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His friends thought him mad, senile, or otherwise off his rocker when he told them that he was off in search of a single word. Why, they implored him, seek one word alone when lesser men had refused anything short of a full philosophy?  70 more words


The Falling Stars and How To Find Them

The universe is so big, the teacher was saying, we still see light from stars that died millions of years ago. Tommy sat up straight, flipped open his notebook and wrote:  334 more words


The Dwelling Place

   The place of silence, solitude, and sanction. Warmth and kindness and humble pride. Beginnings not ends; unless it’s the end of all troubles. The Dwelling Place -a silent mind- a humble home and a forgiven eye. 


Five Signs Academic Writing is Stressing You Out

Academic Writing and Mindset: 5 Signs of Academic Writing Stress

I found this gem during a one-on-one tutoring session. I flipped the paper casually over and found this desperate declaration written on the back. 852 more words

Saw a film today. The protagonist was asked to name the five most important people in her life. And she named four of them with a second thought. 151 more words



I didn’t know anything about type and I didn’t give it much thought at all before I started considering going to Graphic design. It was very difficult for me to get exactly what Law and Leland were talking about when they gave us the first assignment in Type. 503 more words

Type 1