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Laika in Portland

Dear Liza,

One of the very nice things about living in a big city like Portland is all the museums and places to learn new things. 348 more words

Halloween Movies 3

The Shining. I’m going to say up front this is not one of my favorites. I know that it is often seen as a masterpiece but it really doesn’t do much for me.   175 more words


Sunday Movie Night 1

Few things in life are as good as rifling through garbage DVD’s to see if you can find anything of interest and then watching them and mocking/enjoying the content with a loved one. 900 more words

Brewsters Millions

Paranorman - Norman isn't Normal but That's OK

What Would You do if You Could See Ghosts?

Paranorman is the second film to come out of Liaka Studios. Unlike their first film, Coraline… 793 more words

Jon Spencer Reviews

ParaNorman – Can a Kid’s Zombie film really Work by Playing off Trope?

Studio Laika is one of the new premiere studios for stop motion animation these days. I mean with academy award nominations for each of their four films, one could say that while they haven’t won they are batting one hundred for potential quality recognized. 1,525 more words


21 | Why Laika Films are so Important

If you have ever met me, you’ll know that when all the kids are dragging their parents to take them to watch the new animated film, I’ll be there fighting them for the best seat. 570 more words