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Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 19

The sudden metamorphosis was striking – the cynical smile was gone and she looked real. For the first time she not only was young, but she looked young. 288 more words

Don't get stuck in the mud

I’m holding a space of peace today. PEACE verses panic or several other possible emotions. There are moments in my journey I feel clueless. I used to ask, … 645 more words

Spiritual Writing

Understanding Our Many Soul Aspects ~ A TAUK Message From My Father ~ Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

February 2, 2016


Hi Suzy! I love you. I wanted to give you an update on how I am. I am wonderful. I am learning how to expand my awareness of being many places at once and learning how to acknowledge each of the places. 284 more words

Suzanne Spooner

Early Valentine's

I am making this a new Valentine’s Day tradition, since the gesture was appreciated on previous occasions. And who doesn’t like appreciation?… :-) As my little gift to you (it isn’t much, but that’s the best I can do to show my own appreciation during what many consider to be the month of love), you can download my book, … 141 more words

QHHT Session Where the Client Speaks, Translates in Her Star Language and Gives an Earth Update ~ A QHHT Session given By Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone!

I DO have the best job in the universe, I swear. As I sit down with a client in my office in Des Moines, Iowa, I never know exactly what their hypnosis session will present. 626 more words

Suzanne Spooner

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 18

“I know the feeling, I haven’t been around here for several years either, but this seemed just the day for it. When I moved to this town after getting married, I used to come here as often as I could. 463 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 17

There is a certain dose of masochism in every one of us, but some are endowed with more than the usual amount. Robert knew that she was right and he hated her being right on such a topic, especially when she so stubbornly held on to her ideas. 304 more words