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No Breakfast

What started my interests in breakfast was looking at the hundreds of images of animals on cereal boxes,  it was enough to make me crave for those delicious sweet munchies. 227 more words


It doesn't have to be intentional for it to be abuse

This is controversial because many people will disagree that abuse can be unintentional. I have talked about before in this blog how I can see myself doing financial abuse due to my money anxiety so that was why my husband took over the finances. 1,680 more words


Mustering the Balls

You do the same thing every year,
Hold the knife to your ear,
Praying to have the balls to cut your eardrums out

Why do I do that, 79 more words


The Tormentor

You bullied me,
Insistent I should be,
The butt of your jokes

I wanted to be left alone,
Wondered why I bore the brunt,
Of your barbs laced with venom… 134 more words


Psychology # 24 : Golden Child (Hero)

In any dysfunctional family, if there’s a scapegoat, there will be a golden child.

When I was young, I was not understand / confused, how come my younger sister can do whatever she liked, go to school, enjoy after school activities without caring much about household or all the chaos in family. 75 more words

Dysfunctional Family

They call him Chucky

I think I am going to start posting videos and news articles of violent kids. I am glad some people are aware of it already. Maybe if more people make documentaries about it, people will get more aware and maybe more help will increase for these families and parental abuse will be taken more seriously. 234 more words

Let's Talk About Kevin (my thoughts)

This post contains spoilers:

I have heard about this movie and it’s used as a meme online by saying “Kevin.”

I finally watched it on Netflix and the Kevin was obviously disturbed from the very beginning from birth. 892 more words