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Parental leave: A good idea. Congress: First ignore, then screw up.

It takes only two things to keep people in chains:

The ignorance of the oppressed
and the treachery of their leaders.


The single most important problem in economics is… 3,149 more words

CVS to Raise Employee Pay and Offer Four Weeks Paid Parental Leave

CVS Health announced on Thursday that it would raise its starting wage for employees to $11 per hour in April.

The drugstore and pharmacy benefit manager credits the raise, which amounts to an extra $2 per hour, according to CNBC, to $1.2 billion in savings from the recent tax cuts. 270 more words


Motherhood is freaking hard and we should be honest about it

Hello Everyone, a little late with this week’s post. So while browsing through my list of writings to share I came upon article. And it rings true why we need to tell the true about Motherhood and along with that the need to take care of ourselves. 650 more words


Is father’s leave effective?

The intention to integrate fathers in child care and encourage them to take parental leave is a goal in many countries. It is, however, realized in different ways: as a ”family right“ where parents can personally choose how best to divide the leave between the father and the mother; as an individual right, which can be transferred to the other parent; and as a non-transferable individual right where parental leave both parents need to take is specified in the program. 510 more words


Giving fathers time off still isn't enough to end the motherhood penalty

Advocates of paid parental leave maintain that giving both mothers and fathers the opportunity to care for a child early in life ensures fair distribution of caregiving responsibilities later on—and a better shot for both men and women at maintaining their earning power. 1,091 more words

Higher maternity pay benefits

The following discussion on the BBC’s Women’s Hour has just been brought to my attention.  From the website:

“A new study suggests that women who get generous maternity pay are more likely to not only return to the workplace but to rise through the ranks. 71 more words

Maternity Leave

Parental leave systems suggest specific behavior

Why do women in Sweden return to work soon after giving birth, while Austrian women stay at home at least one year after the birth, with some staying up to three years? 665 more words