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parasols by design

In honor of the long-awaited arrival of spring, let’s talk about wedding parasols! Parasols by Design, created by seasoned wedding professional Grace Dougan, offers a sophisticated alternative for shade and sun protection at outdoor weddings. 93 more words


Lolita 52 Week Challenge - Week Forty-Six

Week Forty-Six:  Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

Neither.  I think that they are great for people who cannot handle the heat in the summer, or for those who burn very easily.  59 more words

POLARSETS - " Parasols "


Polarsets is a four-piece indie electronic band currently located in Newcastle, England. We’ve covered their previous single, “Madrid,” and as they’re gearing up to release their debut album… 47 more words


Study 49: Art Resolutions-Twirling Backwards

Art Resolutions is a self-imposed initiative to create an art study everyday for a year. Welcome to Study 49.

 Yes. I know 51 comes after 50 but, in my enthusiasm to hit that 50 milestone I missed 49. 68 more words

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New Orleans, Louisiana

In honor of the Oscars, I’m finally getting around to posting about my trip to New Orleans in January with Greg.  (If you’re thinking, huh?  You’re right, they have no connection.)  It’s such a crazy place, where on Bourbon Street, there’s live music practically every 10 feet, and bars offering 3-for-1 shots everywhere you turn, and yet, just one block over on Royal Street, stores are filled with pricey antiques, chandeliers, and original Picasso and Chagall paintings. 163 more words


Taking it Sleazy in the Big Easy

If the conservatives are going to push so hard for “America” to revert back to its Puritan ways, then they should designate a city in every state where prostitution, gambling, and drugs are legal. 1,232 more words


Happy Umbrella Day

The first time I actually took refuge beneath an umbrella was as an adolescent.  It was during the graveside rites for one of my friends.  A family acquaintance held it over himself and me because we weren’t chosen to sit in the tent.  677 more words

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