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Helical staircase [2015]

Malaquais 4th year teamwork (2015)
Teacher : Maurizio Brocato, Roberta Zarcone

This project is a feasibility study of a freestanding helical staircase modeled in Mathematica. The staircase is composed of several identical archstones (except for the first and last one), each one of these are crossed by three rods allowing an easy assembly process. 66 more words


Li(s)quid light [WAO Internship 2013]

CREDITS : WAO Architecture (Minh Man Nguyen & Clément Duroselle)
Philips Social light contest proposal

The project is composed by repetitive urban furniture which has to provide light and offer socialization spaces. 154 more words


File to Factory [2013]

Malaquais 3rd year, one week workshop (2013)
Teachers : Minh Man Nguyen, Clément Duroselle

The challenge of this workshop was to establish an automated workflow going from a parametric 3D shape to its annotated fabrication plans for a laser cutter. 43 more words


Grasshopping Continues

While I seem to be spending more time in CAD than 3D printing at the moment, I’m enjoying it just as much. I’ve just finished a few more… 181 more words

Behind The Scenes

Grasshopper OMG!

The more I play around with Rhino the more I wish I’d got into it years ago! Following on from my previous post playing around with Rhino and comparing it to… 127 more words


The Mann–Whitney U test


 The Mann–Whitney U test is a non parametric test and can be used to compare two groups or conditions, which perform both conditions of your study. 257 more words

Data Blog

Generative Design Experiments

For a while I’ve been interested in the idea of generative design – where 3D CAD files can automatically generate endless forms in response to certain inputs from the user, or through algorithms or random events. 173 more words