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Mother-effing Cupcakes

There was a phase in my life, in my mid-30s while I was a relatively new mom with toddlers running around my feet, where my own mom wanted to turn me into the quintessential 1950s housewife. 621 more words


The Fun Parent

That, I am not for sure!

This morning as I get ready for my day, the husband and Kyson is also awake. He has a hold on his Dad and he knows it. 597 more words

Autism Parenting

There are 6 crucial school readiness domains to think about when talking, singing and reading to babies and toddlers. Here's #4 of the 6.

In the last 3 weeks, information about the three crucial school readiness domains of receptive/ expressive language and speech articulation was provided as a way for parents to feel empowered as well as to support them in digging deeper as to “why” the advice of “talk, sing and read to your baby” is so important.  937 more words

School Readiness

Why I still live at home

Yes, I still with my dad! Yes I know what i’m doing with my life (somewhat, yes I’m a hot mess but that has nothing to do with this!)! 373 more words

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We don't negotiate with terrorists. Even ones with adorable dimples.

I might not adult like a boss. Or parent like a boss. Or even sleep like a boss. But dammit, I can talk a good game. 577 more words


Finding Out That I’m Pregnant

It started out like any other day. I got up at 6 a.m., made my coffee, washed my face, put on my make up, did my hair and headed off to work. 482 more words

Personal Life

Empty promises, My deception and His Trust in Me!

……..he was finally placed in her arms after having waited for a whole 38 weeks and 36 hours. She looked at a piece of her heart that had just torn itself apart and fallen out of her and yet that was the moment she felt complete and whole! 623 more words