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Why Every Mom Needs a Mom Tribe...

I have a tribe.

A messed up, mix-matched group of women who come from all different walks of life, but what we all have in common is our love for our kids. 1,307 more words

Life Lessons

Enjoy a Greener Holiday Season

Switzerland generates the most waste per person in all of Europe, and this spirit of excessive consumption can creep in during the festive period when we are busy running around getting presents for our friends and family and preparing lots of delicious food! 550 more words

Parent Tips

Have your jellybean moment!

Sometimes as women, we are so obsessed with getting it done. We need to get the kids done, we need to get the lunches done, we need to get the school run done, we need to get the laundry done, we need to get the job done, we need to get the shopping done, we need to get the extra-curricular activities done, we need to get the homework done, we need to get the studying done, we need to get the job application done, we need to get the supper done, and if you’re blessed enough, your husband is right there to also get some of these done😊 695 more words


Mare Nostrum

You ever heard that joke of the Nigerian father who paid for his kid’s swimming lessons? Anyway, it goes: the father saw the child drowning during their first swimming class and yelled; “Ayomide! 408 more words



We all juggle day to day, figuratively speaking, some more than others.

Before kids I honestly had no idea what hardwork was. I thought going to my classes at uni, then working three nights a week and both weekend days was tough; I knew nothing. 619 more words

Holidays are off and running

So we’ve been able to start experiencing the wonder and joy of the holidays through the eyes of a 15 month old. And let me tell you, it is incredible. 351 more words

Life last week (12)

With my son at school we tend to save the fun stuff for the weekend, school is tiring enough so he likes to chill out in the evenings. 639 more words