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Too old to Dad?

Im 37, not old but not exactly a spring chicken either, one of the main worries I’ve had since Kate and I decided to try for a baby was that I might be too old, the chances of conception drop as you for a start and then there are the inevitable worries about being the oldest person picking the boy up from school, after all by the time he’s 10 I’ll be pushing 50 and by the time he hits his early twenties I’ll be really clocking on. 221 more words


"A Father's Critical Role" - What a gift of love!

A Father’s Critical Role – reposted with permission original text by Mark Gregston.
When I read this article by Mark Gregston, I was in awe of the rich information that was confirmed during my life as a parent. 1,146 more words

My Beginning

I love nature, especially the wilderness, hiking, swimming, native gardens, and reading.   I write because I need to write, sometimes, and always because I like to write. 359 more words


Being a Mom

Being a mom is the greatest blessing I ever could have asked for. And I am so blessed to be the mom to two amazing kids. 427 more words

Sharp High Pitch Shriek

Take the baby body soap
Return to the bathroom
A sudden shriek
Shoots over my ears’ drums
Aches my ear drums… 249 more words


Helping Your Students get a Competitive Edge in the New Economy.

“A university degree no longer  guarantees a higher salary. These days, it no longer ensures employability. With rising education costs, a shrinking job market, and the oversaturation of some academic majors in the workforce, a university degree is no longer Job Assurance.”  – Brian Y. 26 more words