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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

In an attempt to consolidate my freecodecamp learning, I decided to heed some advice floating around and actually make something. I decided I’d try and recreate a professionally built website. 242 more words

Parallax - Push For The Love Of Life (Mute Records single, 1993)

According to something I read back in 1993, Mute had not signed any new artists to the label for some time, the last new artist being… 421 more words

Mute Records

Have a look at the video above, does it look like you’re spinning around?

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of drawings that seem to pop up out of the page when they are viewed at a certain angle, this is called an anamorphic projection.  57 more words

A Father's Sonnet of Parallax

Behold, my child, the flowing road below,

A river underneath that rushes past.

A blur of motion urges us to go.

The eye is fooled to think we must be fast… 82 more words


BREAKDOWN | Green Lantern: Rebirth, by Geoff Johns

Previously, we’ve looked at writer Geoff Johns’ attempts to return Barry Allen back to the forefront of the Flash mythos after a death that stuck for several decades, quite the contrary to what usually occurs with comic-book character deaths. 887 more words


The Vallake Guide: Library Parallax, and deadline submission video

This last week has been a super productive one!

My progress

Since my last post, I have been able to finish up one more parallax video, the Library! 279 more words

The Vallake Guide - Synoptic Project

The Vallake Guide: Finished storyboards, and adjusting parallax timings

Since I last talked, Corey got the audio sorted, meaning that I could get started on making those parallaxes timed accurately. Apologies in advance, but this might be a long post! 354 more words

Concept Art