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Hackaday Links: July 16, 2017

has joined the board at Formlabs. This is interesting, and further proof that Print The Legend is now absurdly out of date and should not be used as evidence of anything in the world of 3D printing. 292 more words

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Searching sails
In the night
I branch out towards
This tiny light
It seems so small
It might implode
And maybe if
I reach its node… 29 more words


Vitessa Impressa

I picked up a bucket list camera on the bay a few summers ago – a Voigtländer Vitessa N2. It’s a folding post-war 35mm rangefinder camera produced during the 1950s – the golden age of rangefinders. 2,079 more words

Distance to a far away star!!!

when we look at the night sky , we can see thousands of stars twinkling , but we cant actually say how far away those stars really are.It is one of the amazing as well as limiting factor that all the stars look like they are at same distance from earth as all other stars. 483 more words


Diana F+ with 35mm back - fun with double exposures

A few years back I bought my wife a Diana complete with all of the accessories. At the time I knew nothing about film and had no particular interest in it.   643 more words