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[Python] 3 Ways of Multi-threaded Matrix Multiplication

Recently, I have implemented 3 different ways of multi-threaded matrix multiplication. There are 3 ways of thinking when writing a parallel program: –


Automatización en la Reconfiguración y Recuperación de un Cluster por Fallas de Nodos

  • Type of Publication: paper for national congress
  • Authors:
    • Crescitelli, Maximiliano.
    • Bello, Emmanuel D.
    • Monetti, Julio.
    • Leon, Oscar.
    • Tinetti, Fernando G.
  • Year: 2011
  • City: La Plata, Argentina…
  • 84 more words

Utilización de Arquitecturas Computacionales No Convencionales para la Codificación y Decodificación de Mensajes

  • Type of Publication: paper for national congress
  • Authors:
    • Bello, Emmanuel D.
    • Crescitelli, Maximiliano.
    • Agüero, Matías.
    • Vazquez, Matías.
    • Monetti, Julio.
  • Year: 2010
  • City: Santa Fe, Argentina…
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EU Exascale Project to Create ARM-Based Prototype by End of the Year

V3.co.uk (02/26/16) Graeme Burton

The European Union-funded Exanest, Exanode, and Ecoscale supercomputing projects are collaborating on the framework for an exascale architecture prototype. The plan focuses on the ARM64+FPGA architecture as the foundation. 174 more words

High Performance Computing

SPARK Lessons

Using Spark for my Databases class. Will post updates on lessons I learn. For now http://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/quick-start.html is a great source to get started.

Using 'Parallel' in Unix


Parallel enables you to run basic unix commands on multiple threads at the same time. If it’s not installed on on your linux system, do so with: 172 more words



Parallel computing by MPI is send the computational tasks into different cores named (called rank) calls before the actual jobs are running.

The single program multiple data (SPMD) model is used. 559 more words