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Predictable In Unpredictability

Two paradoxes are better than one. They may even suggest a solution -Edward Teller

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In Food and Society Principles Paradoxes

1. Having a Purpose “How to find meaning and purpose in your business.”

7. Hard Choices “What to do when faced with a bad choice and a worse choice.” … 322 more words

Proving the Impossible

First off, go away and watch this video.

Mind blowing, eh? What especially gets to me is the chance it applies to real-world physics. To understand why, I have to blow your mind a second time. 699 more words


African Paradoxes

Eritrea baffles me and like this story, the story of life in Eritrea is probably one of great paradoxes. Africa is often like that, its impossible to describe life in Africa under the umbrella of a sweeping gestures. 104 more words

StepByStep Futurama and Philosophy Pizza Paradoxes andGood News

Banking comparison raises the issue of education

My paper will argue in the affirmative, although the distinction should be as non-normative and moral imperative, and may, as a matter of ability. 318 more words


Hi all, here are some paradoxes to ponder on your travels.

Paradoxes are designed to send you round and round in circles. For example;

Say you went back in time and killed your parents (before you were born). 159 more words

Chuang Tzu Quote

“Learning is to learn what cannot be learned;

Action is to act out what cannot be acted”

— Chuang Tzu

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