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Screaming pt. 1

And now, when I look into the mirror,

All I see is a doubtful girl with a tentative expression, almost doll-like,

Staring back at me. … 73 more words


for those who seek words 

verba mea; a latin word meaning “my words”

here will be words i have written for you to read. to love or to hate is your opinion, but i will continue to write on until i have nothing in me. 7 more words


Learning outcome 1 digital media technology

Credits:Thoroughly Modern Marketing

Technology has changed a lot since 20 years ago, we now have smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, smart tv’s, there are so many shortcuts on all different kinds of technology now. 220 more words

Digital Media

Dear Writer...

Craft for me a tale, dear writer.  Craft for me a tale.

Within title, I require enticement.

Upon the first sentence, our relationship, as reader, and writer, hangs upon a thin silky spider web… 305 more words

Daily Prompt


An afternoon detour through an arboretum found a middle-aged man and his son on a bridge spanning a creek. The man, beaten, disillusioned and bitter, opened himself up for examination on life choices, marriage, sex and all. 9 more words


How Long Should a Paragraph Be?

I’ve previously addressed chapters, novels and blurbs and here’s another instalment in the “How long should it be?” series: paragraphs. As with every “How long should it be?”, the answer is always, “How long is a piece of string?” But here are a few things to consider. 970 more words



How strange to find an island of Eastern woodland upon the burning plain, the solitary man thought. With some one in particular, he went on to discuss changes in riverbanks, meanders and floodplains and chatter away at conveniently placed water stations. 29 more words