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The Wall That Lives In My Head

One of the things I have perfected over the years is the art of talking about something without really thinking about it.

Specifically, recalling incidents or discussing trauma without actually allowing my mind to engage with what is being talked about. 1,053 more words

Growth inside a Prison

Looking at the two children that came to my neighbors place, I recognized something different about them, they were quite small, fear in their eyes, no smile on their face, low pitched laugh coming out of the mouth, limited in their body motion. 412 more words


Why I Don't Hate My Father

My support worker is suprrised that I don’t hate my father after all he has done to me. He neglected and hated me as a child treating me as some odd thing, and then when I got older I was “back up wife” with all of the things that entails whether I liked it or not. 4,347 more words

Mental Illness

Quote of the day # 18 : Build up a Child

It’s easier to build up a child than repair an adult.

Chose your words wisely.

Do you agree it’s much difficult to heal an adult than nurturing a child properly?

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Dysfunctional Family

Just Harmless Words

If you’re an abuser, as my so-called father is, the great thing about having a wife with cancer – especially one who then dies tragically – is that people will overlook even the most appalling behaviour on your part, and use her tragic death to excuse your behaviour for the rest of your life. 895 more words

Domestic Abuse

Missing: mother.

This post deals with parental abuse. Anyone uncomfortable with the topic is advised against reading it. 

People always say, that one should love their mother and father, because they are “the only people you will have in this world in the end.” I would like to, officially, call bullshit. 692 more words


Quote of the day # 16 : Dysfunctional Family

The dysfunctional family needs one member to be the “identified problem”, so everyone else can look good by comparison.

Reason why I started this blog is not only for self-healing, but at the same time I would like to use my story to educate public.

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Dysfunctional Family