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Growing up wrong

If my dad was to come through my line at work I wouldn’t recognize him and he wouldn’t recognize me. It’s been well over 12 years since I last laid eyes on my father. 664 more words

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This Is An Emergency Broadcast

I have (many) problems, but the most relevant one is this:

Yesterday, I got a message from my brother saying that our parents had denied him food, yelled abuse at him, and said he had no morals for taking an extra breakfast sandwich at an honours breakfast. 248 more words

Unfurling the Mercy of the Eucharist

          Today brought me learning about a young saint, St Germaine Cousin (1579 – 1601), who lived at the heart of terrible physical, mental and emotional abuse by the very people who should have loved, sheltered and cherished her, but who instead showed her what an earthly hell was. 1,204 more words


Rehoming your adopted child

I found another blog I found through Harsh Reality (AKA Opinionated Man). This one stuck out to me.


While I hate domestic violence and abuse, I do still feel sorry for kids sometimes who are because of their background.I have noticed an overlap between RAD, ODD, Conduct disorder, and psychopathy. 1,403 more words

Parental Rage

Every parent gets angry at their children sometimes. It’s a just a part of parenting. However, if you handle that anger the wrong way, it can have an extremely damaging effect on your children. 252 more words

Over Controlling Parents

Affection As A Reward

One of the many signs of emotional abuse by a parent is the utilization of affection as a reward subject to withdrawal at the parent’s disposal. 327 more words

Over Controlling Parents

Childhood sports - When parents cross the line

WESTBOROUGH,MA  January 7, 2016 Is the game time behavior of parents becoming a menace at some youth sports?  According to the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle, “the goal of youth participation in sports is to promote lifelong physical activity and healthy competition, officials said, but too often adults approach their kids’ games with their own goals, such as fame, money, Olympic medals and college scholarships.” This story was published in September 2014 after the wife of a football coach fired her pistol into the air to ward off angry parents who had attacked her husband over the amount of time their children were played in a previous game. 729 more words

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