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The One Version of Laura Barnett

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett

Last night it was a balmy evening in Abingdon – perfect for an author event in the packed courtyard garden of… 921 more words

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Nature | Parallel Lives

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Randy | Photos and The Pictures Show

By giorgosgrigoriadis

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Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 63

I can be such a dumb fucker sometimes… Robert looked at Amalia, trying to smile apologetically, hoping for an opening to explain himself. Come on… 144 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 62

Amalia was dizzy. Why? Why are these comments always a must, no matter who the guy is, no matter how evolved he might appear at a first sight? 197 more words

A Parallel Path in the Past

The discovery
of a past life which mirrors
one’s present one is
no less than a strange gift which
both comforts and disconcerts.
One goes on one’s way… 15 more words


Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 61

Their night in the mountain resort was one of innocence lost, but what surprised Amalia was how normal it felt to her; it wasn’t so much a change, but a realisation of how things should be, who she was as a woman and how great it felt to control and lose control at the same time. 128 more words