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Is This A Ghost? Paranormal Investigators Film A Chair Mysteriously Moving By Itself [VIDEO]

Paranormal investigators filmed a chair moving by itself, and they say it was caused by a ghost! See the spooky video…

Mirror.co.uk says that the paranormal investigators were investigating the supposedly haunted house and one of the cameras that they set up filmed this: 54 more words


Ghost Hunting Kit Prize for October Giveaway Is All Done!

The Ghost Hunting Prize Package is complete! I’ll be giving it away in a contest I’ll be running in October. And this coming week I’ll be running my first contest and giving away the Paranormal Readers Survival Kit. 34 more words

Ghost in the Podcast, Episode 3

Hey everyone! This month, we step away from ghosts and poltergeists and everything that goes bump in the night and instead talk about PGI investigator Heather’s favorite topic… MOTHMAN! 37 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters


Agent – A living person who is the focus of poltergeist activity.

Amulet – An object that is thought to bring good luck or have the power to protect from ghosts or spirits and ward off evil. 2,239 more words

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Day 33 - The Paranormal Investigator Prompt

Paranormal investigators visit places that are supposed to be haunted, in attempt to find ghosts and to prove their existence. Ghost hunters might use an EMF meter which measures electromagnetic fields, a digital thermometer to check for changes of temperature within a space, digital audio recorder as well as cameras, including infrared  and night vision. 404 more words


The Sasquatch Is Out There, Part 2

Hey folks! Heather here! Shawn, our resident expert on all things sasquatch, is back with part 2 of his thoughts regarding said creature. If you would like to re-acquaint yourself with part 1, just click… 1,033 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters

Ouija Boards, Crystal Balls & The Clueless!

I am fortunate enough to meet many people from the paranormal world from all capacities. Beginning in 1970 as a skeptic and non-believer, to having the experiences detailed in my book ‘True Haunting’ changed my whole belief system. 644 more words