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The new reality: Becoming a parent without losing your own identity

Kids change your life — that’s a given. It is not only about practicalities, but mostly about mindset. However, both the practicalities and the mindset are in your power. 1,676 more words

Lifestyle Balance

I'm a Dad!

And it is awesome.

This time last week I was in the birth centre with my wife moving through the various stages of labour. She did amazingly. 248 more words


I Do Not Have an Eating Disorder: The real secret to losing my baby-weight


Seriously though. Between a demanding schedule at home and at work, and not much breathing room in between, I have never been more stressed in my life. 1,259 more words

Feminist Parenting

People Are More Important Than Stuff

My boys broke a window pane while wrestling. One lunged at the other. The other ducked, and the window got the raw end of the deal. 795 more words


10 TRUE things when you’re terrified of what the future holds for your kids

I know you’re feeling it too – that the world has gone all kinds of crazy.

We’re beating back the flames and the fears and the unknowns, worrying there’ll be nothing left for those coming after us and we need to keep on telling each other some truth: 624 more words


Sometimes I don't like my husband. 

My husband works 43 hours a week. He is taking 5 college classes on campus at a school that takes an hour one way to get to. 565 more words


“And there you have it, big guy, your very own balloon.  Now go run outside, buddy,” The father said to his excited toddler.  The joy of a simple bit of plastic tied to yarn never really made sense to the jaded old man, but the smile and glee pulsing from the child erased any personal doubts the father held. 43 more words