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Poe's Law

Poe’s law is a kind of paradox which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent (even just a smiley), it is impossible to tell the difference between a sincere expression of extreme views and a parody of those views.   278 more words


Voting paradox (federal courts edition)

Independent scholar David Post (via the Volokh Conspiracy) recently brought the following “wild voting paradox” to our attention. In general, appeals at the federal level are decided by a panel consisting of three judges. 350 more words


Out of reach -

You see, the future. But you don’t feel it. You can’t.

You once hoped. But you don’t hope anymore. You can’t.

You once tried to fight. 69 more words


Paradox of personality

Each one of us is a paradox – we carry conflicting personalities inside us – which overlap and merge and meld so brilliantly sometimes that it’s hard to separate them- but when these paradoxes are very distinct and black & white , that’s where we need to integrate them – to arrive at the best and highest version of our own self – for example , a person who’s extremely courageous and bold is utterly vulnerable under that veneer of courage and strength – but once he or she is aware of this truth, that person can handle this paradox with ease and love – and can slip in and out of this shadow and light with consciousness- and that is the key to tappping into our authenticity- the more one accepts one’s dichotomies, the more comfortable we get in our skins and souls – and the better we are equipped to face the challenges of our path – it’s all about embracing ourselves – totally, truly, completely and unapologetically.

How much is writing worth, really?

Money makes the world go round, and it certainly is the topic in everyone’s minds now that I’m trying to make a living with my writing. 1,203 more words


Me In The Middle of Writing 101

Why Do I Write? ………………. Writing 101

I write because I have a story to tell and memories to share.  The story and the memories are through my eyes and not a reflection of someone else’s perception.  377 more words

Sharing Life Stories

Time Travel

anonymous asked:

If you could travel anywhere in time, where would you go?

Sorry it took awhile getting back to you. Sometimes I get to doing stuff. 148 more words