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Life Changes. Children Grow. Mamas Cry.

We always said that we would assess our next educational move at the end of each school year. We reasoned that the kids’ education would be a constant assessing of needs and desires coupled with what we are able to facilitate and provide for them. 956 more words



On the train today two women sat opposite to me. One of them was perhaps in her 70s, a fragile looking Japanese lady with her off-white fisherman-type sunhat pulled deep onto her head. 678 more words

Expat Life

A Math Lesson

This mid-year exams hasn’t been much different from last year’s. In terms of enthusiasm, mine is still higher than Jason’s. So exam revision is still largely me prodding, him plodding. 393 more words


My Boy Mitchell is a Grownup

Do you have a major, overriding life goal, one that guides your actions above all others?  I hope so as it can really help to drive your focus and attention to your long term planning activities as well as your contingency actions.  802 more words

Deep Thoughts

Restoring my faith in humanity

I’ve been avoiding blogging a bit. I’ve had a bad few weeks at work: the events left me questioning the nature of people. Then the results of the general election… Well at the risk of being labelled ‘a sore left wing loser’, they appalled me. 607 more words



Parents dread disciplining their children for fear that they will lose their connection with them.  On the contrary, discipline is a means to strengthening relationship with children. 445 more words

Relationship Care


I got the best grade from our 12-year old the other day. We were to mention three characteristics about each-other. He said (about me):

Happy, loves her family (can be an adjective in Swedish) and… proper. 99 more words