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Counting Stars

It was another cold winter evening. A little girl sat shuddering on the front porch. Daddy’s going to be mad.. she thought. He made her promise she’d wait inside. 294 more words

My Obsessions

Guilty Mummy Morning

As I have mentioned here some mornings are a bit tough with Dylan when I am trying to get him ready to go to Preschool. This morning was one of those. 1,732 more words


Weaning Wednesday - Breakfast

Breakfast is never something I have been good at. Before getting pregnant it was very rare that I had breakfast and if I did, it would have to be an hour or so after I woke up. 268 more words

First Time Mum

Working Mummy, Guilty Mummy

Just over a month ago I got myself a job. I returned to work after I finished my maternity leave when I had Dylan but I reduced my hours to only 2 days a week. 895 more words


#100 Days of Home Ed...Day ??

Seriously…so tired and peopled out that I don’t know what day it is. And don’t even have the energy to check my previous posts to find out. 161 more words


6 Things Gay Dads Hear All The Time!

Me and my partner are very often at family gatherings or in social situations where that distant relative who you’re not sure you remember is asking you all sorts of personal questions about how you came to be a parent, all before asking you how you are, of course! 251 more words


#1 Edit

So, what’s with the blog, Bronwyn?
What do you think you’re doing, creating this? Hm?

I have no idea. 

I don’t. I can’t blog. Blogging means schedules and pretty photos on fancy-ass cameras. 312 more words