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Prompt: There is a secret parallel world which can only be entered by children under 16 years old. How do they keep the place secret despite social media, smartphones etc.?

Part One

There is a saying in my country – “break Arkansa rules and you tear the world apart.” I always thought it was something our parents told us so we would pass the message on to the visiting children. 579 more words


Vudri did something unexpected

Times were desperate. I was afraid I was going to lie in my cave Watching one world burn and the second one follow it into destruction. 115 more words


Finally, I spoke my mind in a job interview! #FakePost #ParallelWorld

For someone like me who hates meeting new people and making new friends, networking for a job is not an easy thing. So, all the new (read few) job opportunities that come to me are either purely based on my talent (I heard your ouch!) or impressive profile (I spent an entire weekend working on it!) posted on various employment websites. 973 more words

Parallel World: una compañía desarrolladora de juegos con un pie en China y otro en Costa Rica.

La Nación. Hace unas semanas me senté a conversar en una cafetería conocida con los encargados de la compañía Parallel World, acerca de sus proyectos y de su primer juego tropicalizado,  808 more words

Costa Rica

Read: 1Q84 : a novel by Haruki Murakami

What if your world changed ever so slightly but affected every aspect of your life? In Haruki Murakami’s novel 1Q84, Tokyo shifts a couple of degrees but several characters lived are upheaved as they deal with the consequences while everyone else has no idea that the world has changed. 657 more words

Wolf by Wolf

Imagine if you will, what life might have been like if Germany didn’t lose WWII. If Japan succeeded in winning Pearl Harbor and the East. If the concentration camps and labor camps and attempts at perfecting and extending the Aryan Race were not stopped.  768 more words


Parallel World of Humans !

Social Media And Overwhelming Emotions:

This world is so captivating, intriguing, addictive alluring, enchanting and list goes on. People signing up for different sites and spending most of the time there, chit chatting with friends and relatives. 543 more words