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A Clear Picture of God's Disgust With Sin

If you happen to be the kind of person who gets easily disgusted, this may not be for you, but since you’re already here, I suggest you might as well read through and probably learn a lesson or two. 826 more words


Tiny predators: ticks found off jackals and caracals in the Karoo

Dear followers,

Today, I have a great post to share with you, written by Storme, about ticks on predators! I hope you will find it as interesting as I did. 332 more words

Parasitic bees are not cool!

A few years ago, I was extremely disappointed to find out that there are parasitic bees. Every year, I had Solitary Mining Bees returning to the garden and I used to watch them diligently dig their holes. 139 more words


On Independence Day, a classic tale of dependence

Or…parasitism. These plants are parasites on the roots of other plants (trees mainly), which they access through the network of largely mutualistic mycorrhizal fungi that exist in the soil. 107 more words


Designing a vaccine to combat River Blindness

Vital statistics

Where: Sub-Saharan Africa

Incidence: 25 million people infected

How spread: Bite from an infected blackfly

Scariness out of 10: 2. It is not a fatal disease, but, if untreated, will result in blindness… 594 more words