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Dream a little Dream

What do we have that we can truly call our own? Something that no one can take away from us. Our assets? Our possessions? Our friends? 396 more words

Daily Life


saying our goodbyes
my students hug and bicker
tests, summer on minds

another year gone
children growing, moving on
gliding through this life

but i still hold on… 18 more words


The Curse and Blessing of Anxiety

One of my friends sent me this meme recently along with the text, “It made me think of you because you harness anxiety’s power more than anyone I know.” I loved it and thought it was hilarious. 1,683 more words

Traveling With Toddler

We are attending a wedding in another state this Memorial Day weekend, which means, you guessed it, airplane with a toddler.

Here’s the good news. Unlike other airports, ours is not experiencing any especially long waits at security. 503 more words



My elder daughter is divine to me. just thinking of her moisten my eyes, she is a special girl (just like every kid, they are all special in there own way), she is a survivor and a little fighter (Yes fighter she is, meet her once you will know what I am talking about). 824 more words


Blue is the new Jerk

´╗┐In the year or so that I’ve been a parent there is one thing above all that I’ve learned to be true…Cookie Monter is a Dick. Share your cookies dammit!


Why Our Conversations on Parenthood Always End On A Pregnant Pause

Last night, I dreamed that Warrior Poet gave me the nod for us to start trying to get pregnant. I was clearly surprised by his definitive declaration on a topic that usually inspires his vagueness. 1,357 more words