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Happy Birthday

My beautiful, eldest daughter turns fifteen today and once again I will not be able to wish her a happy birthday, give her presents and a cuddle and share in her day of celebration and neither will her step-mother, sister and grandparents. 545 more words


When parents speak badly about other parent.

In order for a non-custodial parent obtain custody in a modification action, after custody has already been decided, the noncustodial parent must prove that there now exists a material change in circumstances which is detrimental to child or the child’s relationship is deteriorating because of the custodial parent is refusing to adhere to visitation that is scheduled.  174 more words

For multi-national families, breaking up can lead to tragedy

Parents can face lengthy court battles, or become permanently estranged from their children


KATE BAGGOTT and her two children live in a tiny converted attic in a village near Frankfurt. 1,602 more words

What is Success in Treating Parental Alienation?

This week I have been starting the process of codifying the principles of practice in working with alienated children and their families for the development of training programmes. 12 more words


Breaking Point

From: https://lost-dad.com/2017/06/29/a-living-death/

In a sense, there is an almost permanent blunt pain. Every day I think of my children and what they might be doing, other days my mind drifts off thinking about what could have been. 539 more words

Parental Alienation — A Poem by mylifeiswear.com

I would like to thank mylifeiswear.com for this heartfelt poem on parental alienation.  This poem could easily be written for many mothers and fathers, who are the targets of parental alienation.   536 more words