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Understanding The Game of Life

Today’s Game of Life reviews a new anthology; Stevie Turner invited writers and bloggers to contribute. She gave them questionaires about significant life events. I slipped in to this at the last moment, thinking our wedding by the elevated section of the M4 motorway without any parents present would not be significant enough! 222 more words

Writer's Life

An Informal Introduction

I will not be giving away my name or age due to personal reasons, but I am older than 21. This blog will be an outlet for my interest in researching magick, entities, energy manipulation, sharing ideas, etc. 197 more words


'Premonitions Are Impossible, and They Come True All the Time'

Here’s the creepy, confounding tale of the life and death of John Barker, an English psychiatrist who, in the 1960s, began to believe that some people have the power to predict the future. 312 more words



Clairentitasreception is a short book that introduces a new clair sense to the psychic and scientific community. This book discusses entities living and moving through the astral plane and how they impact the human body. 14 more words


In Pursuit of a Mysterious Ingredient

I have a memory of choosing an entire lifetime based on the one ingredient I wanted. It felt like a memory, anyway, having burst into my awareness while I was folding clothes, as I was in a kind of humming trance, thinking about mundane things like recipes and such. 2,461 more words


Supernatural Saturday: Apparitions

Apparitions are a common paranormal phenomenon that have been documented throughout history.  An apparition is the appearance of a person, animal or object that is too far away to actually be seen, felt or heard by the physical senses in the moment.  286 more words


The Hints

The Hints

– Anonymous

A couple of years ago one of my best friends passed away unexpectedly. We will call him Michael.

This loss devastated so many people, I being one of them. 243 more words

Paranormal Experiences