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A Cat-Shaped Candle That's Sweet And Pink On The Outside, But Scary And Skeletal On The Inside

Product Description

A cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside her, a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes! (Source)


Paraffin Wax for Arthritis

Just came across this interesting article on how Paraffin wax (commonly used for dry skin conditions) can be useful for arthritis pain.

Read more here: Paraffin Wax for Arthritis – WebMD

Disability Help

Pedicure Week Seven - Assessment 2/3

Tonight was Assessment number 2.

My Thailand visiting client from a few weeks ago was back and I was really looking forward in helping getting her feet back into a great condition. 634 more words


My battle with Paraffin wax

I wanted to try making some candles using 32oz mason jars, but I ran out of coconut wax and my vendor won’t have any till Friday. 148 more words


TreatNOW's Treatment of The Week: Paraffin Wax

We are all used to hearing about waxing treatments, but we usually do so in regards to hair removal. We certainly wouldn’t think that any treatment involving hot wax could be enjoyable, let alone relaxing!  656 more words

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The Crayon

Rachel Taylor


Dr. Gary North


Review Assignment Week 26

The Crayon

The crayon, like the pencil, is one the most commonly used and well known form of drawing. 347 more words

RPC: Economics

Wax baths

For over 10 years I have been on and off crutches, I was quite speedy on my crutches and would whizz about the workshop at work and eventually my hands started to become painful and eventually my shoulders became so problematic that I stopped using crutches totally. 253 more words