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Quantum experiment could offer proof of a parallel world

Experimental results that seem to defy known physics might be explained by positing a parallel world..

From many-worlds to multiverses, physicists have had to come up with some pretty bizarre theories to explain the strange world of quantum mechanics, many of which sound less like science and more like science fiction. 297 more words


Bloodivores Series Review


Mi Liu and a group of Bloodivores (probably vampires but after episode 1 it becomes entirely unnecessary to care as this plays no significant role in the show) break into a bank to steal something. 689 more words


Like a time machine

Just as beautiful,

Just as deep…

The time here passes,

Just as there…

In the uniform rate…

This time, the time that ceases to exist, 44 more words


Observing the diluted world in watercolour

She stood here observing the parallel world turning from a glorious summer to a mushy autumn, and from a frosty winter to a pleasant spring overnight… 52 more words


Parallel worlds

Maybe in the parallel world, Im a lil braver. Maybe somewhere, over mirrored chances and same situations,I may have been valiant to do things i wasn’t able to do here. 17 more words


Parallel World 1

A parallel world exists inside a mother’s womb…

Parallel World

Book Review: A Tangle of Gold by Jaclyn Moriarty

A Tangle of Gold
The Colors of Madeleine, Book 3
Jaclyn Moriarty
Arthur A. Levine Books, March 2016
ISBN 978-0-545-39740-7

This third installment in the Colors of Madeleine series begins with Elliot in our world, but after he makes an amazing discovery that tosses much of what he believed out the window, his stay is cut very short. 317 more words

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