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Allowing myself to grieve.

I hate to cry. Weird, I know. I don’t like the feeling of vulnerability. I often hold back and hold back until the river breaks. 557 more words


Motherhood in the Age of Fear

I read Kim Brooks’ article, “Motherhood in the Age of Fear,” and I realized I have joined the ranks of mothers who have been condemned for being a mother. 258 more words


holiday extravaganza

After our hike in the Sawtooth Wilderness, which proved a little more hardcore than perhaps was advisable, we enjoyed a rest day in Sun Valley. 331 more words


The Potty Training Diaries

We’ve finally arrived at the land of big boy undies. Of little briefs with Batman, Superman and Spiderman logos. It’s been a long journey and let’s be honest…the real MVPs are my husband and me. 376 more words


Lunch Prep 101

It’s almost that time.  School is sneaking up on me.  And all I can see in my near future is a bunch of packing.  I spend a large portion of every morning packing.  610 more words

Independence Day | The Day itself

I am jaded about the country’s past, present and future all rolled into one.

However 14th August I leave all my usual sulk aside. Instead of the groan and grunt that things usually elicit, I sing, I dress up, I celebrate because you know what? 673 more words


One, Two, Three or More...Who Cares!

Someone in one of the parenting facebook groups I belong to recently posted about her struggles to 100% accept that she will be having one child.  1,321 more words