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Parallel Lives - Sample fragment 31

Amalia and Robert knew what they wanted, and where they would end up was something they both became aware of in a very short time; first the girl, then the man. 227 more words

I AM... going to stand by you.

Often at night, I’ll go outside and breathe.  I often also send off a prayer.  As if the Universe can better hear me being outside.  I outstretched my arms and to my surprise, there was an energetic response.  426 more words

Spiritual Writing

Everywhere and Everything

Have you seen the movie, Lucy ?  Yes, released almost two years ago.  I love that movie.  I remember coming out of the theater and my brain was having a Fourth of July.  534 more words

Spiritual Writing

समांतर जीवन: संपादक: सुनिता देशपांडे (samantar jeevan:edited by:Sunita Deshpande)

अपघातानी हाती पडलेले हे पुस्तक, वाचायला घेतले, आणि या पुस्तकाच्या विषयानी माझ्या मनाचा ताबा घेतला.. त्यामुळे, अर्थातच, हे पुस्तक माझ्या सर्व वाचिक दोस्त मंडळींपुढे वाचून दाखवायचं मी ठरवून टाकले..

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 30

Two weeks are a life-time for a summer relationship, and if a two-week interval is spent without touching the other person, sensations are heightened to an unusual, unexpected level, governed either by awareness and self-control or by raising uncertainty and insecurity, sometimes all of them mixed into a flurry of highs and lows, altogether building up the enticement to continue the game. 100 more words

Pulses and Patterns

I seem to notice that every few weeks/months a certain, “pulse” is sent out.  If you’re an empath… 188 more words

Spiritual Writing

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 29

“How come you can get away with such behaviour? Not many married men can afford that luxury.”

She asked the question, but she knew the answer. 299 more words