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Peace amongst the chaos

I remember as a young girl going to my grandparents house and using their “fancy” soap; as I grew up I forgot about the decadent product that I loved so when I had the opportunity to try the new Pears Body Wash with Mint Extract I jumped at the chance. 128 more words


Ava update 🌿

My little 3 year old princess is growing by the minute, since becoming 3 she just seems to have come along so quickly. Her speech is amazing, she is so helpful when I ask her to do something or get something for me she loves to help. 448 more words

Mother And Daughter

My why

All is rosy. This last year has been amazing. One of the best. I’m into my 40’s, my kids are growing up fast (and needing me less and less 😢) and I’ve spent some great times with family and friends. 200 more words


Is Autism scary?

That scary word.
That scary condition.
Only because we can’t ever fully understand it.
My son is scared of the dark.
He is frightened because he can’t see what is going to happen. 248 more words

Nothing can prepare you...

Nothing can prepare you for the death of a parent. You can try as hard as you want, but in the end you will realize it was all for naught. 859 more words


On Finding and Sharing Joy...

This past Sunday, I was ready to head off for church bright and early.  My younger daughter was still asleep, so I went in to her room to give her a kiss goodbye.  528 more words

Breastfeeding:Are you getting the support you need?

So I did mean to do a blog post at least once a month but as usual life gets in the way and now it’s been just over two months since I last wrote. 1,138 more words