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I am trying

‘Mama why are you not taking me to the park anymore?’ my little girl asks me, peeping out of the window and gazing forlornly at the small park, a stone’s throw away from our little first floor apartment. 1,231 more words


Five things you should never say to a new parent

  1. ‘He/she must be hungry’. There are many, MANY reasons why babies sometimes cry. In the last week, our little girl has cried in frustration at rolling over on to her front but being unable to roll back, has cried for no particular reason in the middle of a nap, has cried when Kyle sneezed loudly…you get the picture.
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Core memories

This week we watched Pixar’s Inside Out, which I can’t recommend more highly. Everyone loved it – aged 33 to almost 3!

It got me thinking about the whole “core memories” thing, and then this morning R had a bit of Lego time with S, and it occurred to me that this is what it’s all about. 55 more words


The Nightmare...

I used to have this reoccurring nightmare when I was a kid.  It was pretty standard.  The creepy old guy neighbor had me tied up and was about to saw me in half while my brothers and sisters were right outside the window.  564 more words

Why We Need A Two Year Old At Christmas

1. It is a good excuse to watch Christmas movies all day long.

2. You can sing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs and the kid thinks it is GREAT! 695 more words


Numero Dos.

I’m pregnant with #2.

We’d always talked of having two kids.  After the first – and the year-long depression and anxiety that followed – I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to do it again. 165 more words


Taming the Crazy, Finding Your Zen

You always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. With a cold cup of coffee in one hand and a smudge-smattered cell phone in the other, your hair hasn’t been washed in days and your jeans are sagging off your butt. 218 more words