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First Year Teacher Strategies and Resources

Recommended Strategies and Apps for a First Year Teacher

–Carina Hilbert and the TeachCow Podcast Team–

The first year of teaching often is the hardest.  You’re in your own classroom without anyone else there to turn to, and the students smell fresh blood in the water.   1,425 more words


Helping Make Moving Less Messy

As many of you know, the content of this blog is reader-guided, and I love to have suggestions from parents/caregivers/childcare educators who follow the blog or who I interact with in daily life. 1,064 more words

Parent-Teacher Communication

Sowing the Seeds of Friendship

I had an interesting chat with a parent of one of my students this past Friday afternoon; she has a little girl in my class and the conversation had turned to the different ways that children seem to follow each other. 1,415 more words

Parent-Teacher Communication

Mr. Joyce's Grading Communication Site

This website will be used as a communication tool in order to make me a consistently available to respond to any questions, concerns or comments about grades and grading. 937 more words

Parent - Teacher Communication

Parents! Tell Me What You Want To Read About!

When it was suggested to me that I start a blog, one of the hardest hurdles for me to jump was coming up for a title for the blog itself. 295 more words

Parent-Teacher Communication

Translating That Teacher Talk!

Has it ever happened when you’re talking to your child’s teacher, they are telling you something wonderful that happened during the day, or something they have been working on with your child, and the teacher uses some terminology that is new to you? 804 more words

Parent-Teacher Communication