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Can we not rework Gideon?

Okay so I haven't fully finished watching the CC, But I have to say Gideon is my hands down my favorite hero in paragon, Although yes I understand why his ultimate is getting changed and why it has to, but I am 100% against removing old burden. 622 more words


So why I'm quitting this game after just 2 days

You know… I was really excited to pick up this game, cause I really got bored of League recently. Something fresh, why not?

I started up the game, played the tutorial, and I felt it. 410 more words


Carry Balance

I am hoping to kick off a decent discussion about carry balance, using some of my own experience as a starting point. Please feel free to contribute, contradict, or commiserate, but please do so constructively. 824 more words


Aveva. Paragon. Measure P-Point Position

Sometimes we need to find out position of some P-point in Paragon
but if we use expression with different trigonometric functions and a lot of calculations its very hard to check values. 15 more words

PML Macroses

nudge, nudge, wink, wink

Richard Thaler recently won the Nobel for Economic Sciences for his contributions to the field of Behavioural Economics (an amalgam of Economics and Psychology).   While it was for numerous works, I enjoyed his book on libertarian paternalism more commonly known as nudge theory ( 101 more words

Snail pace of updates is killing this game.

Title says it all. You guys feed us "information" and timelines and continuously fail to follow through.

-Still virtually the same exact jungle as the release of monolith a year ago. 370 more words


"League" rant

You know when someone makes a post complaining that they're having a hard time going against a certain hero? You don't have to flash your league rank at them and be like "lol you silver rank noob" cuz really… did you add anything to the conversation? 324 more words