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Secrets of Monsters that know how to Hide!

Black holes as I had discussed in my last blog are not only the most majestically weird carnivores out there, but are also the monsters with dark secrets. 1,427 more words


Paras (Philosopher’s stone)...

The philosopher’s stone lives underneath
the rivers of Zion, buried deep.
The price of course is dreadfully deep
but what rewards a man may reap.

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Monsters that know how to Hide!

Credit: NASA/ESA and G. Bacon (STScI)

The black monster that is shown in the picture is a black hole in M-15 Globular cluster 33000 light years away from us. 1,552 more words


Something from Nothing!

“When I was a child and I looked at the stars, I wondered what they are made of. Now I look at the stars and wonder what the empty space between the stars is made of?” 991 more words


Ready for Anything...


Already to be judged

Medal winner!

Fred Bear

Little treasure

Spider Monkey!

Even the “Adult Kids” joined in…

Ready to go

Teddies galore

The “Heath Robinson” Lift… 431 more words

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