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Left’s utterly ridiculous education statements

Liberal Provocateur E.J. Montini, one of the remaining henchmen at the increasingly irrelevant Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) headlines his column “Arizona is selling our kids’ brains to the Koch brothers.” 134 more words

Those Dems

Court Divided Over Statutory Interpretation in Greeneville, TN Termination of Parental Rights Case: In re K.J.G.

Facts: Mother and Stepfather filed a petition to terminate Father’s parental rights and adopt the child.

After a trial, the trial court found clear and convincing evidence of grounds to terminate Father’s parental rights and that termination was in the child’s best interest. 976 more words

Family Law

Defending the Unborn in Missouri

Defenders of the Unborn


National  Day of Protest Against

Planned Parenthood


When:  April 23, 2016

Where:  Planned Parenthood

             4251 Forest Park Blvd.

             St. Louis, MO  … 260 more words

Legislative Issues

Truancy Court Racket in Ava, MO- HSLDA

It’s rare that I find myself without words to describe the indignation felt when confronted with completely tyrannical behavior. Please, just read the article below and check out the attached links…Evidently, courts think they own your children now. 760 more words


Richard Dawkins: Says the State Needs to Protect Children from Parents, Religion

Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 2015: Richard Dawkins, British biologist and author, and well known atheist gave a speech in which he stated that children need to be protected by the state (government)… from their own parents. 632 more words

Children Stolen By The Government

The Rights of the Absent Father

Yesterday my son woke up to the reality of me traveling to Austria without him. He was adamant that I still had enough time to raise enough funds for him to accompany me. 1,137 more words