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Who's the next spy to be revived? How about Matt Helm?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E., after a long hibernation, arrives in movie theaters in less that two weeks. If U.N.C.L.E. can stage a comeback, any character can. 412 more words

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Why Paramount Walked Away From Tom Cruise in 2006

Right now, Paramount Pictures needs Tom Cruise. The Viacom-owned studio is dangerously low on the film industry’s most-coveted commodity: profitable franchises. Their list of controlled properties includes two recently failed franchise re-boots ( 1,177 more words

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Paramount confirms "Mission Impossible 6" will be greenlit, Tom Cruise to return

By Mandela Wells

After Tom Cruise recently spilled the beans that Mission Impossible 6 is likely to happen, Paramount Pictures has as of yesterday confirmed that… 180 more words

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They're Already Working on Another 'Mission: Impossible' Movie

The Mission: Impossible series is noteworthy for several reasons: the big action set pieces, the intensity of Tom Cruise’s stunt work, the wild differences in style from one installment to the next, and the duration of the breaks between entries. 233 more words


Weekend Box Office: 'Mission Impossible' Was A Success While 'Vacation' Bathed In Sewage

Around the time Going Clear came out, there was a lot of talk about whether Tom Cruise’s status as the most public member of a group that allegedly keeps prison camps and makes slaves install his car stereo would keep people from seeing his movies. 557 more words

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'Mission: Impossible 6': Paramount Backs Tom Cruise for Another Sequel

Paramount Pictures vice chairman Rob Moore is ready for more Ethan Hunt, strongly endorsing Tom Cruise’s recent announcement that “Mission: Impossible 6″ is in the works. 344 more words