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I'm Not Good Enough 

I’ve lived a life where every decision was made for me. What to eat, how to dress, where to go, what to watch, how to walk, talk, sit, and stand. 507 more words

Do You Need to Honour Abusive Parents?

EDDIE KAUFHOLZ answers a brave question by one individual who has experienced a childhood with an abusive parent, and continues to struggle with the commandment we have to honour our parents. 1,119 more words


Letter to My Father

Funny how a single article can elicit tears by the time I’ve finished reading it.

Some will read it and cry because of the bond shared with their fathers but, for me, the tears are over the man I wish my father had been. 1,494 more words


All the Little Green Monsters

I’m sure most people remember their days back in school, when all the teachers seemed like some strange breed of alien right out of a Doctor Who episode. 1,187 more words


Misplaced Loyalty Toward Hurtful Parents

Misplaced Loyalty Toward Hurtful Parents.

The above article has helped me in my understanding of the situation.

Sadly Babu has decided he has to do whatever it takes to ensure his parents are happy. 172 more words

My Story

In taking off the rose-tinted specs...

As you grow up, there are certain truths you have to learn to face. You find out there is no Santa Claus or tooth fairy. You are faced with the reality that dreams don’t always come true, no matter how hard you wish for them. 1,193 more words


Biwi ki Sunu, ya maa ki?

Biwi ki sunu, ya maa ki? 

Tans: who arguement should I support, my mother’s or my wife’s?

This is in reference to my previous post. 615 more words

Parental Abuse