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I detested “Ally McBeal.” The TV show about lawyers in love, starring Calista Flockhart — is that for real? — turned my stomach. It was all the rage in the late ’90s, of course, embraced by the same female viewers who probably creamed their pants over “Sex & The City” — another detestably shallow show. 711 more words

Plutarch's Parallel Lives in One Scene

*This is also from 2015. Alcibiades was the most memorable of all of the lives our class read about. Without a doubt, unless I should die first, there will be extended comics of Alcibiades in the future.* 44 more words

One Scene Summaries

Parallel by Lauren Miller

Genre:  Realistic Fiction/Romance

# of Pages:  423

Abby Barnes wakes up one day to find that everything she thought was true about the last year of her life had been changed dramatically.   225 more words

Realistic Fiction

The Best Albums of 2016

This post was originally included in a group discussion at Type In Stereo.

5. Letters to Lost Loves by Tyson Motsenbocker. There were a handful of albums contending for this final spot, from PUP’s rambunctious  876 more words


Alternate Realities (2015)

(AKA, Flashes)

The life of a successful young architect, John Rotit, is falling apart all around him because of the disturbing flashes he keeps having that send him to two other existences:  one where he is a drug addicted and burnt out rock star and another so terrible he won’t tell anyone about it.   134 more words

Movie Reviews

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 64

“You treat that kid badly, that’s all. I’m not jealous, I’m just curious, you know. But you treat him badly and it gets to me to know that he just lets you be a bitch to him.” 160 more words

On My Third Year on WordPress...

December is rapidly slipping away and taking stock of the year about to end is something most of us tend to do. Here’s yet another reminder – a nice one, this time. 617 more words