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Throwback Thursday: Paranormal Activity (2007)

For my penultimate look at ghost stories through October, I’ve decided to take a look at the found-footage horror, Paranormal Activity. Whereas it’s technically not a ghost story with the supernatural entity being of a demonic nature, it has all the trademarks of one and is responsible for changing the playing field when it comes to other cinematic fare of the same genre. 491 more words

Paranormal Activity for Pansies and Parents without Girls

A movie review… sort of and an open letter to the makers of Paranormal Activity-Five.


Perhaps you Paranormal movie making people could benefit from a field trip to my home. 197 more words

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Movie Review

Movie Review

Paranormal Activity 4

Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

The overall movie in my opinion is not that great compared to the other three movies before it. 109 more words


Flash Film Review ~ Paranormal Activity Trilogy 2007-2011

Well I’ve been quiet the last few days – partially I have been recovering from Prometheus overload – but also I have been on a horror movie marathon. 472 more words

Film Review

Paranormal Activity 3: What I Thought!

Last years’ Paranormal Activity 3 had me dissapointed beyond anything…and this years’ ‘prequel’, despite the huge turnover at the BO, isnt much different. Creatively titled ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ and with a tagline “It runs in the Family”, even the audiences could have woven up a whole lotta interesting plot than the directors and scriptwriter. 453 more words


Paranormal Activity (2007) - 4/5

So, this is that infamous movie that’s been heralded lately as being the “scariest movie of the decade.” Well, is it? Hmm…

Well, if you scare easily, and have an illogical fear/belief in ghosts, demons, and the supernatural, then yes, in all likelihood, this movie will scare the hell out of you. 749 more words

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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity and Bruno.

Here’s some new reviews from Skyler here:

Paranormal Activity: Awesome. At first, I thought it was going to be a little cheesy. I didn’t think the actors could pull it off. 389 more words

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