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Chiapas: Primero de Agosto Displaced Families Report Enclosure of their Lands

Displacement camp at Primero de Agosto, Photo @ Radio Zapatista

On April 14, the displaced of Primero de Agosto in the municipality of Las Margaritas made a public statement denouncing the barbed wiring of part of the land of Primero de Agosto where they lived and from where they were displaced on February 23, 2015. 272 more words

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Robin Lomax’s political uniform

They really are asking for it, aren’t they?

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen are on bail for wearing political uniform.

Steve Lewis was arrested for the same offence a week or two ago. 71 more words

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April 12, 2016 | Dream Journal | Getting Held Hostage Twice

I forgot all but part of one of my dreams from last night that took place on an upper floor of a windowless building it seemed, and I was there with a group of other people inside a room. 448 more words


Government and ELN guerrilla to open formal negotiations in May

By Celestino Barrera Alarcón

Between these new negotiations and the advancement of the peace accords with the FARC, Colombia is getting closer to a reality without guerrillas and one with new political actors. 449 more words


Nestora Salgado Launches Campaign to Demand Release of Political Prisoners

Call to the campaign. Photo: @Regeneración

On March 18 last, Nestora Salgado, commander of the Olinala Community Police, Guerrero, member of the Regional Coordinator of Communitty Authorities (CRAC in its Spanish acronym), was released after two years and eight months in prison. 583 more words

Human Rights

"Kill Yuan" Chapter 5

I’m about halfway through Edit 2.  This will be the last full sample chapter, though I might throw a couple more little snippets out before release. 5,308 more words

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Chiapas: Home of Morena's director in San Cristobal ransacked

Image of Carlos Herrera’s ransacked home. Photo:@Entiemporeal

On March 25 last Carlos Herrera’s home, the director of Morena in Chiapas, was ransacked. “Things were messed up, thrown around, it was obvious that they had rummaged through the whole place, there were scattered papers”, … 332 more words

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