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We'll be home soon

Monday’s finish the story

Finish the story begins with: “They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.”


We’ll be home soon… 129 more words


The day out

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups



The day out

“What’s on that island?”

He turned his head to peer over his shoulder. “We shouldn’t go there,” he answered, quickly. 81 more words


I woke up with your arms wrapped around me. It was warm, comforting, and pleasing. I drowned my senses to that warmth and the unique kind of comfort that you are bringing. 120 more words


How to create a space between paragraphs on Wordpress

I recently experienced this issue where WordPress stopped putting spaces between my paragraphs. After a day or two of not being able to figure out what the issue was I stumbled across this video on YouTube: 6 more words

Before the king

Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 word challenge

Prompt: Indulge


Before the king

I had closed my eyes, waiting for teeth to rip through my flesh and indulge in my blood. 91 more words


How to start a story...

While surfing the net through Stumbleupon I was greeted by this fantastic post written by Graeme Shimmin – who takes inspiration from Ernest Hemmingway – “All you have to do is write one true sentence write the truest sentence you know.” 107 more words


100 WCGU challenge

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #174

Prompt for this week is: …all seven were just arguing amongst themselves…

100 word challenge for grown ups… 131 more words