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Deep Thoughts Thursday: Feminism and Paid Parental Leave

I remember a time in my not-too-distant past when I said I wasn’t a feminist. When, to me, “feminism” meant being angry, overly opinionated, and alienating to those around her. 835 more words

All Things Autumn

Family-friendly policies enacted to help women actually hurting them in some cases

Across Europe and Latin America, working women are feeling negative effects of “family-friendly” policies that were enacted to help them, but have yielded some unintended consequences.   170 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Family-friendly labor policies are not working. The solution is better paternity leave

One of the most effective ways of boosting a country’s economy is to get more women into the workplace. Around the world, family-friendly policies are being set up to help make this much-needed shift. 523 more words

Passing the Torch

Last weekend marked the end of my first week back at work and the beginning of Jeff’s parental leave.

It’s been seven months of being home full time with Gus –  182 more words


Canadian Oatmeal Shortbread

Back again!  And with a recipe at that!  I’ve actually been getting some baking on lately, which has been great.  Feels great, tastes great, love it.   413 more words

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Stopping the tenure clock

I imagine that many, if not most, people interested in the topic of balancing academic and family life will know of the option to stop the tenure clock to allow for full or partial time off for child-rearing responsibilities. 258 more words


Family, WooCommerce, and women in the workplace

It has been almost a week since I wrote a post! This is unlike me. Usually I’m bursting at the seams with things to say. Lots of things have happened this week too but for some reason I just haven’t felt like writing. 478 more words