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If you like AZ’s leftist election results, thank a teacher

Today, over a week after the general elections took place, is the drop-dead, court-extended day for ballot tabulations.

Republican Martha McSally has already conceded the 6-year open Arizona senate seat to leftist chameleon Kyrsten Sinema, who presented herself as an “independent,” shunning the word, “Democrat.“ The Green Party candidate siphoned off 2.37%. 361 more words

Those Dems

Does Adoption Destroy Families?

As I start this project I thought I would take a few moments to express my personal views on Adoption and on the Foster Care/Adoption industry.   1,648 more words

AZ Nov. 2018 Election: Snafus persist, lawsuit filed

Extreme liberal partisan Adrian Fontes, who squeaked into office by a single percentage point, now oversees Maricopa County Elections

With votes still being counted days after Tuesday’s election, are upsets in the works? 404 more words

Those Dems


I have found myself thinking about how important it is to preserve individual freedoms. This, probably because of a few things that Ive heard happen recently that challenge the idea that everyone has the right to self determination. 727 more words

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17th October 2018 ; No change

My son has an incident at school.

She asks me to call the school to make a request for her.

I do it.

She asks me to let her know. 97 more words


My Next Step: Filing with FMEP​ ​

Shortly after my medium embarrassing moment at the courthouse with the toilet paper, I received the court order in the mail. It arrived thinner than I expected it, for some reason I figured “legalese” would require more pages. 346 more words