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Kecantikan memikat mata, kepribadian memikat hati.


Oh, He'll Take Care of You!

When one of my paraprofessionals from last year heard who was going to be in my room this year, he looked relieved and happy for me. 187 more words

1st Year Teacher

How do I manage my IAs/Paras?

We aren’t their supervisors but we are the leader of the classroom. Instructional Assistants (sometimes referred to as IAs or Paras) can at first seem like just another thing to manage. 160 more words


18 Goals in the Next 18 Years

And just like that, the day I’ve been dreading for years has finally come. I am now eighteen. Adult responsibilities are just lurking around and I have to keep in mind that it’s going to be more serious and difficult this time. 1,373 more words


Paras #46

Drawn By: Sal Gomez

Joe’s Grade: B-

Sal Gomez drew Paras and actually managed to fit it in the post-it note without having to squish it in at the sides. 46 more words

Captain Lynch, Parachute Regiment: a Fianna Fáil connection?

Did Taoiseach Jack Lynch have a nephew who was a Captain in the Paras in Belfast in 1972? I came across this by accident. It’s on the front page of Republican News of 28th May 1972 (see below). 117 more words


Maafkan Aku yang Terlahir 'Biasa'

Aku dibesarkan dari kesederhanaan, yang nyatanya kini membuatku tidak begitu paham bagaimana berdandan glamour. Wajahku biasa saja, tidak ada yang menarik untuk mempesona mata lelaki. 267 more words