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Parallel Merge Sort

In my second post I am going to talk about the popular sorting algorithm Merge Sort.

It is easy to implement, easy to understand and is an efficient sorting algorithm. 668 more words

Parallel Computing

Latency vs Throughput

I am new to Parallel Computing, new to writing blog posts, basically, I am, what they call, a “noob”. Through this blog, I plan to document my exploration, interpretation and implementation of parallel computing. 499 more words

Parallel Computing

Fixing Race Conditions

As I progressed with my work I found out that all my previous conclusions, from profiling, in the post The Project were incorrect. I started working on the file PredictorMfe2dHeuristic.cpp and manually timed the function fillHybridE. 320 more words

Parallel Computing

Parallelism in python

Python is a wonderful language. One of my favorite languages. It is so easy to express logic in python. But it lacks one thing, the ability to use multicore processors hence ability to do things in parallel.  396 more words


K Length Subsets - Parallelized

Problem Statement: Given an array of integers of size N, generate all the subsets of size K.

Aim: To parallelize subset generation using OpenMP and compare with serial code. 369 more words


First you see, then you see again

Life on a university campus is a continuous stream of intersections. Students from different backgrounds connect, scholars from divergent fields of study collaborate, ideas and concepts collide. 52 more words

Campus & Community

The Project

I took up the task of parallelizing the code for the open source project IntaRNA. It is a new general and fast approach to the prediction of RNA–RNA interactions incorporating accessibility of target sites as well as the existence of a user-definable seed. 483 more words

Parallel Computing