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Old Souls

In a different time, in a different place, I have loved you before. I’ve seen your glimmering eyes before. I’ve touched your smooth skin before. I feel like I have known you all my life. 100 more words



She was the one who you’d come back home and message because she could put a smile on your face after a long day. She was the one who encouraged you to reach for your dreams and beyond. 337 more words

My Thoughts and Words

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Hello reader who has happened to stumble onto my blog,

I’m very excited you decided to embark on this creative journey with me as I try to figure myself out in this crazy world. 60 more words


Gruesome introduction paragraph

Hi, just wanted to share a paragraph that made me gag after writing it:

Sludge and spawn jutted down the open sewage networks outside The Mulch and Photon Brothhouse. 65 more words

Creative Writing

More Brainstorming

For my brainstorming session, I can do an Internet search for writing prompts or I can use one of my pocket muse books or the cat naps book that I got for Christmas. 475 more words

Writing Techniques


Winter stools poke out of a winter bed. Alternately, we might see them as late fungi unfurling on the green moss coat of the asphalt forecourt. 21 more words



As luck would have it, I was present for the monthly spectacle of watching a man, earning little, clean the office’s glass walls and front. As seen through the pane, the cleaner’s slow and steady progress with rag, squeegee and bucket held me rapt for attention, a tingling at that point where skull met spine. 31 more words