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How to Raise Morally Sounds Kids in the Digital Age

Long gone is the time when an eight year old was innocent and viewed the world with enchanted eyes filled with wonder and mirth. Gone is the time when the little ones used to rush towards the playground as soon as the school ended and all pending homework was done. 688 more words

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What smartphones cause to a child's brain?

Increasingly, children spend a long time at the computer, laptop, iPadk, smartphone or TV. We can not fully restrict their access to such devices because there are many educational apps and TV programs that improve children’s skills to communicate, show them new and interesting scientific and trivia facts of life. 333 more words

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Children know how to use a smartphone, but don't know how to go to the toilet

Four years old children know how to deal with a smartphone, but can not hold a meaningful conversation or go to the bathroom alone, according to the latest researches of “Daily Mail”, based on a report from British students. 200 more words

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The kids and the smartphones

When it’s time to buy a mobile phone for their child, the anxious parents start asking themselves a bunch of questions. This is what psychologists advise on the issue. 383 more words

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Digital Parenting: cosa fare e cosa evitare per la sicurezza di tuo figlio

Essere genitori significa proteggere i figli, ma anche aiutarli a crescere e a diventare responsabili, indipendenti, adulti. Ma come possono i genitori trovare il giusto equilibrio tra proteggere i propri figli e lasciare che si comportino in modo autonomo? 972 more words


Children with smartphones - rapid development or a danger?

Even before they learn to walk and talk, our babies already know how to play with smartphones and tablets.

One in three babies aged 6 months know how to use a smartphone and tablet establishes a US study. 456 more words


What the excessive use of smartphones causes?

People younger than 25 years on average use their mobile phone at least 32 times on a daily bases. Even elderly people don’t separate from their phones and start sending messages on the social networks as soon as they get up from the bed. 156 more words

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