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Dad ruled liable and fined for his son's illegal download

A father was fined €956 after a German judge said that warning his 11-year-old son not to download anything online wasn’t explicit enough about online piracy.  548 more words


Parental control service "Circle with Disney” to help with distracted driving, social media, kids’ chores & more

Circle with Disney, a device that helps parents manage their home’s internet rules and restrictions, wants to be more than just a modern-day net nanny. 578 more words


Freeing Up Time

I realised recently that I was spending too much of my valuable time stuffing about on the Internet, reading news that made me cross or just endlessly playing games or checking my phone constantly or getting drawn into chats or sidetracked with Pokemon Go. 1,243 more words


unGlue helps parents set screen time limits on any device

A new startup called unGlue wants to help kids better manage their time on connected devices. Just don’t call it parental control software, says co-founder and CEO Alon Shwartz. 765 more words


Tuned Into Tech: unGlue

WAND-TV Air Date: 2/28/2017

Reporter: Tori Stukins

Photographer/Editor: Eric Harrold

Tuned Into Tech

2 Golden rules to raise a happy child

The quality of the relationship between parents and their children is one of the key elements that determines the psychological development of the child and determines his overall well-being way into adulthood. 580 more words