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"Repetition & Reduction" by Mary Wagner

Thirteen circles, each successively smaller, move across the paper in phases. Each plot progressively smaller in diameter and moving in like increments across the page. Each line plot composed of sixty-three loops at the outer edge. 33 more words

Implicit Differentiation and Inverses

Implicit differentiation of relations is done using the Chain Rule. 

Implicit Differentiation (from last Friday’s post. I discovered I never did a post on this topic before!) 143 more words

Derivative Theory

Week 8 'Inspiration'

In looking for examples of creative coding I looked at at variety of generative, parametric and data visualisation images. Although my intent is to produce a piece of data driven work, I looked at all three forms, and from the… 250 more words


Grasshopper In-Class Work (6/9/17)

Deriving Mosaic-like Patterning

Volumetric Design 

Mirroring, Items and Lists (Data Structure Analysis)


Organic Codes: Natural Execution and Man-made Parameters

A. Silk Pavilion by Mediated Matter Group, MIT Research Labs

Perspective view of the Silk Pavilion and its complementary basic research exhibit. (Photo: Steven Keating.) 365 more words


Examples in Parametric Inference with R

This book discusses examples in parametric inference with R. Combining basic theory with modern approaches, it presents the latest developments and trends in statistical inference for students who do not have an advanced mathematical and statistical background. 56 more words

Computers & Internet

Return of the Beer Bottle Lock

It’s been quite a few years since I first posted this design on my blog – check out where it all began here. One of the great things about sharing designs like this on file sharing websites like… 434 more words

3D Print