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Peng Cheng, Jiaxin, Haoming and Jingya's Laser Cut Maquette.

Third years; Peng Cheng, Jiaxin, Haoming and Jingya have been exploring how to turn their computer generated Rhino models into physical ones, this model combines laser cut hexagons with match sticks, simply glued together. 93 more words

Is All Design Parametric?

An interesting point was brought up today. The very nature of architecture, and in fact most design processes are essentially parametric in nature only because the designer has to think in parametric terms. 403 more words


Hypar Infinity

Inspired by minimal surfaces, more specifically triply periodic minimal surfaces, Hypar Infinity is a component based pavilion constructed from plywood sheets. The first part of the research focused on triply periodic minimal surfaces, that are locally area-minimizing, have a zero mean curvature and repeat themselves in three directions. 160 more words

Burning Man

Infinite Territory

‘Infinite Territory’ invites burners from the surrounding playa to it’s periphery; its simple mirrored cubic exterior reflects the picturesque landscapes, unpredictable weather and inspirational artworks, creating an experience of both the real and the reflected whilst encouraging unexpected discoveries throughout the journey of the Burning Man Festival. 554 more words

Less N°1 Catenary Pottery Printer - GT2P


This project gives a new scope “More parametric, less digital”, allowing us to speak about parametric design without computers and digital fabrication laboratories which generates dialogues from academic contexts to communities of artisans.



L'intervista del Maker Faire Rome 2014 (di David Cuartielles)

Al link che segue troverete l’intervista che, con grande onore, abbiamo ricevuto dal cofondatore di Arduino David Cuartielles. Il Fab Lab Olbia è stato quindi inserito in una serie di 17 interviste, selezionate su circa 600 partecipanti al… 19 more words


A Vector's Derivatives

A question on the AP Calculus Community bulletin board this past Sunday inspired me to write this brief outline of what the derivatives of parametric equations mean and where they come from. 536 more words