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Most Haunted's Famous Ghost on the Stairs

That Ghost on the Stairs

A recent episode of Most Haunted aired which included some footage where the Most Haunted team claim they’ve caught video evidence of a probable ghost walking up the stairs. 1,066 more words


Legacy of Lies (Hell's Valley #1) by Jillian David

“I care about who you are now. And the woman in front of me is beautiful, intelligent, and hotter than molten lava. If you think that we could have a future together, I want to try. 949 more words

Book Reviews

The Girl on Snapchat

This was recited to me by a female (we shall call her “Bella”) in my Gym class. I had just listened to the story “The Russian Sleep Experiment” (I HIGHLY recommend it), so I was asking around to see if anyone had a scary story. 179 more words



One of the most unique events is happening in Fremont this Sept. 16th-17th,  and you’re invited. Mystic Cons’ 2017 Imaginarium of Wonder is bringing you something different. 158 more words


Events: Join me this Sunday evening on the R.I.F.T.....


I have been invited as a special guest on “The R.I.F.T.” this Sunday evening from             9:00 – 11:00 pm EST…..Howie Odell is the Host and his Co-Host is Carin Smurl. 69 more words


Inter-Dimensional Hypothesis.

 “We are dealing with a multidimensional paraphysical phenomenon which is largely indigenous to planet earth”.
The Inter-dimensional Hypothesis (IDH) is an alternative theory to the extra-terrestrial hypothesis (ETH) It seeks to explain the origins of mysterious UFO spacecraft and visitations from other separate realities or dimensions that coexist separately alongside our own. 1,753 more words