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Paratroopers Ring

The US Military paratrooper has to be a really challenging troop in order to be ready to perform on the battlefield.Paratroopers are air dropped into battle frequently behind enemy lines. 42 more words

The Quest for Happiness

Those of you that followed my writing for a while, probably realized that I am having slight problems with defining myself, following my separation from the Army.  598 more words


D-Day, In Dad's Own Words

In a previous post, I mentioned that I and my sister had a number of stories Dad wrote about his experiences as a paratrooper during WWII.  2,755 more words


How to be a Paratrooper...

I’ve been following a blog that talks about the Pacific War era and I learned a lot from this blog about World War II. Pacific Paratrooper… 41 more words



Andy called me Saturday morning. He was driving back to Camp Lejeune from Fort Benning in Georgia. He usually calls me when he is bored, and apparently the drive across Georgia is amazingly boring. 801 more words

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Infinity - More Hunger Games

We are really enjoying Hunger Games. It scales well with varying numbers of participants, the small and precise army limitations are a fun challenge and generally result in similarly built (and evenly matched) lists without eliminating everybody’s fun tricks,  and even units that traditionally have sorry lifespans are getting the opportunity to do a little more (Haqqislam’s bikers, for example, are less likely to die to sniper fire when no one individual is fielding several of them). 41 more words

Infinity The Game