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Past Lives

Before I go into past lives, I need to talk about time.

Without saying that time is an illusion, I have to say that time is like a point of reference. 388 more words


Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 58

She did want to get home, but not just because she felt suffocated, she also started to like this, to like him, his company was pleasant and intrusive at the same time, and that was much stronger a reason. 149 more words

Phocion- c.402 BC- c.318 BC

Athenian statesman, contemprory of Demosthenes, the orator.

Phocion was a pupil of Plato and in later life a close friend of the Platonic philosopher Xenocrates… 604 more words


Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 57

“Nice place… You can’t even see this entrance from the main road, how did you find it?”

“I got lost years ago and I took this little country road by mistake, thinking it was the one which was supposed to take me to a hotel I had never stayed at before. 155 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 56

She did want the full experience, she thought, and in his turn, Robert not only wanted the same thing, but he was clearly a lot more invested in obtaining it and enjoying it than she was. 178 more words

A Cosmic Chat with the High Self ~ A QHHT Session by Suzanne Spooner

Here is another QHHT story reblogged from Suzanne Spooner’s TAUK site: source.  One of the several reasons I’d like you to read it is to give you some thoughts on Multiverse and Parallel Lifetimes.  1,450 more words


Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 55

The two day trip was as close as you can get to an out of body experience, a step towards something else that resembled readjustment, more than change. 149 more words