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Avoiding indecision

“Analysis paralysis” happens when we are faced with so many options we can’t make a decision.  Even when we finally do make a decision, research repeatedly shows that those faced with more choices (which should be a good thing) face more regret than those who chose from less. 47 more words


Minimalism and the Paradox of Choice

The “Paradox of Choice” is fairly straightforward.  Too many choices can increase anxiety and then after the choice has been made, there is a sinking feeling that a better choice could have been made.   557 more words


5 Reasons I Stopped Collecting Movies

“So let go of that DVD collection, and stop watching the same things over and over. Instead, live your life.”

When I decided to gut my 150+ movie collection, I discovered an article that gave it to me straight. 683 more words

the warmth of wifi radiation

Today, starting last night, I ate a whole (4.5 bowls) box of Kashi Cinnamon Wheat whatevers.
I started to get sick and wanted to treat myself, to cereal. 250 more words