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Living Slow on Mabel

The other day I heard a term which I think sums up my lifestyle perfectly – Slow Living.

“A lifestyle which emphasises slower approaches to everyday life” 210 more words

It's been Awhile ♥

Wow, I was just looking at this blog and realized how long it’s been since I’d written anything.  Truthfully…..So much has happened in three years I’m not sure where to begin.  1,826 more words


Fitted Sheet Anxiety

There is something cathartic about fresh sheets.

Buying them. Washing them. Making the bed.

And, there is nothing like sliding in bed that first time after you change the sheets; especially if you’ve just shaved your legs (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, ladies). 825 more words


to my baby girl.

I wish there were words to adequately kick off this blog post, I really do… because typically, you want your writing to start off with a calm lead-up, a gentle opening that carries your beloved readers easily into the crux of what you want to say. 590 more words

Life & Faith

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Good news: My no-longer-napping daughter is taking an unexpected nap.
Bad news: It was unexpected, so she’s not wearing proper nap time undergarments.

Good news: She didn’t fight me on climbing into bed for some “quiet time.” 137 more words

21st Sip


These are just a few photos of so, so many! The newborn stage really does fly by impossibly fast. I’d relive it over and over in a second. 118 more words