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How do I use the phrase, ''not only... but also''?

Answer by Mike Mendis:

We use “not only … but also” when we want to say that two things are true, but one of those two things is less obviously true than the other, or when one of them is expected to be true but the other one is not generally expected to be true. 307 more words


English Language - Parallel Stucture

The words ‘parallel structure’ may bring some geometric picture before you. Yes, it is something like that. With reference to language, it means grouping together two or more similar words or ideas. 172 more words

English Language

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1) Share a word from the dictionary and about copying experience.

2) Read handout The Shortest Story of All about writing six short short life stories/autobiographies.  544 more words

Expectation management

Physically, surviving a military career is about managing your rate of death such that you still have something of your physical being left to enjoy in retirement.   1,574 more words


How-to Lists: Understanding and Using Parallel Structure

Certain instances of parallel structure are easy to understand. Compound subjects or objects, for example, are often the first types students put into use. A beginner can say, “Soup and pasta are my favorite foods.” or “I like TV and books.” Lists, either within a sentence or in bulleted form, tend to pose more challenges. 102 more words

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