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My Son, The Apostate - Part 3

Almost every parent of an adult child who has left Mormonism has one thing in common…  The parent will not listen to or discuss the reasons their adult child left the church, with their adult child.  1,681 more words


Quote of the Day.

“Never raise your hand in anger towards a child . . . . it leaves your groin unprotected”

-Sonny Eliot,


Paul Revere’s Famous Ride (1775)

First of all, Paul Revere’s ride of April 18, 1775 to Lexington was not his first ride to Lexington. Actually, he had made the same trip two days before to inform  1,094 more words


Suicidal With A Child

Is there anyone else out there who has suicidal thoughts and is also a parent? I would never kill myself, because my son needs me. I m a single mom, but I still feel suicidal sometimes. 73 more words

Me time 

I love getting away, having time to be on my own.

In the last almost 2 years life has become a whirlwind like any first time parents know. 254 more words

April 17, 2015

Dear Alessa,

Mommy is feeling a good bit better today. She finally was able to get all that crazy insurance stuff figured out and set an appointment with the doctor to make sure you’re healthy and everything’s fine. 287 more words


Supermarket shopping (alone!) with twins

After a lovely play date at Lollipops and Ladybirds this week I ventured to Asda for a few ‘bits’. We all know a few ‘bits’ means going with the intention of buying about 5 items but leaving with 20 and wishing you’d chosen a shallow trolley instead of a basket! 273 more words

Diary Of A Craft Selling Twin Mum