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Expanding parental leave

At the moment, my work is focused on parental leave and the division of childrearing labour in interviewees’ households. I’ve been combing interview transcripts for any references to leave, shared childcare, gendered ideas about appropriate parenting duties etc. 543 more words

Canada's new 18-month parental leave offers flexibility — but comes with a catch

The Liberals ushered in the option of an 18-month parental leave with the 2017 federal budget — but it comes at a cost.

Parents will need to stretch out their Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, opting to receive a lower rate of 33 per cent of average weekly earnings for 18 months. 769 more words


Federal budget 2017: What does an 18-month parental leave mean for Canadian employers?

Canadian employers aren’t thrilled with the Liberals’ plan to extend parental leave and benefits to 18 months. But they aren’t terribly concerned either.

The government introduced the changes in its 2017 budget, unveiled yesterday, making good on a longstanding campaign promise. 761 more words


How to Handle Parental Leave

Simply congratulating employees on their pregnancy or that of their spouses, though thoughtful, is not all that is necessary when handling such situations. Employers should have legally sound, consistent policies set in place to allow employees an adequate amount of time when choosing parental leave. 417 more words


Should Canada rethink its parental benefits system? Report calls for total overhaul

OTTAWA – A new study says the Liberal government should rethink federal parental benefits and overhaul a system that is leaving out too many families and women. 257 more words


Yes, Another Story on How Parental Leave is Broken -- The Preemie Perspective

I was in my last year of grad school when I gave birth to my son. My plan all along was to write my thesis while on maternity leave (and yes, I know that sounds crazy, but I’m not one to make it easy on myself). 1,275 more words