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On gender roles, or a bathroom visit in Stockmann

This is a hidden gem!- I thought when I found a completely clean and almost empty bathroom on Stockmann’s 5th floor at the home design section. 489 more words

A new $20 bill

Pull all the bills out of your wallet. Notice anything in particular about them? Compared to other world currency our bills are rather boring. Not much for color. 666 more words

From The Cavalier County Republican

JOHAN BÄVMAN - 'Swedish Dads' photography series

Just came across this Swedish photographer and absolutely fell in love with this new series about Swedish dads making the most of Sweden’s generous paternity-leave legislation. 307 more words


Paternity leave helps even out the workload at home

By Ada Slivinski (photo by Richard Leeming)

As late as the 1950s, many fathers were not present in the delivery room, but rather were waiting in the pub for their children to be born. 651 more words

Smart Biz

Is Silicon Valley just one big 'old boy's club'?

As the notorious Silicon Valley gender discrimination suit Pao vs. Kleiner approaches its final argument, social media giants Facebook and Twitter have also been hit with separate lawsuits. 314 more words

Women's Rights

Additional Parental Leave: What, How and Why on Earth am I doing it?!

The only material point I'm aiming to make through keeping this blog (apart from proving to Mum that I haven't been dragging Junior round golf courses the whole time) is that spending time as a Dad on Paternity Leave is a good idea, fun and rewarding. 619 more words

Shared Parental Leave

New legislation came into force on 1 December 2014 regarding the statutory pay and leave entitlements available to employed parents. The changes will afford couples greater flexibility and give women the option to end their maternity leave early if they would prefer to share it with their partner. 171 more words

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