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not letting IT define ME

while showering tonight, i felt this overwhelming urge to reflect on the fact that i frequently allow my childhood and the trauma and pain it caused me to… 554 more words


What I Eat In A Day - Vegan and Breastfeeding

Hi all!

Today I am going to be sharing with you what I eat in a day whilst vegan and breastfeeding. It’s important to consume at least 500 extra calories if you are breastfeeding, even though that can be difficult to do. 440 more words


my beginning

to preface this story, you must know that my mother started drinking at thirteen years old, when she was in high school she was doing very heavy drugs, which allegedly stopped when she met my father. 1,001 more words



Parenting is

“look mommy!”

a million times


you lose

your shit.


If You Give a Kid a Cell Phone

This is me being a cranky old lady who is getting rather sick of seeing too many people, especially kids, on cell phones or devices. When I see three-year-olds on devices while riding in a shopping cart, it saddens and worries me. 377 more words


Losing My Mum in My Early Twenties

Today is he 14th of October and it would have been my Mum’s 59th birthday. Unfortunately, nearly three years ago she had a heart attack and couldn’t be revived. 1,113 more words

Mom Life: Mommy

The first time my son said, “Mama” my heart melted. The first time he called me “Mom”…My heart broke!

I remember the first time my son rolled over, took his first steps, and dressed himself. 424 more words