus, someone who despairs of poetry, someone who dismisses history or someone who decries the magic of nature’s circadian kaleidoscope? 51 more words


Tot Ons Genoegen

This summer, I went with a friend from our community garden to a HUGE garden complex, “Tot Ons Genoegen”, that has been around for many years.  168 more words


A Day of Thanks at Breathless Resorts & Spas!

At Breathless® Resorts & Spas, we are always thankful for our guests! On the special holiday of Thanksgiving, we wanted to give a little extra thanks to the guests who spent their time in paradise with us. 188 more words

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