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TL;DR Surfing the internet may be mindless, but discovery leads to real growth. However it is easy to lose yourself in the endless tabs leading to apathy and indifference.

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The Problem with Too Many Choices

I’m not a shopper. I admit it. Shopping for me is work. When I do shop, I like places like Costco because while they offer choices, they don’t offer so many as to overwhelm. 629 more words


Paradox of Choice

This is my first blog post so please bare with me if this doesn’t read well. I have been wanting to start this for along but I couldn’t decide on what to make the theme of my blog to be. 560 more words

Paradox Of Choice

Book Review - The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less

One of my favorite vendors at the farmers market had a wide selection of goodies this week–plums, cucumbers, soft persimmons, hard persimmons, figs, and more. On the one hand it’s awesome to have so much good food to choose from, and on the other hand it takes me a couple of minutes each time I go just to make a decision.  1,410 more words

Buy Nothing New

Why Eat? Cause, I’m hungry.

Get in, get out. That is the main thought process of a student who does not priorities eating as satisfaction, but as an appeasement of hunger. 570 more words


So much choice

When focused on everything I have it becomes hard to pick one to read, especially when I want to read so many books. I decided to read in the order of number of pages, the lower ones I can get through faster so it means I can get through them and then sell them or something, plus it feels good to get through stuff. 252 more words


Time Management; Work – Life Balance; a note from your friendly Career Coach.

In today’s day and age, we do feel overwhelmed. Or should I say ‘I’ felt overwhelmed.

I felt overwhelmed by doing too much (also unfortunately we are being bombarded by a lot of information all the time). 674 more words