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Choice and regret (or when there is too much jam)

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Freedom of choice is awesome… or is it?

A friend of mine attended a conference recently. It was a huge affair with thousands of participants, and – excluding special events – around 350 sessions, spread over three days. 960 more words

Behavioural Economics

Getting customers to care

How Apple and Aldi address behavioural barriers

It’s one of the great ironies that behavioural economics has a behavioural economics problem. Specifically, choice paralysis. When push comes to shove and you have to do something to improve your business — create a marketing campaign, write an email, have a conversation, prepare a pitch — it can seem too overwhelming to know which behavioural principle to use, and how. 53 more words

Behavioral Economics

It's not Ok!

When I was pregnant, I noticed that during regular check-ups when a midwife or a nurse was asking different questions, she would always listen to my answers with the exact same polite expression of her face, nodding considerately and taking notes: “Ok… m-m-m-Okay!” as if she wouldn’t even care what exactly I was saying. 561 more words

The topic is my choice.

I really have a hard time choosing a topic when there are no parameters. I suppose that is paradox of choice in action. I feel so overwhelmed with the responsibility of entertaining my visitors with this content that no potential topic would ever be satisfactory in my mind; quite annoying. 32 more words


Modern Media and the Paradox of Choice

Have you ever heard of the concept of ‘the paradox of choice’?  This is the idea that choice is not always a freeing experience but quite the reverse. 866 more words

Arts And Entertainment

Sky TV and the Paradox of Choice

Flicking through the TV channels one evening one found that what was supposed to be a time of relaxation was actually quite tiring. Surely with more choice and freedom to chose what to watch I would be a lot more content. 617 more words

Behavioural Economics

Paradox of Choice

Westernized societies that we live in today firmly believe that the best way to satiate their audience is to provide them with a plethora of choices. 676 more words