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A common platform for concurrent bags, stacks and queues in .NET

We’ve looked at the available concurrent collections in .NET before:

3 of these objects implement the same interface. Can you guess which three are similar in some sense? 450 more words


Split Infinitive and Parallelism in the Boston Globe / NYT

When I first read this article from the Globe (but bylined to the NYT), I was going to post about how it was a good example of a split infinitive, in the sense that the split infinitive is no longer the grammar taboo that it once was and that it is a particularly euphonic use of the split infinitive (always my argument pre-approval for its use). 39 more words


Summary of thread-safe collections in .NET

The System.Collections.Concurrent namespace has 4 thread-safe collections that you can use in multi-threaded applications. The starting point is that you have a multi-threaded app where the same collection needs to be accessed by different threads. 306 more words


Darrell Ulm Microsoft Academic Search, Research Papers

The list of research papers that appear for the Microsoft Academic Search for Darrell R. Ulm.

Microsoft Academic Search for Darrell Ulm

Poetry In Psalm

Left standing on the outside looking in, throughout a lifetime I never found a spark to ignite my faith. Having studied the Word literally through my formative years, I felt a disconnect.   103 more words

Food For Thought

Using a thread-safe dictionary in .NET C# Part 4: thread-safe insertlookups

In the previous post we looked at how the AddOrUpdate method worked. We saw that it was a very neat and thread-safe way to either insert a new key-value pair or update an existing one. 401 more words