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Dear Maci

Dear Maci,

I must have a zillion pictures of you and Savannah, yet I had to steal a photo from your old Myspace!  I’m sure I could find 100 on my Facebook if I cared to browse those memories…but I don’t. 345 more words

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There it was.

gross and grotesque

like intestines spilled out for display

at a homicide scene…

and yet beautiful enough to steal the breath from… 216 more words

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Parental alienation IS child abuse

Listening to Neil Young, Cat Stevens, and Led Zeppelin while I read the words, understanding, and compassion of a child alienated from her parent in  1,227 more words

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To the fathers who have been alienated

I imagine that Father’s Day is an excruciating day for alienated fathers, just as Mother’s Day is for alienated moms. Today, my heart is with you, all of you fathers who cannot be with your beloved children. 506 more words

Parent Alienation

8 Hands

Once she wrote

flowers dangling from her pen

words dripping onto the pages

flowing from a place inside

that hid itself away

like a little girl punished in the corner… 103 more words

Parental Alienation Syndrome


Sometimes I doubt myself.  I doubt everything I know is true.  I doubt what happened, I doubt what was done, I doubt the evil intention.  I know so much I’m my father’s daughter because he refused to see evil in people also. 549 more words

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You don't know them like I do...

Although not one of them would admit it, and you’re to self-absorbed to realize it, you don’t know your own children. You may have carried them inside you and gave birth to them, but you don’t truly know them. 930 more words

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