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Personalized Learning Parent Lunch

Last Wednesday, we had a great parent meeting talking about Personalized Learning at Tanana Middle School. It was great to have parents in the school learning about the approach Tanana is taking. 158 more words


Let's Talk About Sex (Baby🎼)

Cut me some slack….I’m old. Songs play in my head all the time, and if you don’t get my reference, then this blog is definitely meant for you. 1,345 more words

Life Lessons

Super powers.

“If I had a super power I would put my hands in my head and pull out the words like bricks and throw them at people or fire them out like a nerf gun.” 124 more words

Long Time...

Oh dear..

So this post is going to be a little different from the others, I will write about what I’ve been up to and probably just some ramblings. 307 more words

My Children's imaginary friends 

When my daughter was 3, she was playing in the garden at my mums house, she was chatting away to herself. I asked her who she was talking to, she replied ‘my friend Ben Scalp, he is 9 and has ginger hair’ I was more than a bit surprised, but little did I know this was the start of many years of Ben Scalp popping in and out. 320 more words


Stand By You

There were a number of songs that I though of when I started this post, but a line from this song always stood out to me so I went with it.  1,634 more words

Deray Davis Appreciates Colin Kaepernick's Protest

If you had the chance to work with Tom Joyner, would you? Well, Deray Davis would! He says, “I’m in here lobbying for a job with you right now!” 174 more words

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