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Tips for surviving the fourth trimester

I’ve mentioned before about my struggle with the fourth trimester and whilst I believe nothing can prepare you (and everyone’s experience is so different) I do look back and wish I’d done a few things differently.

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Hot mess mom

Along with feeling like a failure as a parent, sometimes I feel like a hot mess mom. You know, that mom that can’t get it together. 152 more words


Family is [not] magic

My babysitter happens to be a talented artist, and my daughter puts this talent to swift and ruthless use, commanding her to draw various and insane images from her fertile imagination. 1,103 more words


Three Year Olds.

Babies are adorable but super needy, then they start to walk and you think “yay! I won’t have to carry them everywhere!” Wrong. You’ll still have to carry them everywhere- only this time, you have to run after them and catch them first. 442 more words

It hurts me to say this..

I regret him so much. Yes, I said it, I regret the person I had my first child with, never the child, the child is amazing, but the father, not so much. 563 more words

Every Parenting Blog You've Ever Read

There are a lot of ways you could start a blog about parenting, but they’ve all been done.  You may have read a few with messages just like these: 768 more words

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