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Self-Esteem in Children

Many children struggle with performance anxiety and inadequacies (often unfounded), which are factors associated with poor self-esteem, or a poor self-concept.  A child’s self-esteem can be influenced by factors such as temperament, parenting and parental attitudes to failures and successes, parental self-esteem, teachers, feedback regarding performances and peer relationships.  1,606 more words


Mom, I don’t want to become a pro, chill.

  • Bess T

I want to talk about my experience with parents who believe their child is going to become a professional athlete.  This is something that I experienced as a child; I experience it now as a coach; and I have also experienced the complete opposite.  1,171 more words

Positive Youth Development

Parental Involvement in Sports

By Johanna R.

When observing youth in sport, one may notice parents sitting on the sidelines cheering only when a participant scores a goal. One may also observe another adult yelling furiously at a participant, referee, or coach from the sidelines. 498 more words

Positive Youth Development

Garden Working Party

A massive thank you to all the families who were able to come and help clearing the garden on Saturday. The weather was fantastic and Mrs Wood’s breakfasts were greatly appreciated. 84 more words


Not a Clue Team

Better known as NCT (National Childbirth Trust.). We debated for quite a while, Mr S and I about whether to attend these classes.  There was a suggestion that “it’s an expensive way to make friends and I already have friends.”  Whilst this may be true, you don’t have THESE type of friends.   268 more words


Remembering My Mother


Somehow in thinking about what to write about for Mother’s Day, the church’s Family Fishing Day got in the way of something more relevant. But it’s not too late to write about my mother. 804 more words

As I Come Singing

Glass half empty

Here comes the dreaded day. I am driving my girls to the airport once again. I play games with my mind. This time the drive is going to be longer than the last. 432 more words