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Shared Parental Leave - the new equality frontier

A recent poll on Universities HR mail list discloses that around 50% of UK HEIs intend matching shared parental leave with their existing maternity leave offerings. 772 more words

Are there really no votes in employment rights?

So, the longest general election campaign in history – it surely started at least 12 months ago – has at last reached its final phase, with the three main political parties publishing their manifestos over a frantic three days at the start of this week. 1,312 more words

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Shared Parental Leave – Who’s left holding the baby?

Today we welcome a guest blog post from Mincoffs Solicitors – a leading corporate law firm in Newcastle upon Tyne – who discuss the rules regarding the new Shared Parental Leave regime… 771 more words


The cost of creating a human

At some point in the life of a millennial woman, she may find herself making another human.
Let’s get one thing on the change table before we get all ooey-gooey about babies – kids are friggin’ expensive. 478 more words

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Can we move to Sweden?

This morning I thought I’d check the news to see what’s going on in the world — you know, as one normally does — only to stumble across an article on Sweden’s parental leave policy that made me want to rage into the undying light. 980 more words

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Helping Polish Parents

During a visit to Kłodawa (in Wielkopolska Province) Polish President Bronisław Komorowski said that he will present an amendment to the Labour Code implementing a more flexible system of parental leave.  232 more words


Who stays home with the kids?

Before the advent of the second wave of feminism (in the 1960s and 70s), women were pushed to choose between motherhood and a professional career. The second wave of feminism sought to change by arguing that women, like men, are entitled to be devoted parents as well as professionals in their chosen career field. 278 more words