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Traditions in Judaism: the Mikveh

As a person who was brought up in the Christian tradition since birth, most of my knowledge of Christianity is rather insular and sourced from the small community I had grown up in. 342 more words


Auto DOP ! 11g Feature...

Recently, during one of the Performance POC on an Oracle Engineered System, I got to implement Auto DOP feature for one of their critical Batch Job. 453 more words


Bright days

Is it called free from it all?
When I recover I will be free from myself, I will let myself go like vapor in free air… 225 more words


Cultural Variations in Styles of Thinking: A Summary

Ballard, B. & Clanchy, J., Study Abroad—A Manual for Asian Students, Longman Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Selangor Darul Ehsan, 1984

In Chapter 2 of their book, Study Abroad—A Manual for Asian Students (1984), Ballard and Clanchy begin with a question; do people from different cultures have different way of thinking? 379 more words


The Truth about Parallelism on the GMAT

When we speak, we generally say more than one thing.  Sometimes, the two or three things we say don’t have the same importance: one of them is more important than the other, such as here: 2,461 more words


Spring Break with Toddlers

Elation and Exhaustion

do a dance,

then arm wrestle.

Fun and Frustration

sing a duet,

then fist fight.

Amazement and Anxiety

create a masterpiece,

then blow it up. 24 more words


Morning Run

Feet pounding,

Music pumping,

Sun shining,

Wind biting,

Arms swinging,

Hair blowing,

Sweat beading,

Side aching,

Calves tightening,

Heart racing –

Bliss abounding.

Day Four: NaPoWriMo

8 more words