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Cost Breakdown: 18 - 24 months

The average cost to raise a child to 18 is $245,340, according to the USDA. An average of 40$ per day. Woof! I thought I would post my own, just in case someone wanted to see “real deal” figures. 1,036 more words


Why Having A Bank Account For Your Child Is Important!

From the grand old age of 10 days old I opened my sons first Bank Account. When I say Bank Account, I really mean a Savings Account, as having a Bank Account would suggest a Current Account with cheque books, and debit card facilities. 649 more words


Lone Star State

This weekend I’m “gone to Texas.” My trip to the U.S. state that defines the notion of “big”is due to my son’s impending graduation from the University of Texas in Austin. 302 more words

No Peaches. No Cream.

Sometimes online, I think that we post only the sunshiney goodness of our lives. Or we post the ranty bits. Or the angry ones. Or maybe that’s just me. 654 more words


Unifor turns to private company to run former union day-care centre

A former union-run child-care centre is starting up again but with a twist: it now will be for profit.

Unifor will rent out the ground floor at 3450 Ypres Blvd. 397 more words

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Year 3, Day 19

Such a happy boy, and all about the mom snuggles!


Kids Comprehension Of Puns & Play On Words

I’ll never forget the time my son Max watched with disappointment as I cautiously climbed into the shower. He sat there and stared at me…waiting. “What’s up buddy?”  I asked.   213 more words