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YOU'RE WRONG!! That's not it at all....

The kindergartener that knows the right answer, but won’t raise his hand.

The 7th grader that keeps going to the nurse for a “bandaid” a little too often. 271 more words


Love . . . the real thing

I believe we are each a unique manifestation of the divine in this world.

When we are self-less, identifying less with this everchanging physical body and the elaborate personal story of endlessly conditioned thoughts and feelings that we have created throughout our lives, we see that we are all connected. 759 more words


unconditional love like invisible ink

Unconditional Love, True Love, lives in a real world, with real challenges and other real emotions. It is incredibly beautiful Unconditional Love. But it takes lots of strength, courage and faith. 629 more words

Welcome back: Why do those Hollywood dance classics stir up the birds and the bees?

Writer’s block? More like the border wall President Trump is ordering Mexico to build. Sure, I’ve stashed a couple of half-hearted starts and musings in the draft folder. 658 more words


The Ring of Fire

Never Again

I’m late today in answering today’s post prompt about an experience you would never do again. The reason I’m late is because I was hosting three 7 year old girls for a slumber party. 377 more words


Mission: Motherhood

Over the years, many of my young mom friends have expressed an uncertainty regarding their value and significance as a mom when they are in the trenches with little ones under foot. 716 more words