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Well, it looks very well like this is certainly it: The end of summer is going to be coming soon in a few days. And with such a big moment as this one, I ask this: Does it really have to? 331 more words

Dream In Music

Mastering the Essay Course Description

Mastering the Essay

Betsy Springer

Grades 6-12

1 Semester

Description: Students will explore grammar from the basics of sentence structure to the elements of an effective paragraph. 29 more words


The Unposted Letter

Dear You,

Yesterday the wind blew …very softly and it brushed tangled my hair just like you would do it. And our picture…the one in which you were blowing bubbles at me….it fell down and broke…just like all the other memories.You might think how silly of me ,to write these things to you…specially now when you have moved on so much…the reason being…I am I and not you…if I were you ,then I would have closed the windows instead of letting the wind enter…if I were you,the I would have thrown away that old,faded picture instead of keeping it in my diary… 66 more words


Allergic to O?

So the seasons have changed and now I’m not allergic to E anymore, apparently. Now I’m only allergic to the letter O, as well as cat hair and ignorant people. 218 more words


Auto Paragraph-Sound Pollution-08

Sound pollution is one of the most talked of topics. It is a great problem for our environment. According to the U.N the normal tolerance limit of sound is 45 decibels. 203 more words

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