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Lightbulb #2 - Death to the Formula!

This, controversially, has been my battlecry for the past few months: I’ve been waging war against PEE. It started as a quiet revolution where I would no longer ask my students to write a ‘PEE’ or, as they are termed at the school where I work, a ‘PQA’. 899 more words

pick up the package - short story writing class part un

I took upĀ Short Story Writing as my elective this year simply because I’m always stuck in a ragout of creative disasters. I have so many ideas I could build an entire galaxy out of them (which, in essence, is kind of what’s happening right now). 337 more words



From thisĀ abandoned gymnastics equipment as seen through shit-specked glass, I conclude to a forgotten colony, its remnants at basement level with the building’s settling. If not hailing from another civilization, it had certainly seen better days. 6 more words


Beneath the Rind

I’m quite stoked to have my Beneath the Rind included in Issue 2 of Unbroken. This journal is the brainchild of R.L. Black, a writer of the highest caliber. 18 more words

The Beginning of March

It is march already

It has only begun

But I already miss the calm and cold in february

I guess the heat doesnt really suits me… 45 more words