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The Challenging Child

Today is my son’s 15th birthday (as I’m writing this), so it seems fitting that I should write about him and about my experience being his mother. 930 more words


Go Quietly Inside Yourself: advice to my introvert kid

My Scott,

You’ve been a heady cocktail of nerves and excitement this past week. Chest swelling inside new-true-blue Grade 1 shirt the exact colour of your eyes. 748 more words


The 20 Mom: henlo 


My name is Adriana and I am a young married mom here to express the ups and downs of being an early mother in today’s world. 435 more words


Where does the day go?

It’s 3 am. Oh wow my boobs hurt. Gotta pump.

Dammit, where did we put the breast pump? Oh, there it is. Okay, now I need a bottle… There. 1,400 more words


sending the Kitchen's God out

Đưa ông Táo về trời…

Annual household affairs must be reported to the God of Heaven seven days before the new Lunar year. :D Previous years we had it at my mother’s house…this year we don’t have any family around so I am starting to practice the cultural tradition. 12 more words


Sleeping Angel.

She sleep like an angel.

At about 1.5 months old, she quit her midnight feed by herself gradually. From then on, all we need to do is just carry her for about 10-15 minutes (mostly) and she’ll fall asleep. 302 more words


Play-foam on the plane!

There’s something pretty awesome and intriguing about play-foam, or “floam” if you may. It’s light, sticky and gooey in a weird way. It’s got this beady texture, it’s inexpensive and not messy. 170 more words