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Hello there! Last week and this week has been a tired week for me. Even though the formative had past but we will face midterm exam in 2 weeks. 363 more words

Moving The Bed

It was I who suggested the bed be moved. To the other room, ofcourse. It hadnt been here ever anyways. I dont remember what had prompted me to keep the two together in the same room, apart from two dissimilar albeit important looking chairs that always seemed occupied. 526 more words


Once upon a time... L18

Once upon a time, my friend and I were biking together and we decided to go to some very cool but bumpy place. We were biking together when suddenly his bike got stuck in between two roots, and he fell down. 71 more words

English GR8

Journal Week 7 : Writing for a specific Audience 2

Welcome back to my weekly journal, this is officially the 7th week of my school days. Forgive me for not posting anything in a while, because honestly I’m trying to enjoy my long weekend! 647 more words

English Weekly Journal


New city, new me”, I mutter just like they do in those cheesy books. But this is reality, something totally opposite to the world books depict and in reality, you can’t run away from anything that makes you who you are. 56 more words

The One 

I knew you were the one when I told you about my love for pearls,

And you dove into the depths of the sea just to get me one. 65 more words

"...a love that is frantic and perverted..."

Fragment by Gustave Flaubert, taken from the greatly motivating book                   “Daily Rituals”  (written by Mason Currey) 13 more words