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Trump’s School-Choice Fight

His plan to let money follow the child is a moral and political winner.


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Sept. 515 more words

Parental Rights

A Proven Advocacy Team For You

We don’t fool around when it comes to parental rights. They are being eroded with each passing day in divorce and family courts throughout the country. 133 more words

Court Corruption

And Finally, Reason 365: Because The Schoolhouse Is Anti-Christ, Anti-God And Anti-Parent

Make no mistake, the institution is on a mission, and giving your children a fine education ain’t it. No, the mission is to indoctrinate your children into the mind-numb, anti-Christ serfs needed to serve and worship the god/state. 675 more words

Parental Rights

Parental Rights

Did you know that in WV parents who have abused, neglected or abandoned their children have more rights in a courtroom than fit parent do? It makes no sense, but it’s true. 524 more words


Thinking About a Pennsylvania Step-Parent Adoption?

In an ideal world, every child would have two loving, responsible parents. All too often, though, that just is not the case. Sometimes, a tragic death take a parent from a child. 340 more words


Poor Children Need a New Brown v. Board of Education

Students deserve federal protection from the twisted logic of tenure rules that undermine learning.

Aug. 28, 2016 5:50 p.m. 900 more words

Parental Rights

The Maternity Leave Martyr 

(This is a slightly edited version of a previous post on a similar issue, so bear with me 😜)

Corporations these days are required to be repositories of our collective social conscience. 1,023 more words