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Down the RabbitMQ hole

I tried to get this article started 3 times, failing every time. The reason, I think, is I wanted to be generically helpful. Then I realized that maybe I didn’t solve enough world problems for such a greater aim. 2,190 more words


A quick parallel for loop in Python

Often times I need to parallelize my code. In fact, I always look for an opportunity to distribute computational tasks given the modern abundance of multi-core machines and, depending on your situation, even multi-node computer clusters. 545 more words

Design Patterns

MSDN Dive - Week 38

MSDN Dive – Week 38

The Asynchronous Programming Model (APM) and the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern (EAP) are marked as legacy by Microsoft. The new pattern is called TAP – Task-based Asynchronous Pattern. 217 more words


First steps to the Actor model with Scala and Akka

This article assumes you’ve already read: “Simplifying efficiency – The actor model”

Scala programming language has been designed with the actor model in mind and the Akka toolkit brought it to the stratosphere. 3,173 more words


Darrell Ulm Microsoft Academic Search, Research Papers

The list of research papers that appear for the Microsoft Academic Search for Darrell R. Ulm.

Microsoft Academic Search for Darrell Ulm

Hadoop and ETL

My last post (here) blathered about the effect that Hadoop must have on database vendor profits. An associate wrote me with the reminder that Hadoop is also impacting revenues and profits of ETL companies. 173 more words

Big Data

Simplifying efficiency - The actor model

When you work for the same company for some time, you might end up reviewing code you wrote years ago. The feeling is always shocking. Imprudent, brave, naive, it’s like watching the first season of “The Simpsons” again. 1,687 more words