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The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones

By far, this was one of the most interesting premises for a teen fiction novel that I have seen this month. It reminded me a lot of the tv show  651 more words


Blogmas | Being Trans During the Winter Holidays

The Winter Holidays can be tough on many of us. It’s often a time when a lot of difficult circumstances and experiences arise during the times when you least want to (or are able to) deal with them. 1,412 more words


A confession of abuse

I dealt with my parents abusing me for years. Many people do not know what they’re like, many friends and family would not believe me if I told them. 310 more words

Why I feel like my moms' treatment of me and others is the biggest story of justice denied

People tell me to let my issues with my mom go. see, I want to, I really want to, but I also want the world to know this: if this were a comic book, my mom would be the biggest example of a villain gone unchecked for their trespasses against others. 1,364 more words


I move out tomorrow

Abuse. I finally came forward about it. It feels good to have it out in the open. I want you to know that in the UK, if you’re 18 and over, you can report it to the police but still have the choice of whether you press charges or not. 364 more words

(An open letter to my mother)

December 18th, 2016

Mother dearest,

You’re probably reading that line and thinking I’m being passive aggressive and hurtful. That isn’t my intention. When I was younger I called you mother dearest, not knowing what it meant contextually, how would I have? 478 more words


December 16th - The Day I got a restraining order against my mother

Today I’ve just filed a restraining order against my mother – which was surprisingly (or unsurprisingly depending on your perspective) difficult. My name is Star and I am 23 years old. 1,305 more words