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The chronicles of clothes. And others.

As I try to clean up my wardrobe during the leisure, a small world of mine flashes in front of me. Many moments attached to these clothes coupled with the colours of the present make the experience lot more sweeter. 839 more words

The Science Of Why You're Miserable With More Choices

Hey You,

You won’t admit it, but you’re miserable. If not, at the very least you’re unsatisfied. If you can’t figure out why, read on. 653 more words


The Seductive Long Tail of the White Whale

Originally posted September 2, 2011.

In The Long Tail, Chris Anderson uses the “long tail” as a statistical property to suggest that businesses can make a lot of money by selling items that only a few people want. 463 more words

So many choices! Or too many choices? Some perspective...

Choose wisely…

Has anyone read The Paradox of Choice (Why More is Less) by Barry Schwartz? I started it the other day. His premise that our “culture of abundance robs us of satisfaction” captivated me. 445 more words

Perrenial Traders

In order to spend on one side, nature is forced to economize on the other side. — Goethe

Tradeoffs are the compliment that compromise pays to possibility. 577 more words


I’ve been collecting links for a while, since before the blog move, but kept putting off the post. But I said I would have links at the new blog, so here we go. 1,895 more words