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Parental Responsibility

Being a parent brings with it many joys and rewards, though most parents would agree that with these rewards comes a lifetime of responsibility.   It is the job of both parents of a child to ensure that this responsibility is taken seriously and exercised in the best interests of their children. 625 more words

Maryanne Godboldo won her court case finally

I will always consider her a hero and a martyr in the war between family sovereignty and big pharma.

TODAY in the Detroit News

Charges were dismissed Wednesday against Maryanne Godboldo, the Detroit mother involved in a five-year court battle stemming from criminal charges leveled against her for refusing to give her disabled daughter anti-psychotic drugs. 410 more words

Jenny Hatch

Failure to Terminate Father's Parental Rights Reversed in Crossville, TN: In re A.B.

Facts: Child 1 was born in February 2009. Shortly thereafter, Father was placed on probation after pleading guilty to a drug charge. In July 2009, he was found guilty of violating his probation. 678 more words

Family Law

A Teacher's Perspective on Betsy DeVos and School Choice

The liberal media pounced on Betsy DeVos after her confirmation hearing last week, alleging that Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education is a radical Christian… 649 more words

Current Events

Who’s Afraid of Betsy DeVos?

Trump’s Education nominee is the top Democratic target.

Updated Jan. 17, 2017 3:45 p.m. ET


Democrats are searching for a cabinet nominee to defeat, and it’s telling that progressive enemy number one is Betsy DeVos. 728 more words

School Choice

SPI Douglas follows predecessors: rebrands Common Core

Breitbart News stuns with the headlined article, “Arizona State Board of Education ‘Rebrands’ Common Core.” Yes, the same Common Core that had parents throughout the state so riled, they elected unknown Diane Douglas as Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction based on her promise to repeal the so-called standards. 178 more words