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Rey's Journey Doesn't Echo Episode 4

Star Wars Episode VII is often accused of paralleling Episode IV too closely.  But it seems to me that Rey’s journey in Episode VII actually more closely parallels the journey of a character in another (less well respected) episode of the Star Wars saga.  395 more words

Creative wine interpretation

Understanding Creativity

Creativity means linking two or more phenomenons with each other by a certain correlation or putting a phenomenon in a different aspect by a certain correlation. 692 more words

Wine Interpretation

Use Of Parallelism

This post is coming up thanks to my finishing Ugly Love because I could not stop thinking about how well Colleen Hoover made use of it in that book. 241 more words

Blues Parallelism

Ever since last year when it clicked that parallel chord movements are probably an essential part of blues, I’ve been working them into my bass style. 914 more words


Simplex (Part -3): When should one speak ?

“Did anyone ask for her opinion?”

“Why is he even speaking?”

On a daily basis, we utter such words, during meetings, parties and even poker nights. 525 more words


A Lover's Request

Be careful.
For you carry my soul in your

Be gentle.
For you display my heart in your

Be kind.
For you illustrate my life in your… 36 more words


Red Hat at the ISO C++ Standards Meeting (March 2016): Parallelism, Concurrency, and Coroutines

Several Red Hat engineers recently attended the JTC1/SC22/WG21 C++ Standards Committee meetings in March 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  This post focuses on the sessions of SG1 (the standards committee sub-group 1 – for concurrency and parallelism) and on several proposals related to coroutines. 566 more words