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ISS transit across the Sun & Moon

International Space Station  (ISS) is a habitable artifical satellite in low Earth orbit. This is the largest human-made body in low Earth orbit.The width of ISS is 108.5 m and length 72.8 m. 735 more words


The Ptolemaic Universe

Claudius Ptolemy lived about five centuries after the Greek philosopher Aristotle’s time. Aristotle’s model for the universe—the first geocentric model, with Earth at the center—was still widely accepted, and Ptolemy sought to improve it. 1,131 more words



sketches – ideas – progression

So, I’ve already had made a site. However, this was not done by HTML only. By making a complete new site (which does not look like my… 71 more words


How Superman Captured Parallax

Superman stole Sinestro’s ring and captured Parallax himself! How hilarious is that?

And how about that? Parallax wants to escape from Sinestro! Normally that bug wants to possess anyone it sees, now it wants to escape?

From – Superman Vol. 4 #30