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Sometimes you don’t need a weapon to hurt people, you just need words. Words join to make sentences. Sentences mix together to make a paragraph and paragraphs mingle with a each other to make a story. 44 more words

Some Answers 

I have a question for you , actually I would like to have an opinion….

I am an extrovert on the outside but no one knows anything about the real me. 99 more words


Formatting: Line & Paragraph Spacing

White space between lines and paragraphs is a great way to structure your document and important in helping your reader follow your reasoning or presentation. 890 more words

Formatting Basics

Short Verb Story: An Ode to Waitressing

               Lisa bounded from table to table taking orders, accommodating her customers’ needs as much as possible but she started to get sloppy. Her manager Trina supervised everything and encouraged Lisa to slow down. 73 more words

Short Story


I saw him in my room today. He was sitting on my bed, knife in hand with that signature smirk of his. He seemed to be laughing at me, telling me I was a fool to think I had run away from him successfully. 551 more words


Analysis of a Scene #1: A Show Don't Tell

I found an interesting scene while reading Mark Lawrence’s “King of Thorns” (58-59) which incorporates the idea of “show don’t tell”. I have my own reservations about the holy phrase of “show don’t tell” but I’ll cover that in another post at some point. 566 more words


The Need-To Read (130)

The world can become tense-

If I don’t get to read that last sentence.