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A True Vampie!

alright. Hello.

in this video it is explained a concept. this concept is based in though. also on parasitism. let us establish, what is a parasite? 573 more words


Sounds Strange: This Parasite Is a Certified Tongue-Eater!

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As defined in some literature, parasites are organisms that live dependently to other organisms. They get nutrients on its host that serve as their food. 18 more words

Plant on Plant Parasitic Action.

This is probably the last (or nearly the last) post about my time in Florence. I think I’ve just about squeezed it till the pips squeak! 300 more words


Intestinal parasites - an underappreciated cause of IBS

Everyone loves a good parasite story. Admit it. When’s the last time you ogled over a gory picture of some poor sod’s brain infested with a parasitic worm? 1,100 more words

WAR.SWF | It's a Battle

If robots could sweat, Montezuma’s control car would smell like an underfunded high school’s away team locker room.  The captain had ordered all crew members to be on high alert as he spun the helm and signaled for the engineers to put the ship in full throttle.   503 more words


if gloating makes your boat float

Human nature or thinking is as weird as the shitting pattern of various organisms. Some of us have the nature like goat shit, coming strong but in short waves. 376 more words

Parasite Protocol

One of the many infections that frequently accompany Lyme Disease are parasites.  It is what it is and so we must deal with it.  Yesterday was day 1 of a 6 week and 2 day protocol to eradicate the nasty, awful, horrible things that are eating away at my digestive system. 213 more words