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Shaming Moms? Nope, Shame on You!

I know a lot of moms. I have a mom, she has a mom, my dad has a mom, my husband has a mom, and his dad has a mom… my friends have moms, many of my friends ARE moms, and oh wait… … 351 more words


Whole30 Day 19

The Tiger is still eluding me. Last night was not a great night. Max, my almost-four-year-old, decided to wake up and tell me he didn’t want to cough in his room. 573 more words


Last minute birthday prep

Today is my final day to prepare for the dreaded Little Miss’s Slumber Party. I’m so unorganized it’s ridic!

Got the shopping done, and realized while in line I forgot about 3 things. 309 more words


“Trains”, I said!

Dad had just stated with no uncertainty that if me and my brothers were going to get him anything for his birthday it should be HO scale model trains and accessories. 278 more words


The Importance of Date Night

Life is busy and sometimes hectic.

Whether you have a family or it’s just your and your significant other..it’s easy to get caught up in LIFE.

282 more words



Penelope Neale Hurston.  Cocked hat and the whole nine. Happy weekend, everybody!

Photos: Seth


By Accident

One evening, the boys were playing downstairs when I heard horrific crying.  I raced down to find Adrian lying on the floor screaming.

“It was an accident!”  Yelled Stephen. 537 more words