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12/15/2018 - 11:06 PM

To the best friend who will not listen. Please stop talking AT me. Please stop taking in only the things you want to hear.

Put your cellphone down. 486 more words


The Seeds of Our Suffering Blossom Through Christ: What Prompted this Blog

I always knew that when I got better I would write about my journey to inspire others. If you are suffering, set your sights on using your suffering later to help others. 922 more words

Mind's workings

I have broken with the past
The flow isn’t going well
How long this streak’s gonna last
Nobody can really tell.

My mind is split and divided… 91 more words


Sky Shadows

I’m not sure if you flap or buzz but I see your shadow in the sky.

And everything is thinly veiled threat, an entity easy to despise. 23 more words


Success or Failure: a Matter of Degree

Winners and Losers

It was a strange dream, last night, even by my own standards: I kept seeing two outcomes for a potential ‘success’ story. In the first instance, it was obvious that what was supposed to happen, didn’t. 134 more words



I want to fall in love and be with someone for years but to be entirely honest, I’m not sure love really exists for me anymore. 107 more words


Do Anything

Note: Let’s try something, every time my mind yells a swear word I’ll write “frick” and every time I zone out I’ll mention it, both in italics. 1,230 more words