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At work, I had been caught up in a philosopher’s experiment by the placement of a malfunctioning clock on the wall. While off, it still managed to show the right time twice per day, and my clockwatching habits led me on at least one occasion to pronounce, unjustifiably though truthfully, the correct hour before my students. 23 more words


Some Factors that Lead Young People to start smoking

There are some factors that lead young people to start smoking. One of the main factor is curiosity. The young people in the teen ages always want to know something that they never try before. 257 more words



There came to me a dream of what Frankfurt might have been, had there been more hills, an thoroughgoing enthusiasm for the Gothic, and a notable lack of wars. 22 more words


Paragraph 2016 Essay Prize competition

Submissions are now invited for the Paragraph 2016 Essay Prize competition, in which the prize will be awarded for the best article addressing the theme: ‘Mourning’. 155 more words



She felt something sharp pierce her skin, just above her hip. Pain erupted. She gasped and stumbled to the ground. She grabbed her hip and felt an arrow shaft protruding from her skin. 28 more words

Short Stories


My readings late one night led me to posit or to attempt to posit a connection between the waters of Switzerland’s Thunersee, beneath which a considerable number of munitions might be found, and those of the now mythic Doggerland, a collection of lowlands and wetlands east of East Anglia and where the Thames once emptied into the Rhein. 33 more words


How to Begin Meditation


How to begin meditation. In tape 104 A Joel tells you this:

(vid. time 30:40)

Start your meditation this way: