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Skimming, Scanning, and Illiteracy

The French started using the term “desperer: to be dismayed, lose hope, despair” in the 1300s, an especially horrible century, filled with plague, years without summers, and the 100 Years War. 677 more words

Stream of Consciousness

After a long conversation, he says he has work to do. She goes to the kitchen, wiping away the tears that trickle down her cheek, makes a warm cup of coffee and goes back to the bedroom. 214 more words

Hello 40!

Now that I am done saying goodbye to my happening 30’s, its officially time for me to embrace a new beginning. Literally and numerically. Optically, I don’t see much of a difference in this transition, except for a wisdom tooth extraction gone terribly wrong and a weight loss programme that oscillates like my mood swings. 83 more words

Valuing Life

About Me - Yeah, The Naive Blogger.

Its my first post on a public blog telling about myself. Well, I would consider myself as a young efficient writer though I am particularly inexperienced in writing as a blogger. 211 more words


A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where tea is sold for all kinds of people. It sits beside roads or in big markets, near school, college or any public places. 115 more words


Our School Library

A library is a store house of knowledge. In a library, various kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. are stored. Students can read different kinds of books in a library. 85 more words


Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. This is a program taken by the government to save our environment from dissertation. Trees are very useful and necessary for the environment. 105 more words