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Protective role of blood type O in malaria

Malaria vital statistics

Where: In 97 countries, but most deaths occur in Africa

Incidence: 198 million cases and 584,000 deaths per year

How spread: bite by infected mosquito… 731 more words

5 Things I Got For My Birthday

So, I wrote about what I wanted to get – only semi-seriously – and was delighted to have two of the things ticked off my list. 431 more words

My Life

My thoughts: Parasyte

The human mind has always been something I’ve been fascinated about. The emotions that control us, the thoughts that linger in our head and haunt us although years have gone by. 707 more words


M2 protein from MHV68 infection can change non-lethal strain of parasite to lethal strain of malaria

PLOS says that it is known that infections with certain viruses can weaken the immune response to another pathogen. A new study reports provocative findings in mice that infection with the mouse equivalent of Epstein-Barr virus can turn infections with certain parasites that cause malaria in mice (which are normally quickly suppressed by the immune system) into a lethal disease.  262 more words


Parasyte Episode 11 Review

Progressing the relationship! /waggle eyebrows

Warning: Spoilers ahead! 599 more words