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Justin Trudeau’s half-female cabinet is now confronting a need for a maternity leave policy

During the year of Sociopathic Baby-Men, Justin Trudeau is a breath of fresh Canadian air.

While a recent study found that 50% of men think it’s sufficient when women account for one in 10 senior leaders at their company, Canada’s prime minister insists on gender parity in his own workplace. 427 more words

Should I go back to work? How to decide whether to pause a career to raise a family

Nothing changes the equation of a family’s economics like the arrival of a child.

There’s no tidy formula to sort the competing realities of childcare costs, career aspirations, and family responsibilities into a comfortable work-life arrangement. 1,191 more words

Quick Trip to Paid Parental Leave

Paid parental leave is not something that is federally mandated in the United States. It’s up to individual employers and businesses. But, if paid leave is what you’re looking for before starting a family, here are some of the top countries that do pay parents for their leave: 224 more words

Wall Street Firms Adopt Family-Friendly Work Policies

Wall Street firms don’t exactly have a reputation for being family-friendly work environments. The stereotype is often true, that employees are expected to work long hours and forego their personal lives. 292 more words


Pregnant? Know your rights in the workplace

You hear of it happening: women who go on maternity leave and are let go from their jobs – but are companies actually allowed to do that? 1,584 more words


Moms and Dads Should be Given Equal Leave to Bond with Their Newborn

In an opinion piece published in the Sept. 10 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Natalie Pedersen, PhD, assistant professor of legal studies in Drexel… 403 more words

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