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Stereotypes of a teen parent

Students at the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County are taking classes, raising children and fighting stereotypes about teen mothers. People have images of teen parents as irresponsible, promiscuous and uneducated. 39 more words


“Lost time” is just a pleasant way of saying PUT THOSE KIDS TO WORK! Just kidding. I mention from time to time my concern for just how busy we are and how valuable our time is spent with our children. 678 more words

Busy Parenting

It's just a phase.

My genuine absolute favourite saying. I have been known to chant it to myself whilst breathing deeply whilst mentally removing myself from a tricky Squidge-related issue. 2,471 more words


Blessed Bodies

In praise of postpartum bodies.

Our bodies are beautiful, these bodies that housed miracles.

How can we, after experiencing the magic of childbirth, not expect to be transformed? 120 more words

Body Image

Calling God's Bluff: The Forecasted Rise and Fall of American Secularism

Before I say anything else, my good father, I need to thank you for your kind words. You know how much I appreciate what you do and who you are, but the Internet doesn’t know that yet, so I find it altogether necessary to state that your thoughts and your opinions are perhaps the most important and influential upon my life that I have ever experienced. 1,325 more words

The Post-Baby Pooch

I remember seeing that photo of Kate Middleton exiting the hospital after giving birth to Prince George and thinking “Wtf, she looks like she just stepped out of a day spa.” 303 more words


Totally Tubular

After almost 4 years of blogging, I have many older posts that I feel deserve resharing. Occasionally, I will do a Rerun Sunday. This is one of my favorites from two years ago. 702 more words