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 The sky was cloudless today and he wondered why. Although he was here to explore, but he knew the moods of weather. Not only was the sky cloudless, it was blazing blue. 638 more words


An evening with Paras - The Traveler

Sitting in his balcony and sipping hot tea, Paras, a businessman dealing in medicines gives a gentle smile to his newly wedded wife.  I, an old friend decided to have a tete e tete with him on his first love – travelling. 966 more words

Aberystwyth, Bundeswehr, Afghanistan: In Conversation With John Dyfed Loesche

Born in Aberystwyth, John Dyfed Loesche served as a paratrooper in the German Army – the Bundeswehr. He has also worked as a journalist in Afghanistan. 1,555 more words


Aberystwyth, Bundeswehr, Afghanistan: Sgwrs gyda John Dyfed Loesche

Yn enedigol o Aberystywth, bu John Dyfed Loesche yn aelod o gatrawd barasiwt ym myddin yr Almaen sef y Bundeswehr. Bu hefyd am gyfnod yn Afghanistan yn gweithio fel newyddiadurwr. 1,693 more words


Thoughts on Things and Stuff

We’ve all have opinions about both things and stuff, but nowhere on the “net” do you see a blog that discusses both in the same place. 886 more words


Hyvä myyjä on sinnikäs

Jäin miettimään, miksi päädyin töissäni hankkimaan verkkokaupan hakusanaoptimoinnin minulle tuntemattomasta yrityksestä: optimointia myynyt nuori mies oli sinnikäs ja myynnin ammattilainen. Hän oli perehtynyt verkkokaupan ongelmiin ja osasi kertoa mitä pitää tehdä. 305 more words


The Undergalactic Railroad

The Undergalactic Railroad

As the dust settles on the liberation efforts surrounding D’Arrest Station many members of the Empire question the effectiveness of the emancipation initiative. 824 more words