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Continuation tasks in .NET TPL: a simple continuation example

Tasks in .NET TPL make it easy to assign tasks that should run upon the completion of another task.

We’ll need a basic object with a single property: 127 more words


Now has not been before...

Very few alive today remember the roaring 20’s.  But in those days, the people were experiencing the ‘good’ times, and evil was tolerated   “We just provide what people want”.   741 more words

Special Education

God's Purifying Work

By c. 740 BC the wickedness of Judah, particularly its political and religious center in Jerusalem, had become unbearable for the Lord. When God looked at his people what he saw was not the child he had raised to walk in his ways, but a rebellious and wayward son (Isaiah 1:2-3). 305 more words


Using immutable collections for thread-safe read-only operations in .NET

Sometimes you have a scenario where multiple threads need to read from the same shared collection. We’ve looked at the 4 concurrent, i.e. thread-safe collection types on this blog that are available in the System.Collections.Concurrent namespace. 388 more words


A Very Common (and Easily Fixed!) Grammatical Gaffe

Here’s a grammatical rule I’ve seen broken rather frequently lately, both while editing and while out in the wilds of the real world. And yes, it’s a rule, not a choice of style or usage. 517 more words

Using the BlockingCollection for thread-safe producer-consumer scenarios in .NET Part 5

In the previous post we finished the basics of building producer-consumer scenarios with BlockingCollection in .NET. In particular we saw how to send a signal to the consumer that the producers have completed their tasks and no more items will be inserted into the work queue. 249 more words


Using the BlockingCollection for thread-safe producer-consumer scenarios in .NET Part 4

In the previous post we saw how to wire up the producer and the consumer in a very simplistic producer-consumer scenario in .NET using a BlockingCollection. 615 more words