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All I Really Wanted To Say (Poem)

Who is this woman I am talking to
she makes no sense to me
she’s not as strong or active
as she used to be. 229 more words

Moral Reads

Is there such a thing as bloggers block?

I haven’t wrote on my blog for about a month now and believe me, it hasn’t been because I’ve been SO busy with my fantastic social life, its been because I’ve honestly felt like I’ve got nothing worth writing about. 389 more words


Hey y’all,Looking at the title you think what in the world?! What language is that girl speaking?!?
Well it’s a word that’s been on my mind and tongue at least once a day (along with torticollis) for the past 3 months. 429 more words

This past Saturday I was reminded how tough being a grown up is and what it’s like putting your priorities in order. I was also reminded of what MY priorities are.

204 more words
Christy Record

Three ways I'm a more confident mom now

I remember my child’s first public meltdown. 

No parent asks for their child to turn red and wail like they are being abducted by a stranger all over a 99 cent toy.  1,268 more words

These Are Days

Fertility: My top tips for getting pregnant

I am definitely in no way qualified to give out these tips but lately I have been reading every blog, health care website and listening carefully to the experts. 528 more words

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Mother's Day 2016

What I am going to say may sound weird still you know that I am going to write it anyway. When I think of Mother’s Day Father’s Day comes to mind I know right. 334 more words