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I'm Not

I’m not mother’s child
Nor am I father’s daughter
I’m not my parents

Making the next generation a loving one

You’re not your parents shortcomings or rejection

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Lies and Confabulations

Rachel Dolezal is in the news because she may be a white woman who claims an African-American bloodline.

Why did she lie?

I don’t know the details of Rachel Dolezal’s life, nor am I saying that any aspect of her story is the result of a dissociative disorder. 1,406 more words


Reflections on the outcome of the contempt of court case

I have copied this post from the blog that the Chief Social Work Officer for the City of Edinburgh Council, Michelle Miller, posted on the CEC intranet recently. 726 more words

Latest News

I'm Not Good Enough 

I’ve lived a life where every decision was made for me. What to eat, how to dress, where to go, what to watch, how to walk, talk, sit, and stand. 507 more words

Do You Need to Honour Abusive Parents?

EDDIE KAUFHOLZ answers a brave question by one individual who has experienced a childhood with an abusive parent, and continues to struggle with the commandment we have to honour our parents. 1,119 more words


Letter to My Father

Funny how a single article can elicit tears by the time I’ve finished reading it.

Some will read it and cry because of the bond shared with their fathers but, for me, the tears are over the man I wish my father had been. 1,494 more words