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March 21, 1947

(from the Ref Desk almanac…)

1947 President Truman signs Executive Order 9835 requiring all federal employees to have allegiance to the United States

I’m reasonably certain President Truman did so,

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Diamonds in the Rough

Mustard Seed Budget linked to a cute story about a guy who came to Christ as a beach bum, called “He Evangelized Nude.”  Yet another of Christ’s diamonds in the rough or perhaps in this case a diamond in the buff. 504 more words

Day #629:Accepting paradoxes

“It’s odd,” the warrior muses to himself. “I have met so many people who, at the first chance they get, try to show the worst of themselves. 98 more words

Why we must fight for contentment

Such a title seems paradoxical.

It is the idea that we must fight discontentment with gratitude and delight. We who are of Christian orientation have the great advantage of having an object of complete and utter delight who we worship. 318 more words


Importance of Paradoxes

Before I get into the main subject matter of this post I’d like to apologise for the lateness of it. I actually lost the full draft of what I was going to post and… 700 more words


Why Would I Walk away from Jesus?

These days, there seem to be a lot of people renouncing the Christian faith they formerly claimed. It’s happening a lot with young celebrities who, as they were coming to fame in their teens, might have been vocal about their faith but now are saying they have left it behind. 1,024 more words