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Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 61

Their night in the mountain resort was one of innocence lost, but what surprised Amalia was how normal it felt to her; it wasn’t so much a change, but a realisation of how things should be, who she was as a woman and how great it felt to control and lose control at the same time. 128 more words

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Aaron Wolfson is a writer, reader, coder, and thinker. He spouts off on books at his blog, Profound Reading, and he is building a better reading list at… 763 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 60

Images of the sun setting over a vineyard fade away in one’s mind; so do those of the mountain peaks seen from a hotel room. It’s the sensations of some summer nights that cannot be swept away by storms over the years, because they find a special corner in a woman’s mind, sheltered as defining instants and melancholy triggers. 167 more words

Winter 2015 Final Projects

Oona Goodin-Smith – “Poles Apart” – Monday through Saturday, nine to five, she works in the offices of Oakland University’s food service, but at the end of the day, instead of kicking off her shoes, she trades them in for a pair of stilettos, going to work as a pole dancing instructor.

Oakland University

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 59

The barrier of polite speech was gone between them and being crude about the realities of their interaction was not meant to be offensive; if anything, it was a term of endearment, a testimony of their intimacy, but also a turn on for him. 163 more words



Andy Oppenheimer and Mark Warner formed Touching The Void back in 2010. Two years later, Touching The Void released their debut single Parallel Lives, in 2012. 2,425 more words