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I love my baby but I also love tequila: The Daily Mail, look away

Motherhood, IT’S AMAZING HOW MUCH IT CHANGES YOU, ISN’T IT? What with a sudden urge to cook delicious homemade mumsy dinners, blend fresh kale smoothies, eat everything organic and jog with your baby everywhere with one of those buggies you can run with? 598 more words

He Holds My Heart in His Tiny Hands

I have written many poems about all of my children, but this one was written a while ago for my youngest boy.  Definitely, the sentiment is the same – no matter which child I write about :-) 165 more words


Tips for Teacher Conferences

For some parents, teacher conferences can be a stressful time. No one likes to hear that their child is having challenges at school. However, teacher conferences can also be a great time to collaborate as a team and develop strategies to support your child. 440 more words


5 Alternative Halloween Costumes for You and Your Toddler

I’m not sure I really get the sudden hype around Halloween in the UK and I feel more than slightly uncomfortable dressing my 2 year old up like a corpse, but Halloween themed events at nursery/playgroups do call for a certain level of ‘joining in’. 548 more words


What is Phonological Awareness?

Phonological awareness skills are closely tied to later reading skills. But what is phonological awareness? As The Primary Pals state in their article Four Levels of Phonological Awareness… 75 more words


Happy Monday, quite literally 

Today I am thankful.

…for the big Barbour-esque wax jacket I bought from M&S years ago that’s keeping me warm on this Wintery Autumn morning, for my tiled floor that I can easily clean when my one year old wees on it EVERY morning and for my happy pills. 307 more words

Post Series: Poems with Explanations: The play

Hey, the play’s beginning.

What do you mean you won’t be there for the start?

What else do you have to do?

Alright, fine, when the lead actor calls for audience involvement, you show up. 1,221 more words