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Parallelism with Scala Futures

Traditionally majority of machines were equipped with a single core. On web servers, parallelism was achieved by context switching among many threads. This is also known as concurrency. 1,172 more words


Which of these is a grammatically correct constructed sentence and why?

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1) Since we slurped and licked our fingers collectively over Bawa food the other day!
2) Since we collectively slurped and licked our fingers over Bawa food the other day! 885 more words


RED--Parallel Universe...Again


Called from clay,
six foot of sand and soil
converted to perfect flesh,
unearthed from the bowels below,
exhumed and animated
to breathe new air, 217 more words


RED--A Parallel Universe

In a parallel universe this book is titled GREEN. Actually, it probably isn’t. But there are parallel worlds. There is the world in which we live–solid, sensual; to our eyes, real. 557 more words


Article: Real-World Concurrency By Cantrill & Bonwick

Chances are you won’t actually have to write multithreaded code. But if you do, some key principles will help you master the ‘black art’. 187 more words


1.3 Thesis Statements (1/30)

Thesis Statement’s Purpose: Sample Academic Paragraphs (Answers)

Writing a Thesis Statement (Answers)


1. Analysis Portfolio HW #1: Thesis Statements

Review the thesis statement that you wrote for the original Diagnostic Exam.  174 more words

Unit 1. Diagnostic Analysis