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Chrome Sparks - Parallelism EP

Chrome Sparks does something refreshing on his new EP and it’s dreamy and wonderful. 139 more words

New Music

Class, Mon, 11/16


Anya Kamenetz, “How to ¬†Get Students to Stop Using Their Cellphone in Class


  • Read back through your current draft. What do you need to do to turn this into a piece that will earn an A or B?
  • 118 more words

The Trail of the Red Stallion II

Sansa’s Tourneys – part 1

If the two jousts witnessed through Ned’s point of view are a foreshadowing parallel to what will befall him several chapters later, then naturally it leads to the question whether George did something similar in Sansa’s chapter during the Hand’s Tourney and Joffrey’s nameday tourney. 7,816 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Data Parallelism in C#

A lot of the software I’ve worked on has been designed to execute synchronously. That is to say that tasks execute in order, one at a time, often in iterations. 436 more words


Java concurrency vs parallelism

Concurrent processing – when application is making progress on multiple tasks (concurrently) switching while executing from one task to another. One task may not be completely finished when the next task is started to be processed. 155 more words


Tim McGraw Makes a Pro/Con List

Tim McGraw sits down and makes a list of pros and cons.


Monitoring Task cancellation in C# in a loop

You cannot directly interrupt a Task in .NET while it’s running. You can do it indirectly through the CancellationTokenSource object. This object has a CancellationToken property which must be passed into the constructor of the Task: 245 more words