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Government CHILD Trafficking - Parental Rights

What are the reasons in which the government has the legal authority to take your child?

Presumably, they list two: neglect and abuse. The issue becomes defining what constitutes neglect and what constitutes abuse. 821 more words


Police abduct and secretly hold 'free-range' children for playing two blocks from their home

(NaturalNews) A nanny police state mentality continues to rear its ugly and forceful head across the US, intimidating harmless, law-abiding American families. For some sick reason, authorities now think that they can control other people’s lives, dictate their daily decisions and even force parents to raise their children a certain way. 737 more words


A Call for Respect

Full disclosure..I am a Christian parent in the province of Ontario and I oppose the new PE curriculum that may be introduced in schools this September. 773 more words

Common Core Realities

Last week this reporter gave you the facts behind the myths of Common Core (CC). If you wish to refresh your memory here is the link: Blog- Fact Vs Myth This week I will endeavor to explore CC a little more intimately. 1,117 more words

Common Sense

Token Visitation in Memphis Termination of Parental Rights Case: In re Brookelyn W.

Facts: Mother and Father are the unmarried parents of Child. Two years after Child’s birth, they separated.

After their separation, Mother allowed Father to visit Child at the home of Child’s paternal grandmother until such time as Mother grew concerned for Child’s safety because of a lack of stability in the paternal grandmother’s home. 900 more words

Family Law

My Parents Raised Me "Free Range" Before It Was Cool

I was a free range kid, so were most of my friends, and not a single one of us had a cellphone to keep in touch with our parents. 730 more words


Gullible citizens and prudent citizens

Proverbs 14:15  “The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.”

As the first session of our 29th state legislative session comes to an end, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.   807 more words