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Genesis Chapter 1

This first chapter oversees the creation of many binaries—heaven and earth, light and darkness, morning and evening, moon and sun, etc. There is an overarching sense of progressive division—one becomes two. 695 more words


PL/SQL Parallelism - an example with UTL_MAIL and dbms_scheduler

Parallelism in PL/SQL can be achieved using  dbms_parallel_execute but here is an example where the requirement was…

  1. send emails from Oracle RDBMS using UTL_MAIL
  2. achieve controlled parallelism like ‘n’ emails using ‘k’ parallel threads.
  3. 711 more words

A common platform for concurrent bags, stacks and queues in .NET

We’ve looked at the available concurrent collections in .NET before:

3 of these objects implement the same interface. Can you guess which three are similar in some sense? 450 more words


Asynchronous programming in java

Today I want to talk about Asynchronous programming, particularly how we can apply asynchronous programming using Java. Let start with simple question..

What is Asynchronous program ? 1,491 more words

Functional Programming

Conversations & Reflection Series (Part - 1)

“Can you snapchat this man !”

‘Love thy iron’: These days i have fallen in similar love.

I generally work out with young athletic fellas in the age range of 19-22 years. 482 more words


Red Hat at the ISO C++ Standards Meeting (June 2016, Oulu): Parallelism and Concurrency

Several Red Hat engineers recently attended the JTC1/SC22/WG21 C++ Standards Committee meetings in Oulu, Finland.  This post focuses on the sessions of SG1 (the standards committee sub-group 1 – for concurrency and parallelism) as well as on coroutines-related sessions. 626 more words