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First steps to the Actor model with Scala and Akka

This article assumes you’ve already read: “Simplifying efficiency – The actor model”

Scala programming language has been designed with the actor model in mind and the Akka toolkit brought it to the stratosphere. 3,173 more words

Actor Model

Darrell Ulm Microsoft Academic Search, Research Papers

The list of research papers that appear for the Microsoft Academic Search for Darrell R. Ulm.

Microsoft Academic Search for Darrell Ulm

Hadoop and ETL

My last post (here) blathered about the effect that Hadoop must have on database vendor profits. An associate wrote me with the reminder that Hadoop is also impacting revenues and profits of ETL companies. 173 more words

Big Data

Simplifying efficiency - The actor model

When you work for the same company for some time, you might end up reviewing code you wrote years ago. The feeling is always shocking. Imprudent, brave, naive, it’s like watching the first season of “The Simpsons” again. 1,687 more words

Actor Model


雖然建基於 Map-Reduce (https://hadoop.apache.org/) 的分散式平行運算技術已經非常成熟, 而且受到廣泛應用, 但隨科技發展, 由流動裝置所產生網絡數據會繼續以幾何級數增長, 所以就慢慢發展出兩個層級的平行運算技術 – 以Map-Reduce作為主幹, 再配合 CUDA GPU平行運算技術 (http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_home_new.html) 來再進一步提升運算速度. CUDA 技術的好處是硬件(nVidia Display Card)相對於一部 hadoop cluster server 來得平, 但其運算能力卻遠超 cluster server上的x86/x64 CPU, 而且對於一些需要超低延遲(ultra low latency)同時又要大量運算的工, 例如 high frequency algo trading, CUDA 可以免卻 hadoop cluster node 之間的通訊延遲. 250 more words


NVIDIA to establish deep learning lab with China partners

NVIDIA is teaming up with China high performance computing firm Sugon and the Institute of Computing Technology, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly operate a deep learning laboratory. 40 more words


Setup TORQUE PBS and MPI on a Ubuntu Cluster

The goal in this blog is to document my experience in setting up mpi with torque such that one can submit multiple jobs as well as MPI jobs which is running on more than one worker node (i.e. 1,193 more words