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She Can Never Forget


The tears slid down her face tracing a path that would in time become a well-worn path for the many tears she would cry to follow. 4,733 more words

Paranormal Experiences

Answers from Heaven

It’s an interesting blog tour spot today, with a spotlight post on Answers from Heaven, a modern up to date classic book about afterlife communication. Given the subject of my fiction, I was interested to read it and find out more, so below, is an introduction to the book, and a summary of its contents. 1,055 more words


Paranormal Experience: Recent Visit

Recently I have made some career path choices and I’ve started making decisions in the direction I want to move with my life. With those choices, I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandparents who passed before I was born, and I unfortunately never got to meet. 538 more words


Paranormal Experiences 2: This Haunted Home (Pt 1)

A lot of my paranormal experiences happen where I live. Joy.

I moved around a lot when I was a kid, but we eventually settled down when I was around nine years old. 579 more words

Paranormal Experiences

Conversations About the Paranormal

I’m always surprised by the reactions of people when I talk to them about paranormal occurrences in my life. I normally don’t discuss the possible gifts I may have, or my experiences with spirit for fear of dismissal and disbelief. 236 more words

Spiritual Journey

Paranormal Experiences 1: Ouija Board

Hello, fellow goblins and ghouls! It’s (finally) the merry month of October––we’ll pretend it’s not already halfway over, because that’s a depressing thought. It’s that sweet time of year where we’re surrounding by tricks and treats and terrible horror movies. 542 more words


My Paranormal Experiences 


When I was a kid, maybe around grade 1 to 2, that was the time i experienced a lot of paranormal stuff. I don’t know… But there is always something about midnight…. 501 more words

Ghost Picture