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Thoughts From a 4am Rocking Chair Session

  • A child’s cry is magical – what else sends someone into a panic and flurry of activity so well? I can picture some sales person or ad executive having a child and thinking, “how can I recreate this for my upcoming ford f150 campaign?
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Myth Buster Friday #9

You Can’t Cure AWESOME!!!!

I have shared before my views on the similarities in the X-Men movies and the autism journey. Heck, the other week I went and bought the whole boxed set on Amazon. 975 more words


Such respect for single mums!

Last week my husband went away for 3 nights with work. This was the first time I had to get both myself and our little one ready in the morning with no help. 225 more words


Step Mom Confessional

I’m not sure why I have felt so driven to write this blog. Really, I’m not that great of a writer, unless you ask my mother. 361 more words


How New Parents Can Save Money on Baby Stuff

It is quite understandable that parents give all the attention to their babies and are willing to spend a lot of money on them. In fact, they are… 711 more words


Tips To Make This School Year Sucessful

Teacher, parent communication is vital in helping your child to be successful.

It’s important for parents to not wait until the last minute regarding grades. If your child is struggling with a subject, catching it early can help with identifying available resources to help the child succeed. 170 more words


Breaking The Stereotype.

Despite Delay, When I am good to go to begin with my first blog, uncertain if this may or may not induce any joy on you . 265 more words