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Bonus blog, being about Bob's boast

And now for something a little different…

(This is adapted from a Car Talk puzzler.)

Bob and Sally are ball players. They both show up for spring training (they play in the Bluehorse pro league) and Bob, as ever, is boastful. 294 more words

Russell's Paradox

Sets are collections of things. Under Unrestricted Comprehension, a set can be made with any property at all. For example, with the property of being a cat, you can have the set of cats: the set that has as its members anything that has the property of being a cat. 452 more words

Logical Paradoxes

Zeno's Arrow

At this point, I’ve sort of settled into the rhythm of posting one bit per month.  That seems reasonable to me.  My worry is that I won’t be able to keep up with the serious posts; it takes a lot more than I thought it would to keep up with life and also try to think through serious things to the depth I hope I’m achieving – or at least what I hope to achieve – in what I’ve written thus far. 1,336 more words


The Bayesian solution to the preface paradox

In our previous post, we presented Kenny Easwaran’s vivid description of the paradox of the preface. Briefly, the paradox is this: when a scholar writes up an academic paper, he would like to believe that every claim or proposition in his paper is true. 375 more words

Bayesian Reasoning

The Paradox of the Preface

Kenny Easwaran, a philosopher at Texas A&M, recently published in the journal Nous this beautiful paper on Bayesian probabilities (hat tip: Brian Leiter). Among other things, Easwaran’s paper contains the best and most succinct explanation of the “ 220 more words

Bayesian Reasoning

Trials and Blessings - Lessons from Moving

Holy people live inside of a very creative tension that is held together by grace and compassion, never by logic alone”  (Richard Rohr in the… 972 more words

Living As Apprentices

Paradoxical values

Cover image by Nick-m-a on DeviantArt

Lately, my coaching has been pretty focused on Values. Today, I read this passage in the Co-Active Coaching book… 544 more words