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Abducted: A Day In the Life of Parental Alienation

Imagine.  You’re on vacation with your family at the beach. You walk into the water to cool off from the feel of the hot sun on your skin.  595 more words


I am currently fully immersed in study whilst preparing for our conference in August. As I continue to read and compare my understanding with my observations of the children I am working with , I find that my awareness of the harm done to them increases.

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Fathers Rights

Olfactory Dreaming

I don’t recall my dreams often any more and that’s a grace considering the depth of horror most of them entail, encapsulating my real life horrors so that even sleep doesn’t provide a moment’s respite. 876 more words

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Ten Steps to End Parental Alienation

It has been well over a year since the CEO of Cafcass, Anthony Douglas, openly acknowledged that his organisation recognised the existence of Parental Alienation or PA and were taking steps to adapt their internal processes, procedures and staff protocols and training to help address it.

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Alienated? You just don't have the magic genitals!

First and foremost I want to say that parent alienation is not always gender-specific.

Although predominantly something resident mothers do to non-resident fathers here in the UK, where 97% of single-parent families are female led, there are exceptions and their pain is every bit as bad as the alienated father’s.

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Sadly football isn't coming home...and neither are they!

We have been in the grip of football fever here, as “soccer” fans the world over celebrate the rise and fall of the roller-coaster ride that is the process of investing emotions in the fate of your national team.

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“I saw the light die.” More PA terror.

This disturbing post features two stories from two different parents who have contributed here before.

The tales will upset some people as they show PA for the raw abuse it is. 2,155 more words