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A Lover's Request

Be careful.
For you carry my soul in your

Be gentle.
For you display my heart in your

Be kind.
For you illustrate my life in your… 36 more words


Red Hat at the ISO C++ Standards Meeting (March 2016): Parallelism, Concurrency, and Coroutines

Several Red Hat engineers recently attended the JTC1/SC22/WG21 C++ Standards Committee meetings in March 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  This post focuses on the sessions of SG1 (the standards committee sub-group 1 – for concurrency and parallelism) and on several proposals related to coroutines. 566 more words


Parallelism (Part 4): Product Management Skills and Sales Leadership !

“We need to change the launch date !” I still remember saying those dreaded lines in April 2014; it was approx 9:30 in the morning, and the tea in my cup was now timid. 917 more words


Parallelism (Part 3): Sales Force Motivation & Day to Day Life !

“I need to think over it”

In sales, one generally don’t come across this line of thought a lot. After all Sales is a “doing” role and not a “thinking” role… 1,147 more words


Parallelism (Part-2): Solo Backpacking and Leadership Learning

It was precisely 4:45 am and temperature was – 4 degree C, but there was warmth from the hope that soon sun will come out and fall upon the mighty Mt. 792 more words


Marathon: The dictionary defines it as not a race; not just as a physical act; but as a “long lasting” and “difficult task or activity” 1,153 more words


A Parallel Programming Exercise

Here’s a quick exercise for you:

Write a program that exploits parallelism to find the nth prime, for large n (>1,000,000).