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Nihilistic Learning

§ Nihilism

It is important that we start out distinguishing nihilism from what this term commonly refers to in popular lingo, which is fatalism. Fatalism is an outright negative posture, and is conducive to extreme individualism by assuming the worst out of situations. 2,474 more words


Parallel Local Graph Clustering

Julian Shun gave a talk at MIT last week on his paper ‘Parallel Local Graph Clustering, Shun et al. VLDB 2016‘. This paper talks about how to parallelize graph clustering heuristics whose runtime scales linearly with the size of the cluster being formed, as opposed to graph size, what the authors call… 527 more words

Structural Artifices Used By Isaiah

The writings of Isaiah are full of poetic structural artifices which add greatly to the richness, depth and meaning of his writings. If we—aided by the Holy Spirit—develop an understanding of the Prophet’s techniques, his intended deeper meanings will be unfolded to our understanding. 4,026 more words


Parallel processing in Python

Another co-authored article at DiscoverSDK. I address the topic of parallel processing with threads in Python 3. This is good for I/O bound tasks, but does not bring the performance-gain for CPU-bound tasks. 33 more words

Software Development

Genesis Chapter 6

Remember earlier when I said that, since God promised a harsher punishment for Adam and Eve than he actually delivered, “the child’s respect for the parent’s word of law could erode”? 586 more words


Genesis Chapter 5

So Seth, Eve’s son who essentially replaced Abel, seems to be the true inheritor of Adam’s legacy. Seth is first described as “in his own likeness, in his image.” This, of course, parallels Adam’s relationship to God, making Seth the most God-like of Adam’s sons. 432 more words


Using immutable collections for thread-safe read-only operations in .NET

Sometimes you have a scenario where multiple threads need to read from the same shared collection. We’ve looked at the 4 concurrent, i.e. thread-safe collection types on this blog that are available in the System.Collections.Concurrent namespace. 388 more words