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Basecamp workshop

Today as part of our group project, we had a workshop that involved learning the basics of the team based site called Basecamp. We learned a lot of new things about Basecamp that we initially thought wouldn’t be useful to us as we had our own ways of planning such as scheduling, to do lists, and more. 128 more words

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BW's Morning Comic Strip Link: LEGO Punisher Abuse

Gary over at Crisis On Earth Prime occasionally makes comic strips using a LEGO maker program or something. Gary, what do you use? Anyway, he did a rather fun one where the Punisher stops in at a DC supervillain meeting. 51 more words

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Parallax site dev 1

We have begun development on our parallax website. to make things go smoother we have divided up tasks in order to get more work done, two of the team members will be mainly working on the site and will each work on different areas as seen above this is my work on making the parallax work. 75 more words

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A "What Am I?" Puzzle

  1. If it wasn’t for my atypical stellar atmosphere, I would be of no value to astronomers. I have a layer of ionized hydrogen and fully ionized helium, neither of which can lose energy to outer space.
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Parallax Effect for a Home Page

I was recently asked to provide a home page using a Parallax scroll effect.  What the Parallax scroll effect does is allow for a background image to remain static in the background while the content moves independantly providing a sense of depth to the website.  386 more words

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