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Half of French men are "not interested" in taking their full paternity leave

More than half of countries in the OECD, a group of mostly rich nations, offer fathers paid paternity leave. Paid parental leave, which can be shared between parents, is also increasingly available. 278 more words

The Right Start, Right Here

Mayor Trevor Elkins of Newburgh Heights, Ohio (a small suburb of Cleveland) inspired the most progressive parental leave policy in the country:  six-months paid leave for all of the village’s full-time employees, women and men, biological parents and adoptive. 26 more words

New research raises questions about Liberal plans to change parental leave

OTTAWA – New research shows Canada’s parental leave program leaves out two-fifths of mothers, many of them low-income, and points to a stark divide between families that are “parental-leave-rich” and “parental-leave-poor” – just as the Liberals prepare to enhance the program. 615 more words


Seattle socialist calls for 12 weeks of parental leave

There’s no question that Seattle is a liberal city. Not content to wait for national legislation, Seattle’s city council voted unanimouslyin June 2014 to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021. 233 more words

Seattle News

CTC Podcast Episode 5: Baby Talk

Starting a family offers plenty of unique challenges and requires smart financial planning.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, as of 2013, the average cost to raise a child to the age of 18 is almost $250,000… 93 more words


'Can I be fired while on maternity leave?' and other commonly asked questions

Employment lawyers are used to hearing some questions repeatedly. Often those questions are around issues that involve human rights legislation. Here are a few questions along those lines that I’ve heard frequently on my weekly radio show on NEWSTALK 1010 in Toronto: 519 more words


Up With Daddy Days!

by John Hoffman

The federal government recently floated the idea of changing Canada’s parental leave policies to include “Daddy Days.” That’s a chunk of paid parental leave that can be taken only by fathers. 714 more words

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