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Imperfect Fungi

You may have head that the mushroom is only a small part of a fungus, and this is true — a mushroom is a temporary spore-releasing structure, ephemeral like a flower, while the growing, eating part of the fungus is usually hidden away. 530 more words

New Species

Notes on Trekking: The Hate Spasm

About five years ago, I was traveling through Argentina with Yuval, and we made a week long stop in Bariloche, the threshold of Patagonian Argentina. It looks like a postcard — bucolic streets and charming restaurants, glistening cobalt lake, fringed with snow capped mountains — and it’s besieged by tourists. 821 more words


Why the Caterpillar Fungus Could Be More Valuable Than Gold

After researching some major ingredients in some of my anti-aging products, I became particularly fascinated with the Cordyceps mushroom. “Cordyceps sinensis” is a species of parasitic fungi found mainly in the Tibetan plateaus and Himalayan region among the alpine grasslands.  544 more words

Fungible Insects

If not always but often, at the crux of what lives and what dies, there is an insect. Crops fade in the face of a swarm. 394 more words


Parasitic Fungus

Inspired by the Parasitic Fungus Cordyceps

Inflatable Installation at Pirate Gallery.


This inflatable was inspired by this illustration of a true bug with Cordyceps.


Monday Mobile: Late Entry

I’ve just decided that I’ll still post this, even though tomorrow is a new Monday. For one thing, I think Angie’s meme here at ‘Cakes Photos Life’ is a good idea. 174 more words