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Parental Control is the key to ensure kids’ safety online. How much is it true?

Kids’ safety online has become the most talked about issue these days. With pornographic sites easily accessible now, it has become important to keep the kids stay away from such malignant sites. 547 more words

Why you MUST turn on RESTRICTIONS on iOS. 100%

So you thought all was fine with giving or getting an iPhone/iPad to your kids to watch cartoons and play games. Let’s see the disaster you are preparing them for if you ain’t too careful about it. 518 more words



i just returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand. it was a 5 day trip with my parents. considerably shorter than the 10 days we had booked for, when i first arranged for my spiritual retreat. 343 more words


How early is too early to get your child a mobile phone?

As early 6 or 7 years old, your child is asking for a phone, this could be just out of curiosity because he/ she sees how very attached the adults in his life are to their phone. 553 more words


Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Picture a standard morning breakfast whirlwind:

Today has bought us the pleasure of the two smaller kids (5yro and 3yro) simultaneously chasing each other around the table, fighting and shrieking as though one of them has been set on fire over ownership of a Lego creation.  210 more words

Some of the best parental control programs

Parental control through software helps parents to monitor their child on the Internet. With these automated tools you simply have to set some limits, rules and filters for your children to be safe. 237 more words

Parental Control