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Parallel world

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i shall always stay out in mind

because,the moment i get into you,

i will lose it all,

my world.

my momentum.


my craze for wandering.

you stay there,

but do not trace me. 13 more words

[Discussion] Time Travel, Time Loop, Alternate Dimension (isekai) / Parallel World

Regards my friends, did someone miss me ? No ? okay, no problem. So today what we got here ? no my friends, i will not talk about a game but a little discussion with themes that always come up in light novel, web novel and visual novel. 634 more words

Time Loop

The Parallel World 

In a parallel world
Blue is a happy colour
and Neons and pastels scream sadness.
What if, in that world
tears only trickle down the sad face… 139 more words

An eternal loop

Don’t wait for me ever.
Don’t disturb the symphony of your life.
Don’t think of me all night.
Don’t remember my chatter in the day too. 517 more words


Those rails,
The small gate,
A swing to fling,
That’s all makes her place,
Her owned cage.
She has got used to it since she was a little birdie, 383 more words

The Sweet Yet Bitter

The hessian sack over Parro’s head was clean, not dust ridden and mildew stained as she had expected. Then again, the soldiers guiding her and the rest of the group of potential royal poisoners… 2,489 more words