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Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 51

Those eyes will wonder from the stiletto heels, upwards on the long, graceful legs, even more enticing in black stockings; they will linger hungrily on the garter belt and on the lace panties and they will take their time, being thankful for the tight corset, sending a distinct message to the tip of the fingers which almost feel it, anticipating the moment when they would struggle to tear it off the woman’s body; they will feel the heat of the body, as they focus on the whole image of the sensual woman standing a few metres away, the white flesh contrasting with the sexy black lingerie, her soft, long hair covering her shoulders and her naked back. 171 more words


As a Potterhead myself, I could not help but noticing many a strange similarities between the life and story of Harry Potter, the fictional character from JK Rowling’s book series, and Lord Krishna, probably the only Indian God with such international fame. 643 more words


Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 50


“I thought it’s more of a whisky night, rather than wine. What do you think?” Robert almost yelled as soon as he heard the bathroom door open. 178 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 49

He had already planned to have a quick look thorough that bag when she’d be in the shower, but he hadn’t thought about the fact that she would need it exactly then. 155 more words

Running Parallel

She is My Perfect. My Rhumb Line.

A sexy disaster.

She is a hard hitting working dog, tenacious, intense, and determined.

When she is with the ones she loves she is as tender as they come. 92 more words

Nancy Tanner

In Real Life

While Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t on my list of top 20 all-time favourite actors, over the years she has appeared in several roles that resonate with me, one of them being Helen in… 229 more words

Personal Life

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 48

“Breath-taking, isn’t it?”

“Maybe, but it needs a river or a lake, water of some sort, it’s just out of balance.”

Was she serious? What kind of an answer was that? 239 more words