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The Making of a Paranormal Book Series

I was sitting at my desk one day poring over some writing notes, when I had this idea for a paranormal series.  After all, it seems like a lot of people like these types of stories.  487 more words

Paranormal Investigators

Are EVPs Real?

You’ve heard them in the “White Noise” movies and in shows such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters.”  But is there really such thing as an EVP? 318 more words

Paranormal Investigators

My School Is Haunted

Perhaps many of you can say that your school is haunted, but I didn’t realize it until I was many years out of the joint.  Then one day I read on a historical site that a former teacher from the 1970s has been spotted at various locations in the school.  458 more words

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A Guide to Ghost Hunting Guidebooks: NO MORE! Please!

This might come as a shock to the millions of ghost enthusiasts out there: The scientific consensus is that ghosts are NOT spirits, remnants of the dead, recordings of energy, or supernatural entities. 5,286 more words

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Ghost in the Podcast, Episode 6, Merry Christmas!

“There’ll be scary ghost stories, and tales of the glories of the Christmases long, long ago!” – Andy Williams, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… 66 more words

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Ghost in the Podcast, Episode 5

Since our November podcast didn’t go as planned, we decided to give you all an extra-special holiday treat with TWO (yes, two!) podcasts for December! For the first one, our Communications Director Heather and our Tech Manager Jeremy discuss locations where amateur paranormal investigators can visit and, well, investigate! 31 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters

Let's Discuss The Ethereal!

Discussions have been quiet this year.  I, myself have been reading what I feel like, instead of being concerned about titles fitting the challenges in which I am a guest.  646 more words

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