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One of the most unique events is happening in Fremont this Sept. 16th-17th,  and you’re invited. Mystic Cons’ 2017 Imaginarium of Wonder is bringing you something different. 158 more words


Carbon Monoxide is a Heckuva Drug

I’m sure that many of you already know about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO). You’ve heard it in school, from the fire department, and you probably have several CO detectors in your own home. 634 more words

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The Mothman

Many people enter the paranormal field because of childhood experiences they can’t explain. Maybe they had a nightly visitor that would stand at the end of their bed or maybe their imaginary playmate wasn’t so… imagined. 807 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters

The Power of Thought: Tulpas

OK. I’ll admit it. Most all of the recent spate of paranormal TV shows irritate the bejeezus out of me, but what’s most interesting about said shows is that they do point out to us the supposed “most haunted” locations in our country and around the world. 937 more words

Atlanta Ghost Hunters

Devil's Advocate

We are pleased to announce that our team’s demonologist and researcher, Paul, will be sharing his knowledge and opinions about this aspect of the paranormal here on this blog.  74 more words

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Stepping Into the Paranormal World With Joanne and Pat

Joanne Emerson and Pat Kibby are the founders of Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey (PCINJ). Both women agreed that everyone has their own reasons as to why people get involved with a paranormal group, possibly from their own experiences. 336 more words


The Gold Rush Ship that Inspired Kerry's Game

I was living in San Francisco when I left corporate to pursue a career in fiction writing.

I love technology but there’s only so many times you can watch technology solutions go from distributed to centralized and back again and increases in processing speed don’t make humans work any faster. 348 more words

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