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Devil's Advocate

We are pleased to announce that our team’s demonologist and researcher, Paul, will be sharing his knowledge and opinions about this aspect of the paranormal here on this blog.  74 more words

Paranormal Research

Stepping Into the Paranormal World With Joanne and Pat

Joanne Emerson and Pat Kibby are the founders of Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey (PCINJ). Both women agreed that everyone has their own reasons as to why people get involved with a paranormal group, possibly from their own experiences. 336 more words


The Gold Rush Ship that Inspired Kerry's Game

I was living in San Francisco when I left corporate to pursue a career in fiction writing.

I love technology but there’s only so many times you can watch technology solutions go from distributed to centralized and back again and increases in processing speed don’t make humans work any faster. 348 more words

Author's Corner

The Party House-Iowa City, IA 9.17.2016

The Claims

  • The sound of music playing, day and night, sometimes so loud it wakes up the clients at night.
  • Fans and lamps being knocked over…
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Ghost Hunters

Stone Tape and a Guy Named Schumann

When trying to explain residual hauntings, many paranormal investigators will fall back on the “Stone Tape” hypothesis to explain how a moment in time can play back like a recording, over and over again. 828 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters

Getting Into the Spirit - Jack-O-Lanterns

Hey, everyone! Heather here! Our resident historian, Jordan, is here today with an awesome blog post about the origins of the jack-o-lantern, that Halloween symbol we all know and love. 675 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters

The Michelin Man-Davenport, IA 8.20.2016

The Claims

  • The sound of footsteps only ever going up the staircase to the second floor—never heard going down.
  • Knocking on the upstairs bedroom door…
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Ghost Hunters