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Rain and Rainbows

Life is full of paradoxes. I mean, just really chock completely full of them. Sometimes, the worst things to happen to you are also the best things. 285 more words

Facing Reality

Holding a paradox

I have found myself turning back to read and re-read the paragraph below a number of times over the past few days. There is something in it that offers profound value, but I feel I need to mull it over and over gently, letting it sink in a little deeper each time. 118 more words

Self Analysis

Titles are irrelevant, they aren’t wise at assigning roles of strengths or weaknesses. And they fail at uniting the whole into what it is truly. Sure, they might aid one in categorizing, questioning and understanding the sense of each singular factor.

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Behind the pine trees

It’s an early morning, and I wake up around 6am. You’re still asleep. I watch you for a while, but since I know I move a lot, I get out of bed, because I don’t want to wake you up. 460 more words


Frank Bruni: How Hillary Clinton Is Winning

New York Times — AS fleetly as Hillary Clinton vacuums up the $500,000 speeches she piles up the paradoxes.

She showed fatal weaknesses the last time she chased the presidency and her inevitability evaporated like a California puddle, but she’s somehow inevitable all over again. 102 more words


Double AND Nothing: The Return of The Cantor Set

Hopefully we all remember Cantor as the guy to blame for ruining lives by delving too deeply into infinity. In addition to showing that some infinite sets are “larger” than others, we have a graphical representation of something called the Cantor set: … 352 more words


The Flip Side...

The thing that we desire to achieve is often in direct proportion to the thing that is most challenging. Whether it’s being more loving, patient, selfless, or other. 59 more words

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