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Let's talk about night terrors...

Let’s talk about Night Terrors!

This little guy looks pretty content this morning… happily guzzling his bottle as he watches some early morning ABC Kids. In fact, he has been his happy normal self this morning.I wish we could say the same about our little Jesse during the night. 425 more words

Being A Mum

Theaterpalooza 2017

This weekend I treated Ethan to a belated birthday celebration featuring wall-to-wall theater and good old fashioned mother/son bonding time.  As luck would have it, his Godmother happened to be in town and we managed to squeeze in an impromptu Saturday morning breakfast date with her as well. 292 more words

Life In Fayetteville

Not Today Satan and an Invite to Birch Bear!

Every once in a while when I’m out and about, I run into someone who says, “Hey, I follow your blog!  I really liked that one post you wrote about that one thing!”  Those compliments always bring a smile to my face; it’s nice to know that somebody appreciates what you do, right?  891 more words

Daisy Chain.

We’ll make a crown of daisies, we’ll thread them through your hair,
We’ll take each little flower and handle it with care,
They’re all a little different, no two flower heads the same, 61 more words

Unhelpful things people say when your child is on the Autism spectrum

I must begin by saying I know that these things are mostly said in good faith, usually from someone who’s simply trying to help, or from someone who doesn’t really know what to say. 801 more words


What's for dinner?

We have a bit of a thing in our house, where 3 of us like donner meat, and 1 of us doesn’t.  Unusually, it’s the hubby who doesn’t like it…  He’s always called it “road kill”, and this conversation sort of spiralled out of control one day, and kebab meat is now known as “dog”.   109 more words


Why swim lessons were one of the smartest things I did for my baby this winter

Before winter set in I had a plan set up to make sure we got our butts out of the house and didn’t just wander Target for hours.  436 more words