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5 Things To Know Before You Become a Stay at Home Parent

A list for your consideration, because I wish someone had explained it more to me.  Sure, it’s an incredibly demanding job if you take it seriously, but (spoiler alert) it’s also completely worth it. 976 more words


The plan vs reality

I think parenting is a constant battle of coming to terms with the reality of a situation when it doesn’t live up to your plans. 258 more words


First job toolkit.

Over the years I have witnessed countless first-job employees struggle through new hire documents.   Many of them have a parent with them or are texting or calling every other minute to help them understand what they are signing.   893 more words

Father sitting outside with baby monitor

The baby is asleep, and I am sitting outside at the computer with the dog.  He is leashed up to my chair and I have placed the baby monitor beside me.   137 more words


Low fat dinner, happy tastebuds

Happy Monday everyone, I hope it’s not toooo bad! Over the weekend I surprised myself by making some things that were very low in fat and my husband actually liked..I know, hold for applause. 303 more words


Just for girls. I don't think so!

Last night I was cooking dinner and my son was watching at the bench, playing with his tea set. My husband came over to sit with him and I asked him to play along with Hudson. 448 more words

Mummies Tales

Seeds of Trust

When I read Keturah’s post “The Ingredients that Made Us, Us”. I had to chuckle.

Mini Heart Attacks” is an understatement.

Picture me driving and listening to Keturah tell me about what was happening in school and about some of the things her friends were doing. 721 more words