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Shutter up

Capturing an image to cherish our memories and to see how likable one is the latest following trend.  For some of us the probability of getting the best picture is NEVER 1 and still we continue to follow this fever. 434 more words


Fabricated Flowers (8)

As soon as I step in that room, I recognize the space. (…) The floors haven’t changed. They are still covered in the same antique cement tiles, where shades of blue, black and grey are shaping infinite graphic designs overlapping squares and interlacing stripes.

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The Canvas

I am not an artist,
But you know
I love to play with colors,
Draw some random patterns,
Throw them around,
Scatter them a bit. 234 more words

Fabricated Flowers (7)

I recall (…) riding my bike to my Gran’s hotel, crossing the Place des Vosges, walking through the gates into the hotel’s courtyard, (…) She is standing right outside the wrought iron fence and seems engaged in a heated conversation.

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Story - The Last Leaf of Winter

There was once a boy who wanted nothing more than to see his father alive, for he had died when he was very young.

In time, he came to manhood and spent years studying the hidden arts pouring over arcane books in the hope he might one day realise his dream. 940 more words


Story - The Ideal Version

It all began with a bright orange light which Sarah Cashmere saw from the landing window half an hour after she got back from college. 2,781 more words


Fabricated Flowers (6)

A whole piece of my evening is missing. Erased from my thoughts surgically, leaving a dark, gaping mouth in my memories. A mysterious black hole filled with untouchable matter I can’t see.

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