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Why The Stars Are Not Light Years Away

Why do the stars and moon seem to move in unison together across the sky, at the same rate without changing relative position to one another? 503 more words


"Yesterday's" Comic> Zero Hour: Crisis In Time #1

Zero Hour: Crisis In TimeĀ #1

DC Comics (September, 1994)


FINISHED ART: Jerry Ordway

COLORIST: Gregory Wright


ASSISTANT EDITOR: Mike McAvennie… 365 more words

Yesterday's Comics

How not to look at your Captain 101 #002Insert mental image of...

How not to look at your Captain 101 #002

Insert mental image of her serving under you!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2gE7skq

Quote #14 Seneca (41 AD.)

Anger makes a mother a stepmother, a fellow-citizen a foreign enemy, a king a tyrant.

English translation by Kaster.


Astronomical Concepts - Week 6

This weeks topic was the stars.

Their are billions of stars in our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in the universe. There is an unbelievably huge amount of stars out there and the stars are separated by huge distances. 847 more words

Photoshop Tutorial / Parallax Effect

In today’s session we worked on Photoshop and used the pen tool to cut out parts of an image.

We then used the content aware fill to fill in the background missing area so that now there was two layers on separate layers meaning that you can move the object around separately from the background meaning that we could use the parallax effect to move two parts differently creating the effect. 22 more words