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gLOVE Treat

No more messy, communal paraffin wax pots. Deanna Montrose developed the patented gLOVE Treat product to put an end to the drippy, germ spreading pots of paraffin wax. 24 more words

How gLOVE Treat Got Started

Looking for better paraffin wax treatment applications, but finding no real solution inspired the creation of gLOVE Treat. This new treatment has revolutionized the 75-year-old paraffin wax industry by eliminating the cumbersome hassle and unsanitary mess of traditional paraffin wax treatments. 22 more words

More Accolades for gLOVE Treat Paraffin Wax Treatments

More and more people are discovering & agreeing with Oprah that gLOVE Treat really works! The easy to use at home paraffin wax treatments leaves your hands & feet moisturized and soft.


A Cat-Shaped Candle That's Sweet And Pink On The Outside, But Scary And Skeletal On The Inside

Product Description

A cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside her, a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes! (Source)


Paraffin Wax for Arthritis

Just came across this interesting article on how Paraffin wax (commonly used for dry skin conditions) can be useful for arthritis pain.

Read more here: Paraffin Wax for Arthritis – WebMD

Disability Help

Pedicure Week Seven - Assessment 2/3

Tonight was Assessment number 2.

My Thailand visiting client from a few weeks ago was back and I was really looking forward in helping getting her feet back into a great condition. 634 more words