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When I Don't Want To Think

My forbidden has told me more through his interactions with me that their is something going wrong. I can pin point  a lot of things when in regards to me. 641 more words

Who I am

A friend told me I should start a blog.  She loves how I write.  I laughed at her.  Then I showed my writings to a few people… well, who knew… they loved it.  350 more words


8 Easy Memorial Day Recipe Ideas

Let’s be honest, moms rarely have extra time on their hands to plan a party, which is why I like meal courses that are no-muss, no fuss. 933 more words


Our Kids

Like many, I could not understand why many children nowadays felt that suicide or extreme violence was their only option out of a hard situation. After really listening, I can only hope I try to understand so I can help to teach my daughter how to manage those little assholes she will come to know one day. 1,197 more words


Review on Once Upon a Farm

Saturday morning. We have the music class first thing in the morning at 9. We leave at 8 (attempt to leave at 8 so we can leave by 8:20). 499 more words


First Time At The Play Park

Yesterday, me, Isla and her Dad went for a walk around the park next to my new flat. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. 134 more words


And So The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am a single mum to a beautiful little girl aged 5 with one little girl on the way due in October. 83 more words