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Not more CCSSM horrors, just some glaring omissions.

Glaring omissions to me, that is.

The obsession with Al Gebra and manipulations has used up loads of time which could have been spent on… 257 more words

Common Core

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2016 Systems

Autodesk inventor is 3D solid modeling software used for creation of 3D mechanical design models along with proper visualization and stimulation. autodesk inventor is far ahead and advanced in technology than 2D, 3D AutoCAD software of Autodesk. 267 more words

Parametric tests - 4 cases of assessing differences

(Note: For beginners, I would recommend to first read the post “What does statistics cover ?” under the category “Basics of Statistics”. )

Parametric test is one of the 2 branches of inferential statistical tests. 408 more words

Business Analyst

Mobius Surfaces

In the last week I became interested in the more mathematical approach to parametric surfaces, ie. a surface (or curve) where the points that describe its coordinates can be expressed in functions of a variable. 83 more words

3D Modelling

ellipse shelf

So I had this idea of making  shelf by using a waffle section for my small little toys. But i wanted to do more with it. 264 more words


Area Under Parametric Curves

This video explains how to determine area bounded by a curve given by a set of parametric equations and the x-axis.

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Determine Which Parametric Equations Would Give the Graph of an Entire Line

This video explains how to determine if a given parametric equations would give the graph of an entire line.

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