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Internet Security and Teens - What to Block and What to Talk About!!

Parenting is a big responsibility as your little one’s present and future largely depends on how you treat and teach them. As an accountable parent, it is quite crucial for you to know what exactly your child is up to. 396 more words

Parental Control

Protecting Your Personal Information on Social Media

Almost everyone has social media profiles on many sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. While they are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, they are also a convenient way for malicious individuals to gain access to your personal information. 234 more words

How To Imporove Online Safety For Children

Have you used REVE Antivirus Parental Control Tool?

Internet has brought a new era of entertainment for the world, however, this has raised concerns for the parents of school going kids. Spending too much time on internet and browsing websites with inappropriate content are the two core issues seem among adolescents or teenagers. 445 more words

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Educational Path Choice. Whose Task Is It?

Undoubtedly, choosing one’s educational path is a tough challenge. It requires lots of self-consciousness, rational thinking as well as proper advising. What if it does more harm than good?  457 more words

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Technology - a double-edged sword?

“Gotta catch ’em all!”

Haven’t heard this phrase? Where have you been for the past month?

The Pokemon Go craze swept into Singapore about a month ago and life has never been the same for many kids (and their parents too)Many parents we have spoken to feel like salmon swimming upstream when they try to stop their children from being gripped by Pokemon Go fever. 330 more words

AV-Test: parental control apps test

Here are the results of a recent test by AV-Test asking (and answering) the question  ‘Is security software for Android with parental control functions sufficient to protect our children or is it better to have a special parental control app?’ 52 more words