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Operating Parametric Joineries

In a previous post, I talked about how the internet is not great for my ego. All that I am researching, modelling and struggling to resolve seems to have been long thought of and solved by someone else. 535 more words

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Dear Material, Are You (Moisture) Smart?

When I came  to do my MFA degree in interior design, I never thought I would be doing this. I thought I was here to make visualizations, mood boards, floorplans and learn what type of marble to use in which scenario. 398 more words

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Parametric Expansion and Contraction : What to Share

Let’s Move in Together, Let’s Move apart.

When I started this journey of self and interior design exploration, I was intrigued by Air bnb’s, and the sharing culture. 486 more words

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Type 8: Parametric and Vector Questions

The parametric/vector equation questions only concern motion in a plane.

In the plane, the position of a moving object as a function of time, t… 465 more words


Parametric Portfolio Associates Has Decreased By $595960 Its Polyone (POL) Holding; LEXARIA …

Lexaria Bioscience Corp., through its subsidiary, PoViva Tea LLC, produces and sells hemp oil-infused food products extracted from agricultural hemp under the ViPova and Lexaria Energy brand names in the United States. 12 more words

In Pursuit of the Beautiful 03: Fractal Equations

What interests me about fractals is their modularity at a scale. I am as yet unsure if scaled up modular things are adaptable for human use, but this research is about following a line of thought to its end. 331 more words

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0.1 Super basics - Geometry / Primitives

In the Params Tab, Geometry and Primitive components retain information of their inputs.

So (1) they can link / associate to your Rhino geometries. Right-Click on the component and select ” Set one ____ ” or ” Set Multiple ____ ” 108 more words