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esProc Parallel Computing: Multithreading

Sequential computation was the simplest and most intuitive processing method for handling computational tasks. Contemporary servers and PCs, however, have gained the multi-tasking ability with multi-core CPUs. 928 more words


How Twitter processes tons of mobile application data each day

It’s only been seven months since Twitter released its Answers tool, which was designed to provide users with mobile application analytics. But since that time, Twitter now sees roughly five billion daily sessions in which “hundreds of millions of devices send millions of events every second to the Answers endpoint,” the company explained in a… 604 more words

Parallelization-Why Parallel computing?

With the advent and burst of data, (Big-Small-Tiny-Microscopic-Giant-Traditional-Custom-Social-Text-Numbers-Characters-Images-Sounds-A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G you possibly could related to), there has been significant requirement posed by several industries to quench the thirst of this magnanimous rise and shine of data. 892 more words

Building Trustworthy Big Data Algorithms

Northwestern University Newscenter (01/29/15) Emily Ayshford

Northwestern University researchers recently tested latent Dirichlet allocation, which is one of the leading big data algorithms for finding related topics within unstructured text, and found it was neither as accurate nor reproducible as a leading topic modeling algorithm should be. 145 more words

High Performance Computing

Stanford Researchers Use Big Data to Identify Patients at Risk of High-Cholesterol Disorder

Stanford University (01/29/15) Tracie White

Stanford University researchers have launched a project designed to identify hospital patients who may have a genetic disease that causes a deadly buildup of cholesterol in their arteries. 175 more words

High Performance Computing


“Accelerating GPU software development”

Nvidia recently announced the availability of CUDA 7 Release Candidate (RC).  The production version should follow soon.  CUDA 7 continues the long evolution of the CUDA language and products for Nvidia… 197 more words


Preparing for classes

This year, again, my teaching is in the second semester. So now the holidays are over, I’m busy making final preparations for the coming semester. I’ll be teaching a class on computer architecture, specifically focusing on current parallel systems. 38 more words