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What is Parallel Structure in Literary? And it's Functions

Parallel structure is something, where the same pattern of words of phrases is repeated in a sentence or a passage to exhibit an equal importance. Parallel structure is quite visible in the texts as the writers prefer to use this literary device to organize his ideas or points and most importantly, to make the entire text more comprehensive. 373 more words

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Problem: Make Word Forms Parallel

You probably know that word form is the process where we add, delete, or change a prefix or suffix–a small part at the beginning or end of a word. 117 more words

Parallel Structure

Problem: Verb Forms Are Not Parallel

We all know that verbs can be inflected for verb tense and sometimes for non-tensed adjective, adverb an noun functions. When writing parallel structures with verbs, write your parallel structures in a way that will be easiest for your reader to understand. 121 more words


Wrong or Missing Preposition in a Parallel Structure

You probably know that a parallel structure is a set of two or more words or phrases joined with a conjunction, like and or or. 115 more words

Parallel Structure

Problem: Wrong Conjunction in a Parallel Structure

In a parallel construction of two or more elements, use and when all the listed elements are true for the given situation. Use or when there is a choice, or when the conjoined elements exist in a negative statement. 212 more words

Parallel Structure

Hyphens in Parallel Compounds and Parallel Prefixes

Parallel constructions can join two or more prefixes to the same word. Use a space after the first hyphen and other subsequent hyphens until the last prefix. 69 more words