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How activists should respond to the racist right: 2. shut them down (antifa) (?)

Standing up to a racist fascist movement when it is still small enough to start seems to make sense. Antifa is an umbrella term uniting people who commit to doing so aggressively, as (at right) in… 730 more words

We in Scientology are not a Cult!

We in Scientology are not a Cult! Plenty of religions have paramilitaries, prisons, beat their clergy & conduct interrogations on members.


Chiapas: Las Abejas de Acteal "Roots, Memory and Hope" Tour

First day in Acteal.  Photo: @Sipaz

On July 18th and 19th, as part of its “Acteal, Roots, Memory and Hope Campaign”, Las Abejas de Acteal toured the communities of Acteal and Nuevo Yibeljo to publicize their path as survivors and Victims of the Acteal Massacre and as members of the organization. 223 more words

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Songs From Richmond Avenue, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Hi all you mystery lovers, this is Lisa Burton, the robot girl. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, and my guest today is a real enigma. 1,403 more words

Lisa Burton Radio

Spanish ship 'looking for oil slick' intercepted in Gibraltar waters

Gibraltar’s deputy chief minister says lives are being put at risk and Spain’s actions are what you would expect from an enemy.

A Spanish ship has made an illegal incursion into British waters off the coast of Gibraltar. 453 more words

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Gregory Campbell Promises War

Ladies and gentlemen, and any Orange wankers who may be reading this, I give you Gregory Campbell…

Nationalist politicians today should ask Campbell if he will adhere to the terms of the Belfast Agreement. 141 more words


Chiapas: FNLS Reports Delay in Forensic Investigation into Case of Minor Murdered in Ocosingo

Photo@ tiempo y forma

On June 26th, 2017, a team of Argentine forensics arrived to Chiapas to investigate the cause of death of Humberto Morales Santiz, aged 13, and from El Carrizal, who was assassinated in February 2017. 218 more words

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