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Gypsy Soul

Since C19 I’ve moved across four states, twice in different directions, never the same. The adventure was fun. Now I am living with a man I just met about three months ago. 1,343 more words

Strength has no gender

Girls should not forget their place. This is what we have heard for ages. Boys are strong, girls are homely. Boys are sporty, girls are fashionable. 277 more words


Tired Parent Story

I knew I was exhausted when I was putting laundry away this afternoon and I paused before changing the pillow cases. Earlier in the day, my child took all of them to build a fort and he stepped all over them in his bare feet. 15 more words

Uncomfortable conversation

Yesterday,the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle spoke out about their miscarriage. It was like a watershed moment for me. Finally someone spoke about it opening. It brought back memories of my losses. 359 more words

Living In the Present

When you start to gain followers, or you are even simply posting or chatting to your friends, its easy to be hooked to our devices. Even before having Munchkin, I’d use my phone as a comfort blanket, allowing me to avoid conversation at ease when I felt uncomfortable. 413 more words


Mindful Mummy (& daddy)

Clearing your mind of all thoughts, silencing the incessant narrative running through your mind, allowing breath to be the focus as your body and soul slip into a deep state of awareness. 686 more words

"Timeshare Family/Baby" Ordering Service- Good Thing or Bad?

This isn’t a new thing but it’s the first I’ve heard of it. Apparently for those who are looking to meet that special someone and get involved in a long term relationship that leads to marriage and kids, there are relationship websites that cater to folks who want to skip through the search for “Mr/Ms Right”, and just request a match up that will result in having a child to share between them while they go about their separate lives. 313 more words