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Cultural Variations in Styles of Thinking: A Summary

Ballard, B. & Clanchy, J., Study Abroad—A Manual for Asian Students, Longman Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Selangor Darul Ehsan, 1984

In Chapter 2 of their book, Study Abroad—A Manual for Asian Students (1984), Ballard and Clanchy begin with a question; do people from different cultures have different way of thinking? 379 more words


The Truth about Parallelism on the GMAT

When we speak, we generally say more than one thing.  Sometimes, the two or three things we say don’t have the same importance: one of them is more important than the other, such as here: 2,461 more words


Spring Break with Toddlers

Elation and Exhaustion

do a dance,

then arm wrestle.

Fun and Frustration

sing a duet,

then fist fight.

Amazement and Anxiety

create a masterpiece,

then blow it up. 24 more words


Morning Run

Feet pounding,

Music pumping,

Sun shining,

Wind biting,

Arms swinging,

Hair blowing,

Sweat beading,

Side aching,

Calves tightening,

Heart racing –

Bliss abounding.

Day Four: NaPoWriMo

8 more words

Parallel Gibbs sampling using conditional independence and graph colorings

A Gibbs sampler is a sequential method for producing samples from the joint distribution of several variables by sampling from the simpler conditional distributions of each variable. 276 more words


Invitation to a Family Reunion

Doubt is the brother of malice, when trust
Leaves love, the mother, and forged is new lust
For power’s dull reverb.

Despair, the sister of envy since just… 37 more words


Parallelism in Lists

Bulleted lists, numbered lists, lettered lists, and lists in text all require parallel structure. This means that when you have a list of nouns, every item on the list must be a noun. 394 more words