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Broken Homes vs. Split Units

On Wednesday, I met Andy’s son, Lucas. I had a great time! We had Ice cream and watched Lucas play at the playground. He’s such a great kid. 361 more words


Don't Try to be Mommy

This is the second in my Staying at Home LIKE A MAN series, in which I offer advice on how to be a stay-at-home dad without feeling like your man card has been revoked. 1,000 more words


Peeking into the Nest

As spring crawls slowly up the Northwest coast, and a crocus, like a purple hand, pushes soft fingers through the ground, as well as the cherry trees wink pink blossoms at passersby, I make my way in a couple of days to check in on one of the birds that have flown from my own nest. 228 more words


Random Ramblings...

There’s some things going on in our household that are new to me. Somethings I can’t quite speak out about, but definitely not things I’d like to be going on. 419 more words

TV Critic Dave Bianculli sheds some light on hit shows and what college students should be watching

David Bianculli is a well known TV critic and has been since 1975. He is the founder and editor of TV Worth Watching and a teacher of TV and film history at Rowan University. 1,054 more words


Large Family Traveling

So we’re thinking about a vacation and we might be completely insane for even attempting it. Four kiddos 6 and under…just the logistics gets my heart racing. 658 more words

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