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The Ghost at My Gym

Yesterday, I posted about how I died in 2015 and was revived, returned to life with a new ability to sometimes “see” auras, spirits and other assorted delights. 2,186 more words


Book Review: How I See It―The Coyote's Cowboy ~ Holley Trent

My rating: 4 stars
Date read March 24, 2018

In Holley Trent’s The Coyote’s Cowboy multicultural paranormal shifter story. Sheena, a turned coyote from another pack, is mistaken for an injured dog by Austin’s little brother as she tries to get to the alpha of another pack before her stepfather finds out she flew the coup. 92 more words

Musings & Thoughts

Buddhist Cosmology | Karma | Reincarnation

Buddhist Cosmology

Source: Buddhist Cosmology | Karma | Reincarnation

Comment – There is a recent trend to see cosmology as the study of the visible universe. 49 more words


The Paris Awakening: Earth Part 13

“And what did you find there?” said Sabine, rapt.

“Nothing,” said Emile flatly.

“Nothing?” said Miss Henderson.

“Nothing,” said Sir John.

“Nothing at all?” said Phlebotomous, prompted by Osvold. 485 more words

Jennings And Jennings

Modern American Christians are emotionally and spiritually soft. We believe that society is persecuting us when stores greet us with “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. 788 more words


Who You Gonna Call To Capture Casper? Ooh Tongue Tied.


Sorry, I tried doing a Michael Scott thing. I thought it was pretty good.

But yeah, I think there’s a ghost strolling around my apartment. 481 more words


PUBLISHED & AVAILABLE: _The Girl Who Walked with Death_


The Girl Who Walked with Death is a revolutionary look into the unseen spiritual world. Discover how Death operates as an office and see the radical power that GRACE & LOVE have upon darkness.  37 more words

Elohim Came Down