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Chiapas: Twentieth Anniversary of Acteal Massacre

Twentieth anniversary of Acteal Massacre (@SIPAZ)

On December 22nd, 20 years had passed since the massacre of 45 indigenous people in Acteal, municipality of Chenalho, which as stated by the Network All Rights for All… 447 more words

Human Rights

China Communist Party takes control of paramilitary police

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

The 660,000-strong paramilitary police force is responsible for border patrol, counter terrorism and fire-fighting, as well as maintaining domestic stability and other tasks… 425 more words

Current Affairs

Iraqi Shi'ite paramilitary chief seeks to put troops under national army

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The commander of Iraq’s biggest Shi’ite Muslim paramilitary group told its fighters on Thursday to take their orders from the national military and cut their ties with the group’s political wing.

Chiapas: Humanitarian Aid for Displaced Demanded

(@ Chiapas Paralelo)

On November 27th, Civil Society organizations, including SIPAZ, issued an Urgent Action for the risk to life, security and integrity of communities in the Altos region due to an agrarian conflict between the municipalities of Chenalho and Chalchihuitan, which has been going on for more than 40 years without a solution. 605 more words

Justice System

TURBØ⚡PRØP: Sketches & Storyboards

These are basically rough storyboards and character designs ƒrom a graphic novel I’ve been working on…

Cap. Chaffee, CSAR, forward air controller

Comms/logistics officer

Maj. during prologue, SAS kit… 115 more words

Yojimbo2 vs Paramilitary2 --- Face 2 Face !

I got two requests for writing that little comparaison hence a lot of users are hesittating between those two radical designs.

My Yojimbo2 is a special edition as is… 582 more words


52100 Fight the rust ! Force Patina !!

After doing that picture for the Spyderco Forums….
I have noticed those red dots near the pivot on my Paramillie 2 in 52100.

Some “voiding the warranty” time later I noticed that… 446 more words