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So much choice

When focused on everything I have it becomes hard to pick one to read, especially when I want to read so many books. I decided to read in the order of number of pages, the lower ones I can get through faster so it means I can get through them and then sell them or something, plus it feels good to get through stuff. 252 more words


Time Management; Work – Life Balance; a note from your friendly Career Coach.

In today’s day and age, we do feel overwhelmed. Or should I say ‘I’ felt overwhelmed.

I felt overwhelmed by doing too much (also unfortunately we are being bombarded by a lot of information all the time). 674 more words

Why don't we have time for anything?

By Sadaf Vidha, consultant psychologist at Type a Thought.

The economist Maynard Keynes had predicted that the people of the 21st century will have a lot of leisure time on their hands, because we will have the technology to get a lot of time-consuming work done by us. 770 more words


Decision Paralysis

Have you ever gotten stuck in an aisle at the drug store for an inordinate amount of time trying to decide which toothpaste to buy?  You weigh all the options, “Well this one has whitening AND baking soda but this other one 986 more words

Artist's Block

Tinder: online dating and tendancies

It’s been a while, but I’m jumping back on the proverbial horse. The horse? Online dating. The platform? Tinder. A little late to the Tinder party, yes (it was launched in 2012), but the party is still kicking. 573 more words


Gaming Paralysis

It’s Sunday afternoon, I have no pending deadlines, the weekend chores are done and my partner has offered to cook dinner. I have hours ahead of me I want to dedicate to playing a game. 711 more words


Mr. Nobody: Epiphanies, Déjà vu and Multiple Lives

Let me just start off by saying that the responses and discussions spurred by the film Mr. Nobody on this blog are truly inspiring and has made me realize the quality of readers of this blog. 1,535 more words