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Doc's Corner: "Lets Teach Them CPR" Edition

(First and foremost, welcome to Doc’s Corner….you will not like it, and it will happen weekly. In these dispatches I will be speaking in a version of “veteran” with a FortCampbellese dialect in most of these posts. 1,032 more words

Green Beret

Paratrooper Story: Alternate Story

This story starts out the same as the original, but I’ve added some elements and details that I thought of when I first set to writing “Paratrooper Story”. 1,442 more words

Paratrooper Story Alternate Ending #1

This was the first time I had made another way the story could’ve ended. It is honestly the worst, but it was fun to write. There’s another ending coming after this post. 412 more words

Paratrooper Story

I’m very happy with this story. It has to be one of my favorites, right next to “The Battle of Red Hill”, which you will read later. 2,827 more words

Old People [Repost]

Prompt: Uncompromising

“My parents were in the military,” Hilda said. “You know, middle east and all that. My dad got shorter.”

“Shorter?” said Zach.

They were sitting on the back porch of Bernard’s house, looking out over a tidy lawn which appeared to be the playground for a number of cats, and a lounge and back-scratching area for the dog named Maxine, who rolled around on her back and kicked her legs in the air, all with her tongue lolling out. 470 more words

Writing Prompts

Woman crush Everyday:Meet Fatmata Dumbuya,the Paratrooper From Sierra Leone.

Every week,women are celebrated here and today it’s no other person but my friend from high school (The Anne Walsh Memorial school) She was one of those who won the DV Lottery in 2012.This amazing woman is now touching the hearts of her teammates at the US Army. 118 more words