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Yojimbo2 vs Paramilitary2 --- Face 2 Face !

I got two requests for writing that little comparaison hence a lot of users are hesittating between those two radical designs.

My Yojimbo2 is a special edition as is… 582 more words


52100 Fight the rust ! Force Patina !!

After doing that picture for the Spyderco Forums….
I have noticed those red dots near the pivot on my Paramillie 2 in 52100.

Some “voiding the warranty” time later I noticed that… 446 more words


Spyderco Paramilitary 2 C81CF52100P2 52100 Exclusive Run - New Old Timer Workhorse !

I love Grandpa’s knives in a modern form, like the AFCK in M2HSS twenty years ago. But I was not able to jump on bandwagon to catch a Military in 52100. 1,459 more words


Row over Pakistani paramilitary unit fuels political confusion

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – An unexplained dispute between Pakistan’s interior minister and an elite paramilitary unit under his command is adding to political confusion in Islamabad, prompting questions about a rift in ties between civilian leaders and the powerful military.

Why Colombia, Not Venezuela, Should Worry You


Venezuela and Colombia are Latin American nations located in the northern part of South America that are covered in diametrically-opposed ways.

U.S. propaganda claims the Venezuelan government is authoritarian and repressive, often describing the country as a socialist “hell hole.” Meanwhile, it claims Colombia is “democratic” and peaceful” in the wake of government peace accords with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. 965 more words


Croatia jails Serb paramilitary commander for war crimes

ZAGREB (Reuters) – A Croatian court on Tuesday sentenced a Serb former paramilitary commander to 15 years in prison for torturing and killing soldiers and civilians during Croatia’s 1991-95 independence war.

How activists should respond to the racist right: 2. shut them down (antifa) (?)

Standing up to a racist fascist movement when it is still small enough to start seems to make sense. Antifa is an umbrella term uniting people who commit to doing so aggressively, as (at right) in… 730 more words