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The Day Our Son Drowned

It’s funny; you don’t ever think it will happen to you. You read the articles and stories, you read the warnings but it never crosses your mind that one day you might be writing a story of your own. 1,123 more words


Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

It’s already been a year since our little family of 4 has settled in Hanoi.

Yes, we are totally melting in summer, freezing in winter and we do wear the  usual anti pollution masks far too often. 818 more words


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Emerson and I are in the car on Riverwatch Parkway, singing Katy Perry’s “Firework” at the top of our lungs and laughing.

When the song is over, Emerson leans her head over on my shoulder. 25 more words


Tips for Taking Perfect Selfie With Your Kids

SELFIES! Even our little ones are crazy enough to pose for one. While I might not really have mastered the art of taking perfect selfies, especially the ones with the pout ( 909 more words


I'm a superhero mom

I’m a superhero mom.

I don’t wear a cape or unitard, have a mask, or knee-high leather boots.
Most days it’s jeans and sweaters, often with holes. 491 more words


Who Leaves the Seeds?

My four year old is convinced that every hole or pit we see in the yard leads to a Totoro. If you haven’t seen it (and rock have you been under for the past 30 years), … 392 more words


For The Love of a Glove

Nothing quite brings back certain memories for me than the smell of a leather baseball mitt. I can still hear the snap and pop of the ball piercing the afternoon sky when it hits the leather; I can feel the small ridges and wrinkles of the glove as I worked tiny gobs of Vaseline over every leathery inch of tanned skin while molding and shaping it to fit my (and only mine) left hand. 516 more words