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If the Chestnut Tree Could Talk Week 4:

Over the last three weeks, we have been letting the Chestnut Tree speak to us. If you have missed any of the valuable lessons in my previous posts, you can scroll down to the older posts and find them there. 649 more words


Finding Goodness in Unexpected Places

“Someone give me some good news,” she said.

She wasn’t exasperated; she didn’t have that frustrated edge to her voice that people often have when they’ve been hearing nothing but terrible things for an extended period of time. 1,004 more words


Baby Brother

I’ve mentioned before that part of my coming around to the possibility of having another baby has a lot to do with Cora wanting one.  Since our big baby talk, it is like she KNOWS something we don’t.  173 more words


Toddler Bedroom Furniture

Soon enough, Little MPB is going to transition into a toddler bed. First by changing his crib into a toddler bed and then one day he’ll require a real bed. 575 more words



Every parent wants to have their child, one day, marry and settle down with the right person and have a successful marriage.

What many parents do not realize is that children must have an example of what a successful marriage looks like set before them. 124 more words


Big Bones

If you give it time after dinner just as you’re finishing clean-up, and you’re open to it, marvellous conversations can be had. Logic doesn’t always apply in these cases. Just go with it.


Always Be Yourself

In our house, we have always encouraged The Smalls to be whoever they want to be – both when they are playing make believe and in the every day. 827 more words