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Life Has Been Unfair???Read the Inspiring Stories of Karna

Karna was literally abandoned by his own mother

Kunti, the princess was given a boon by sage Durvasa that she could invoke a mantra and call any god and have a child. 1,248 more words


Parashurama Kshetra

कर्णे पदन्यस्तरुची रिरंसुर्वाराशिवस्त्रं जघन्नाद्धि यस्याः |

अमूमुचद्बाणकरेण भूमेः श्रीभार्गवः सा जयति क्षितिर्नः || ६ ||

Lord Parashurama, by stepping on with this feet, brought auspiciousness to the region of  87 more words


Villages and Gods

This one’s for Ms. Barbie…..

I love mythological stories….the Gods , the wars, the fantasy and finally how they try to explain the genesis of many a things. 346 more words