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Lets start at the beginning..

So, my journey into this thing we call parenting started in 2011, when an 18 year old me, took around 10 pregnancy tests just to double check that I wasn’t seeing things! 817 more words


About me...

So I am Jade, mother of 3, and currently I am on maternity leave. My eldest child is a boy, who is 6 years old, and then I have 2 girls, one who is 2 and the other who is 5 months old. 61 more words


Guest Post: Managing Depression as a Mum

So this week is a little different because I have a great guest post by Emily of EmInRealLife blog to show you.

She talks about handling depression as a mum and it really is an in-depth and interesting look at life as a single mum suffering with depression. 1,164 more words

Mental Health

Aging - we all do it

Sixty.  I will be 60 years old next month.  It is so strange because in my mind I’m still in my 20’s.  How is that possible?  646 more words

Just Stuff

Letter From Your Newborn

Dear Mummy and Daddy,
No matter what happens between us, during my childhood I will love you unconditionally.

You are my guide, my support, my lifetime anchor… 307 more words



I’m happy to say that my daughter is on the road to recovery. She is working hard to rebuild her life. One of the hardest things she is dealing with is the mess she’s made of her life.I think that must be why it is so hard for an addict to stay off drugs. 79 more words


Month 10, or Stand Up And Make Your Voice Heard!

The little monster, aka the mook, aka the kook mook, aka the mook riot, aka my son, and my wife are currently … AWAY. WHAT!? My wife and the kiddo are going to have their first night without dad there too and woe is dad, woe is mom, likely unaware is the kiddo. 1,862 more words