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Hairball Kittens

In one of those maternity/ parenting classes, I remember the nurse talking about postpartum hair loss. We didn’t take a birthing class so it had to be either the infant care class or the breastfeeding class. 352 more words



This just made me chuckle.

If you had been watching me this morning and was wearing your judgement pants you may have concluded a different perspective to my current reality. 402 more words

Time to get fit(ish)

I’ve been rather alarmed by my growing waistline. The final straw came on Friday. The boy and I were changing the bedding. This is mostly arsing about, pretending the duvet is trying to eat him, putting the fitted sheet over him and exclaiming ‘where’s the baby?’, etc. 374 more words

Balloons! What A Popping Minefield!

I have a 5 year old birthday party to organise so it is time for me to think about how to put all my new ethics in to practice.  475 more words


Boys will be boys

When I found out that our baby was a boy, I was really surprised. For all of the pregnancy, I was convinced we were having a girl. 392 more words


Children at High Risk for Bipolar Disorder Genetically Vulnerable to Stress

Genetic alterations that regulate stress have been found in children at high risk for bipolar disorder, according to research done by scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).  219 more words

Bipolar Parent

The Love!

Glad I got them white boards for their rooms! ❤️