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'Hello OpenMP': My first OpenMP Program.

My first test of OpenMP after setting up using Visual Studio 2015.

The processor used is an Intel Core i7 4600HQ with 4 cores and 8 threads. 103 more words


Gravatar for Darrell Ulm Updated

The options on the new Gravatar page are getting better, and following is the link for Darrell Ulm.

Data formats of JSON, XML… 14 more words

U.S. Exascale Computing Update With Paul Messina

HPC Wire (12/08/16) Tiffany Trader

In an interview, Distinguished Argonne Fellow Paul Messina discusses stewardship of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), which has received $122 million in funding (with $39.8 million to be committed to 22 application development projects, $34 million to 35 software development proposals, and $48 million to four co-design centers). 161 more words

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libraries.io Darrell Ulm's Profile for Open Source code

At: https://libraries.io/github/drulm is the profile page on Libraries.io which contains some of the Open Source software contributions made by Darrell Ulm.

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80-PIC32 Cluster Does Fractals

One way to get around limitations in computing resources is to throw more computers at the problem. That’s why even cheap consumer-grade computers and phones have multiple cores in them. 234 more words


Array of some links

A list of bookmarks for Microsoft Academic and Open Source, Drupal and others.

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Link to Darrell Ulm - Ted Talks

Here is a link to Darrell R. Ulm’s profile for Ted Talk which has lectures about computational technology, and future computer tech.

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