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That one time I...

Jumped off the Swiss Alps!!

First of all, Switzerland is the most beautiful place I have EVER been in my life. The cheese, the chocolate… the cheese. 78 more words


Taking Flight | Sarangani Paraglide

Ever experienced taking flight? Running towards the edge of a cliff and then suddenly you’re floating? The feeling of gliding in the air, the wind blowing and the ground beneath your feet. 994 more words


Paragliding Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

During my 2016 trip to Central America I got to try something new- Paragliding!

When I say try, I actually mean sit there and let the trained pilot do all of the work whilst I check out the views. 585 more words



Don’t let your fears stop you from doing something amazing.

I am scared of heights, terrified. Ok, let’s clarify… I am terrified of falling. So when we traveled to Turkey and ended up in a city called Oludeniz where the sky was full of para-gliders… I was torn. 549 more words


High-Flying Harley Davidson by Timp Harley

Throwback Thursday.

Remember that time we para-glided a Sportster off the point of the mountian?

Come into the store today to see what we’ve built that very bike into! 8 more words

Harley Davidson


ATTENTION: Calling all those who daydream about slack-lining across the Grand Canyon and free diving into the neon coral reefs of Australia…

My name’s Cat. Let me first say that I’m sorry if my intro got you all hot and bothered and/or really excited. 407 more words