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Five things you should know about cava

Cava is my favorite drink! Yes, my favorite! Don’t let the amount of Champagne I talk about deceive you, Cava is my favorite. There is way too much prestige going around with Champagne that I think distracts people from evaluating the drink just as it is. 615 more words


A Sunday Dinner

Some friends stay friends forever. This is a dinner party of such friends. My Bride has stayed in touch with some of her friends from elementary school right through high school. 626 more words


Parellada? Yeah, never heard of it either...until now

Ah, the unsung hero, or at least, my unsung hero. I was first drawn to the Parellada because it came, just as San Valentin wines do, with a miniature Cupid angel dangling from the neck of the bottle. 130 more words


Say Happy Holidays with Cava!

We talk a lot about Spanish Cava on this site and on Foods and Wines from Spain. And why not? This fine sparkling wine is unrivaled in many circles and enjoys acclaim both on a national and international scale. 148 more words


Torres, Vina Sol, 2013

This distinctive ever reliable table wine from Torres was purchased in Dunnes.

Apples and Pears best describe this with a touch of Fennel or Menthol. 129 more words