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Childhood sports - When parents cross the line

WESTBOROUGH,MA  January 7, 2016 Is the game time behavior of parents becoming a menace at some youth sports?  According to the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle, “the goal of youth participation in sports is to promote lifelong physical activity and healthy competition, officials said, but too often adults approach their kids’ games with their own goals, such as fame, money, Olympic medals and college scholarships.” This story was published in September 2014 after the wife of a football coach fired her pistol into the air to ward off angry parents who had attacked her husband over the amount of time their children were played in a previous game. 729 more words

Michael Sefton

If you have a violent child, no self defense allowed

A couple in their 50’s kept their 12 year old locked up in a playhouse with zip ties and fish hooks so she couldn’t kick down the playhouse. 822 more words


More abusive children

This is why we have to often tell them no and not give them everything they want or else they turn into entitled brats and behaving like narcissists when they don’t get their way. 246 more words

Ever feel like giving up...?

That’s the thought that’s been plaguing my mind over the last few months. While I’d like to say that things have turned out for the better and that’s why I haven’t been posting as regularly as I probably should’ve… that’s not really the case. 1,223 more words


To my father

I’ve written endless letters to you and never sent them. I’ve burnt the ones on paper and deleted the ones on the computer. I’ve tried to understand why you did what you did and I’ve failed in coming up with one reason as to why either of us deserved it. 450 more words

Bio-Mom: This is For You

I woke up this morning to a notification on my phone telling me I had a comment to moderate on one of my posts. That had me pretty excited because I like seeing what you all have to say and responding to you. 411 more words



I’ve been really overtired and drained lately. Part of it, I know, comes from not eating well. But what can you do when you’re constantly scared to make a meal? 252 more words