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8 Great Movies to Watch With Your Teens -- That Won't Make You Cringe!

Are you the movie night curator in your house? The search for a film that everyone will watch, that doesn’t suck, AND that scores on the appropriate-o-meter, can be tricky. 503 more words


Social Media Use in Tween Girls Tied to Well-Being in Teen Years

Girls who spend the most time on social media at age 10 may be unhappier in their early teens than peers who use social media less during the tween years, a U.K.

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Assalamu’alaikumĀ guys!

Masuk di tahun 2018 ini, pembukaannya adalah dengan membahas tentang novel favoritku untuk yang pertama kali. I’ve bought this novel since 6 years ago…

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Assalamu’alaikum semua!

Already 10 mos since my last post about my review novel for ‘Railway in Love’. To be a consistent writer, it’s not as easy as we’re replying chat in instant message.

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