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Bear Necessities: Reflections on The Paradox of Choice

My mind is buzzing.

I have no idea what my life will look like next week, next month, next year. At this point, I have been unemployed for over a month. 2,186 more words


Little Bo Peep and the Paradox of Choice


Literally: many – fork in the road – die – sheep

Alternately: Presented with an overabundance of options or possible paths, one ends up confused and lost. 80 more words


Lead and Be Strong In Your Decision-making

Being strong and firm in your choices and decisions is a valuable skill to master.

It is a skill because in a world that is abundant with options, it can be really difficult to a) choose in the first place, b) be confident that the choice you made is the right one, and c) stick with your decision once you’ve made it and not “flake” on it. 805 more words


The Paradox of Choice : Choosing the best one, or the good enough?

Yesterday morning I read a brilliant piece in The Atlantic about Choice Overload. A peculiar phenomenon of our times where we have too many options- optimising that choice and selecting the best one suited to us is nerve-wracking. 955 more words


Choosing to choose

Is it true that when we are presented with too many choices, we tend to make less decisions, if any?

Maybe under certain circumstances, say researches on the psychology of choice. 582 more words


The Paradox of on demand exams

It is more blessed to give than receive, so it says in the bible, and Christmas is a time when you get to do this in abundance. 772 more words

How To Pass Exams - Tips

Why So Many Coaches?

I’ve been mulling the proliferation of ADHD coaches. I always want to err on the side of thinking people are well-intentioned, so I attribute this in part to what I think is really a wonderful impulse: the desire to “pay it forward” when you have experienced support yourself. 1,141 more words