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Image by Christine Renney

The trails Tanner was assigned to follow were merely ones made of paper. It wasn’t necessary for him to dirty his hands with anything other than the written records. 145 more words


I carried a pair of scissors in my shoe!~

There was a week i was VERY paranoid. More then usual. I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia only months before that week.

I wore my black boots. 107 more words

Queuing In

Hello all. Q speaking.

I know Mx has discussed their intentions with this blog, but what about my intentions?

I hadn’t really thought about the blog until now, so there wasn’t a lot of feedback from my bunk in the brain to pick up on. 307 more words


Behind the scenes with The Silent Invasion

Larry and I are long-time collaborators on The Silent Invasion and other comic book work. We work the “Marvel method.” That is we discuss the story and roughly formulate the plot over a pizza or burger. 195 more words

New Releases

Was Hillary Right?

“You’re a Puppet”

During the third Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016, their words became focused on the matter of one (or the other) being a ‘puppet’. 380 more words


Cognitive Torment

Night after night he dreamt of the horrors that he would bring to the world. He dreamt of the worst version of himself he could be. 301 more words

The Russia obsession

Some ambitious and generous person at The Raucous Rooster transcribed my radio commentary from yesterday. Thank you!

Good God, the Russia obsession!

It seems that Democrats are now incapable of talking about anything but Russian interference in our sacred elections. 205 more words

Radio Commentaries