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Left or Full Justification?

I can’t make my mind up.  Do I prefer that fictional books I read are printed (ink or pixels) with paragraphs left justified or fully justified?   288 more words


The Sunset Love Diaries #7

‘I promise you, this is the last time you will ever cry,’ he said looking at her bleary eyes.

‘No more sorrow, no more pain…’ and before she could say anything, he added, ‘no more questions.’ 111 more words


The Sunset Love Diaries #6

I took her hands in mine, her wrists wore bruise bangles. I took her drooping head in my hands and lifted her chin up, her eyes were empty, sore and tired, very tired. 157 more words


The Sunset Love Diaries #5

I did not see her for weeks. 16 sunsets to be precise. I didn’t know her name or where she lived. I suffered in silence, watched the sunset alone and fought the pain in my heart. 140 more words


The Sunset Love Diaries #4

What can I say, ‘she sets my heart ablaze! It is so difficult to get through the day, my head heavy with her thoughts, deliciously fragrant, super delicate and saccharine sweet. 126 more words


Pitching for perfection

Writing is most people’s concern and when you are writing to convey your message to others then message must have to be put in precise manner. 378 more words

The Sunset Love Diaries #3

It was a cloudy evening. The sun and clouds were playing hide and seek. The breeze was crisp, cool and refreshing. The kind that makes you forget all your worries. 287 more words