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2017_Yonsei week4_plan optimization

Goal : optimizing shape and grid based on given areas.


2017_Yonsei week3_plan optimization

Goal :
Maximize height (priority)
Maximize area
Minimize volume


2017_Yonsei week3_plan optimization

Goal :
Maximize distance between bedroom and entrance
Minimize length of corridor


Felt Cocoon installation, June 17th in Paris, FR

thr34d5, in collaboration with Volumes Coworking invite you to participate in designing and fabricating the Felt Cocoon; a participative installation piece that will be assembled in the context of… 230 more words


2017_Yonsei week2_plan optimization

Input: width and location of three programs


Can The Parametric CAD Be Utilised For Conceptualised Designs And Diagrams

Modern day architects and designers are more interested for coming out with interesting features for the different constraints points. They want to create three dimensional renderings, which are concept diagrams, rather than simple line drawings. 282 more words

Card Design Software

Two-Piece Boxes Thanks to Laser-Cut Flex Hinges

It sounds like a challenge from a math puzzle from the Scientific American of days gone by: is it possible to build a three-dimensional wooden box with only two surfaces? 212 more words

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