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Quote 187 - Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 1

You find trusting relationships difficult – if parents, who are meant to be our main caregivers are deficient or can’t give us real support, we will find difficult to create supportive attachments when we grow up, or believe they are going last.

Dysfunctional Family

Points of Ponderation.....Episode 5.17

A semi-regular attempt to address some of life’s minutiae that might otherwise be overlooked…..

I have come to the conclusion that, despite ostensibly good intentions & genuine effort, and through no fault of his own, President Trump will never be able to fulfill his campaign pledge to make America great again. 710 more words

The Island Of Misfit Blog Posts

Child Author

When I was around seven, I looked at teenagers and thought, “If I can just turn thirteen already, then I’ll have made it. I’ll be all grown up.” And then I turned thirteen and didn’t know what seven-year-old Emmalyne had been thinking. 1,583 more words


Quote 149 - Traumatically bonded relationship

Scapegoats hold on to destructive relationship by forgetting the abuse and focusing on the fantasy.


My first international experience

When I was first diagnosed with Depersonalisation Desorder, I was three months away from taking off to study English in Ireland. The diagnosis was essential for my healing process, but I can’t really measure the impact it had in the outcome of my trip. 826 more words


No Longer Blind

What can I say about what happened that night?  Am I surprised?  Am I hurt?  Do I have anyone to blame but myself?  It felt as though I’d fallen into the same stupid trap I have done my entire life.  1,374 more words

On love and heartbreak: Parents

You don’t need to have fallen in love to get your heart broken.

Anyone you care about can do that.

We all love and we all need to be loved. 620 more words

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