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She and he ate from one bowl,
forehead to forehead,
in music,
and inner smiles,
for different reasons.
His, a smile in lost hope and denial, 54 more words

Fiction And Poetry

Paradoxes of Creation

the issue with god freely creating is puzzling. but it does seem to me the medievals were right to suppose that god is not somehow more fulfilled with creation than without one. 398 more words

Berry's Paradox

After somewhat of a hiatus caused by continuously jumping from place to place over the summer, I wanted to come back to this blog. Today, instead of some physics I wanted to talk about a philosophical problem called Berry’s paradox. 617 more words

Monty Hall closes the door

Among much more dramatic news today, I learned about Monty Hall passing away, who achieved long lasting fame among probabilists for his TV game show leading to the… 94 more words


About Einstein's special theory of relativity

It is said that sharing knowledge is the best thing you can do as a student. So i will try to enlighten some points about the special theory of relativity. 552 more words

19. Both And

of all the things i love about you,

i love most the ways i feel

when i am with you,

intricate layers of emotions

as if i were both… 83 more words


Paradoxes to drive you mad

I came across these paradoxes that I think are really cool. If these drive you a little crazy, don’t worry.

  1. Grandfather Paradox– Imagine that you go back in time and kill your grandfather.
  2. 242 more words