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Baby Boomers

I can’t say that I’m not sweating the unemployment thing. I have a bright & shining future for looking for a new job with probably little success. 1,870 more words


Children no longer allowed to show belly buttons in pics? DUHHHHH....

As the list of suspected celebrity child molesters grows, we’ve been thrown into such confusion as to whether and ‘who dun it,’ our minds have become scrabbled messes. 666 more words

Mother's Day

They canceled the type of candle my mother likes. It makes it even harder to shop for her. I drove to three different towns looking for that candle before someone told me it was discontinued & I had to find a supplement. 1,136 more words


The Courthouse, the Professional, & the Indian 841

There is a guy at work that rides an old Indian 841. Olive drab, from military surplus that came out of a time wrap from 1940. 2,540 more words


Six ways to reduce the chances of children developing an issue with alcohol/drugs

According to the Parents Translational Research Center and the Partnership for a Drug Free America, there are six (6) things parents can do to prevent their child from developing an alcohol and/or drug issue: 332 more words


Women & Holidays...Am I Right Guys?

As the great & infinitely wise Commander John Crichton once said “Crackers don’t matter!” Truly words of wisdom, especially over the holidays where women are, you know, a little more insane than usual. 786 more words


Sick as a Dog

“You know what, I once skied four miles back to the car & then drove home after you broke my wrist.” It’s one of those things that my father loves to tell me. 932 more words