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‪How far out of balance has our national morality become?

On the one hand we force loving parents to allow their child to die, in order to “end his suffering”. 75 more words


Baby Charlie

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. — Woodrow Wilson

As of this writing, Baby Charlie Gard struggles for life. 561 more words


Ukraine: Lesbian couple keeping low profile, but open with family

Despite being open about their family with relatives and friends, Moskovchenko was the only one from her family who attended this year’s Kyiv Pride on June 18, a march of around 4,000 people in Kyiv in support of the rights of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT). 96 more words


UK Fight For Life Raises Questions About Parental Rights

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia-based medical ethics expert says the case of a gravely ill British infant whose parents are seeking to keep him alive, and flown to the United States for an experimental treatment has raised some serious questions about parental rights. 134 more words


In Loco Parentis - the terrifying tale of Charlie Gard

As a doctor I have found the unfolding tragedy befalling Charlie Gard and his family extremely upsetting to follow.  This poor boy and his family are butterflies being crushed on a wheel to press home a legal point, they are unfortunates being punished having committed no crime. 1,186 more words


#FamilyFriday - Adoption

For this #FamilyFriday article, the attorneys at ERA Law Group, LLC want to talk about adoption.  Adoption is the legal process of creating a parent and child relationship.   191 more words

What is wrong with Feminism?

Jessica is an Associate Lecturer teaching modules in the first year.

During my undergraduate degree and my experience as an associate lecturer, Feminism has been a topic I have avoided; I thought I understood what it meant, and I wasn’t happy with it. 648 more words