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Kazumasa's Ball

After reading the first two chapters of this book, I can honestly say that I am intrigued.  The concept of the floating ball in front of Kazumasa’s forehead is very unique and I hope that eventually there is some explanation of why/what it is there for.   223 more words

Repeating cycles

Three different poems in one post, a first. Here you can see how the playing with repetition (conceptually or actually) developed. Some ideas arose but not quite fleshed out, others crisp and tight right out of the box. 219 more words


Polishing Parallelism

Instructors: Download the exercise and key at the end of this post.

Although parallelism sounds as if it might be a gymnastic feat, it is a skillful writing technique that involves balanced writing. 663 more words

4. Classroom Exercises

The Greatest Ideas in Computer Architecture

  • Moore’s Law – Integrated Circuits resources double every 18-24 months
    • Prediction in 1965 by Gordon Moore, Founder of Intel
    • Design with future of technology in mind vs present of technology…
  • 227 more words

Dropout Regularization in Deep Neural Networks

The deep neural network (DNN) is a very powerful neural work with multiple hidden layers and is able to capture the highly complex relationship between the response and predictors. 371 more words

Statistical Models

GMAT SC: The Myth of "Intended Meaning"

Sometimes I read explanations for GMAT Sentence Correction questions that state something like this: “Choice X cannot be the correct answer because it changes the meaning of the original sentence,” or, “Choice Y cannot be right, because it is not the intended meaning of the sentence.” 888 more words

Graduate School

A re-appraisal of brain strategies for constructing the visual image

Speaker:  Semir Zeki
Department: Dept. of Neurobiology, Univ. College London, UK
Subject: A re-appraisal of brain strategies for constructing the visual image
Location: Erasmus MC… 782 more words

Seminar Report