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What's Wrong is Wrong

It is the absence of the Holy Spirit which stifles wisdom.

It is the absence of the Holy Spirit which impacts faith, allowing fear to impart its lie. 498 more words

My daughter and My books

My daughter has become quite an avid reader. And, in the span of a few months, her tastes have gone from middle grade to young adult. 302 more words

‘Parent’ as a full-time ocupation

Once young and unexperienced parents face any problems considering their dear kids all I hear is: «Let professionals take care of this situation. They will know exactly how to deal with it.” 323 more words

Kids Online

Internet overdose is not good for your children!

Biggest nightmare for every conscious parent is leaving their kids to their own devices.If you leave things out, kids will play with it. Nowadays all kids are tech-savvy but to what degree every parent will appreciate this?!?! 242 more words


Internet of Hamelin

Everyone is familiar with the old tale about Pied Piper of Hamelin. Peculiarly enough it became extremely relevant today. As the story goes the rat-catcher is tricked by Hamelin’s magistrate who refuses to pay him money for extermination of rats in the city which leads to the Piper giving his revenge by beckoning children with his magic pipe into the waters where they vanish forevermore. 449 more words

Kids Online

A Day Without The Internet - DropAP

This is the internet. Everything happens from here. Now you can link up in style.

With your family, your friends, your world.

Simply and securely. 101 more words


15 lines from 'Dil Dhadakne Do'.

Let me just share some dialogues (roughly translated/in my own words) from Dil dharakne do and you decide what you think of the movie.

1. ‘Does he beat you? 748 more words

Indian Homemaker