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Middle Little

I saw an article the other day titled something like, “How you know you have a spirited child”. I laughed out loud and kept scrolling. Let me tell you how I know I have a “spirited” child. 372 more words


It's absolutely fine to heave at poo

Sam just did a poo in his potty. Not just any poo in his potty, I might add, but his FIRST poo in his potty. And it was rank, smelly and a completely disgusting experience which I’d really rather not repeat. 598 more words

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Birth story of Jovie Larue

I thought its about dang time I write the story of how our little girl, Jovie Larue, came into this crazy world. I’m already starting to forget those little details… it all seems like a blur; though it was fast paced and crazy hectic (5 ish hours from start to finish) so I’m not exactly blaming my cruddy memory! 1,562 more words


Where Did That Come From?

A few days ago, while running around a department store, Hunter said a word that made me stop in my tracks and go “Huh??”

It wasn’t a swear word. 914 more words

The Harsh Truth About Spanking - Part 2

In yesterday’s post I talked about how spanking is one form of discipline, but that is one form that we need to get away from. Discipline takes many different forms and you can discipline without spanking. 795 more words


Today's Internal Monologue

People knew I was kidding yesterday, right?  L’s Mother certainly did, and that’s the important thing, but still . . . I hate it when a joke falls flat. 123 more words

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The Big Move

   So about 8 months ago I announced we’d be moving soon, I guess 8 months later isn’t very “soon”. But oh well, life happens! Speaking of… we are moving! 546 more words