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Whoa Is (Me Time)

Work has been so crazy and an absolute shit show. If the company’s goal is to turn everyone’s hair gray, cause stress related health issues and piss everyone off they are on the road to excellence. 589 more words

& A Cocktail

Sorry, but I'm Not Forcing My Son to go to You...

The other day our son was acting funny style, he didn’t want to come to me for whatever reason, he just wanted to be with his dad. 587 more words

Parent Tales

Final leg of the race!

So i’m into the final trimester of my pregnancy!! Woohooo, i hit the BIG 3, the number that most people want to avoid for their birthdays! 1,431 more words


Letter to Estelle | Five Months

Hey there, sweet girl. I love you.

The softness of your cheeks when I touch your skin with kisses, your sweet milky morning breath when you start babbling the moment I pick you up, the faint smell of sweat on your hair as you nuzzle against my chest after our 5am nursing session, your tiny but demanding fingers that cup my chin and pull at my glasses, and that expression of yours when you are watching the world – mouth slightly agape, your light brows drawn together and your dark eyes so focused – before that gorgeous smile of yours bursts through because you see me watching you. 299 more words


Grin and we might be able to bear it!

Accessibility is important in literally being able to get to school. But it isn’t everything. Access can be tweaked and small steps ramped if the school is willing. 250 more words


Coming Up For Air

I knew life was going to get busier when I went back to work but, HOLY COW y’all. If the days and weeks were moving along at a clip before, now they really are flying by. 550 more words

Baby M

Jeremy Kyle episode: Welcome to my world.

When I was younger being fat meant you pretty much found yourself in the shadows. Obviously there wasn’t a big social media presence like there is now so there was no real place for me to be able to learn and understand that -hey you can actually be fat and live life. 937 more words