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Competitive spirit

That whole relationship with King Saul and David was definitely out of sorts. So I tried to apply it today and I think of have found a connection. 381 more words

5th Grade Math Testing Prep App - FREE Today

Peekaboo Studios LLC is running a one day promotion on their “5th Grade Math Testing Prep” app. It’s perfect for parents and teachers. The app provides test prep on algebra, geometry, critical thinking, order of operation, and word problems. Perfect!


Living peacefully with your family as your parents age (podcast)

Get tips on how to handle difficult issues that arise as your parents become elderly (Carolyn Parr)


To download podcast, right click HERE and choose “save link” (on smartphones, press and hold on “here” link)


A Mother's Love Knows No Distance

For me, the biggest change about going to college was leaving home. Leaving my family, my dogs, and constant presence of my parents, especially my mom. 297 more words


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Babywise Week 6

Our second week of giving Babywise a go went well! I can honestly say that getting Baby Girl on a schedule made our house a much more peaceful place. 581 more words

First Time Mom

The importance of Language

As I quote ‘If you don’t understand my silence … you will never understand my words’

My daughter Tamira has taught me that love has no language, if you want to understand and love a person there is no freakin… language barrier its the willingness to go beyond your thinking and want to understand someone who just can express. 225 more words

Dad And Daughter

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