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Academic Research for Darrell Ulm: Microsoft Research: Stream PRAM

The link

Darrell Ulm Paper for Stream PRAM at Research-Microsoft Site

contains comp. sci. research papers co-written by Darrell Ulm: listed in Microsoft Research on the topics of parallel processing and algorithms concerning the computation model for Stream PRAM. 15 more words

Supercomputing the Strange Difference Between Matter and Antimatter

Brookhaven National Laboratory (11/20/15)

An international group of physicists including researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) has published the first calculation of direct “CP” symmetry violation, and if the prediction represented by this calculation does not match experimental outcomes, it would conclusively prove the existence of new, unknown phenomena that lie outside of the Standard Model. 151 more words

High Performance Computing

Introduction to Parallization

Parallel computing is type of computation in which many calculations are carried out simultaneously, operating on the principle that large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved concurrently. 375 more words


A Linux MPI Azure Cloud HPC benchmark with DFTB+

After some posts about setting up an HPC cluster on the Microsoft Azure Cloud service, it’s time to give it a shot on a realistic calculation. 650 more words

Science On The Clouds

Tote Boards: the Impressive Engineering of Horse Gambling

Horse racing has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. Often called the sport of kings, it was an early platform for making friendly wagers. 1,240 more words

Classic Hacks

New Programming Approach Seeks to Make Large-Scale Computation More Reliable

UChicago News (IL) (10/07/15) Benjamin Recchie

As computer components become smaller and smaller, packing more transistors into a smaller space than ever before, more errors are likely to crop up in the computations the hardware carries out. 167 more words

High Performance Computing

Parallelizing Animations with Matplotlib


As is well known, matplotlib is an excellent plotting library for Python that integrates with other scientific computing tools for Python, like Numpy and… 866 more words