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In Memoriam Ferdinand Hodler 1853–1918: an appreciation

One century ago today, the Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler, died in Geneva.

He was Switzerland’s first great modern painter, who remained and worked in his home country but created art which reached far beyond its borders. 830 more words


Ferdinand Hodler, Death and Eternity, 1915-1918

The war years were hard for Ferdinand Hodler. Ostracised by former friends and colleagues in Germany, after he criticised the bombardment of Reims, he travelled little outside Switzerland. 1,034 more words


Understanding parallelism on SQL Server

Parallelism refers to multiple processors cooperating to execute a single query at the same time.

Parallel execution involves the overhead of synchronizing and monitoring the tasks. 333 more words

Sql Server

Ferdinand Hodler, Unanimity and Change, 1911-1914

In the period to 1910, Hodler’s style had loosened and his paintings, landscapes in particular, eliminated detail to present simplified and stylised images, in what Hodler considered “a magnified, simplified nature, freed from all irrelevant details”. 959 more words


Hebrew and Wisdom

The books of Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes are of course part of the Hebrew Bible. This means that biblical wisdom is not in any simple sense a timeless philosophy of how to live well. 544 more words

Hebrew Bible

Apply to attend the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School!

Although the official deadline has passed, I hear there are still a few spots left for the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School (OPLSS), hosted at the University of Oregon in Eugene. 191 more words


Ferdinand Hodler, Rhythmic Landscapes, 1906-1910

In the years before the First World War, Ferdinand Hodler still found time between commissioned murals and other major figurative works to develop his landscape paintings. 1,122 more words