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Bruce Levin

He had four pairs of shoes. Three of them, he had purchased in former years and rarely wore – Black Cole Haan dress shoes he wore to interviews at which he knew he would not succeed, a pair of tactical combat boots suited for both outdoor leisure and rugged manual labor, and a pair of cowboy boots a size too big which he couldn’t bear to part with as they were a gift from a rather earnest former colleague. 53 more words


The Single Easiest Habit That Will Make Full of Happiness

Discover the root of your suffering so that you can overcome it

While this is no secret, the odds are good that in combing through your previous shortcomings and successes, your perspective was biased–and that jaded perception caused you to overlook some very important observations. 516 more words

Thought& Opinion


The prism of light emanating from the oft intermittent sky caressed the melting patch of snow. Enigma stood aside a desolate road with her eyes glued to the glistening pattern. 176 more words


“No,” he thinks.

“Yes,” he says.

He keeps a nervous eye toward the paneled glass door.  An unkind face could lock eyes with him through the vestibule at any second.   284 more words


Break the rules!

“There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” – W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

In high school in my junior year I took my first creative writing class. 283 more words

Brainpicking chapter 5 my love of life

There lay all my love of life: a silent passion for what would perhaps escape me, a bitterness beneath a flame. Each day I would leave this cloister like a man lifted from himself, inscribed for a brief moment in the continuance of the world… There is no love of life without despair of life. 903 more words

Thought& Opinion


Rough marble mouth burbling, he intimated that he was born in neither the right place nor to the right people for that sort of thing which she spoke of, to which his friend intimated in turn that few and far between were those who were.