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The new 3D stop-motion comedy thriller from animation company LAIKA, reteaming the company with Focus Features after the groundbreaking Academy Award-nominated Coraline. ParaNorman is, following Coraline, the company’s second stop-motion animated feature to be made in 3D. 72 more words


Top Five Spooky Animations To Watch This Halloween // SCAREtober

Happy Halloween to all you witches, ghosts, zombies, and vampires! In celebration of this wonderfully haunted holiday, I decided to share a list of my favorite spooky animations! 102 more words

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Halloweekend Fun

Hello and welcome back!

Real quick post here (mainly a photo dump of cuteness with a little bit of text).


Friday was mildly successful (I say ‘mildly’ because I managed to burn nearly every dish I tried to makešŸ™ƒ), but the movies were great! 218 more words

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Horror For Kids! : A Brief (and Hardly Comprehensive) Round-Up

Listen, I get it. No right-minded parents wants toĀ intentionally terrify and traumatize their kids. It is in our every instinct to protect them from the world’s terrors. 2,089 more words


Laika Analyzed (Part 5), Which Laika Film Should I Watch?

If youā€™ve made it this far in my series, you might be interested in actually seeing a film from Laika. There are currently only four films, but recommending only one is difficult because they all bring so much to the table. 600 more words


Lights, Camera, Little Action Figures: Top 5 Claymation Movies

Stop Motion films, also refereed to as Claymation films, are this unique sub-genre of animation. It is taking practical models (usually at a much smaller scale the humans) of the characters and sets and actually taking millions of individual pictures to simulate animation. 837 more words


Laika Are Back At San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Laika are one of the most innovative studios working today, with brilliant yet unconventionalĀ films such asĀ Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings. 452 more words