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Love and marriage - best posts and talks which will radically change your perspective

You might have noticed that most of my recent posts were on the subject of relationships and love. It’s not random, I blog about things that interest me or that I am working on. 484 more words


10 Ways Babies Are Like Cats

Those who know me must surely have seen this coming?! I’m a massive cat-lover and unashamed! I have four beautiful kitties and have noticed that my 10 month old has many similarities to her feline friends. 429 more words


Boobs on tour!

In previous posts, I’ve talked about breastfeeding out and about. This is now something that really doesn’t bother me. I know I’m allowed to do it and I know that it’s in everyone’s best interests for me to do it and, most importantly, I will feed my hungry child wherever and whenever she wants. 358 more words


Day 320: protecting my me-ness

Yesterday, I saw a sign. No, I mean a literal sign. Like hanging on a wall. I just don’t remember where it was hanging. The sign said, “treat your parents like they are small, fragile children.” It seems like a weird thing to just be hanging on a wall, but I frequent some pretty hippy-dippy places. 807 more words

Meet Hudson!

Hello word, meet Hudson! Hudson is a four-month old Miniature Australian Shepherd, weighing in at a whopping six pounds.

Cuteness Overload

Carly's Voice

Carly’s Voice – Arthur Fleischmann and Carly Fleischmann 686 more words


Friday Fun: Quick Glimpse

I shall dub today’s Friday fun post as a ‘quick glimpse’ post. Today’s glimpse is of the contents of my handbag. Most women have a hand bag, and most women fill their handbag with weird and wonderful things. 115 more words

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