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Stuck between timelines?

Often one will hop a timeline in their sleep, not even knowing it and will awake, anew – just a bit different.  We underestimate the work that we do in our sleep.   755 more words

Spiritual Writing

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 33

The direct way proved to be the easiest approach, yet again.

“The hell with it all… I need a break.”


“I’m going to the mountains for a couple of days. 187 more words

The Merger Into An Expanded Parallel Life.

Once again, I woke up late today.  It’s tough when you wake up much later than usual, to get tired early as usual.  I feel like a baby with my sleep schedule off lol.   1,426 more words

The Shift

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 32

But there was some sort of uncertainty in Robert’s behavior. Although he felt they were heading to the desired resolution, he also felt that she was one that would constantly keep him on his toes, she made him feel like he might not be worth a second glance sometimes, she looked at people in such an indifferent and distant fashion. 155 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample fragment 31

Amalia and Robert knew what they wanted, and where they would end up was something they both became aware of in a very short time; first the girl, then the man. 227 more words

I AM... going to stand by you.

Often at night, I’ll go outside and breathe.  I often also send off a prayer.  As if the Universe can better hear me being outside.  I outstretched my arms and to my surprise, there was an energetic response.  426 more words

Spiritual Writing