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Why G62 is Simple to Apply Every Day

Dan and the boys headed off before the sun rose.

Bikes loaded on the bike rack, water bottles filled with extras chilling in the cooler for after the ride. 524 more words


Wednesday morning fun

This morning my son asked if he could watch the water run through our Brita filter in the water jug. Maybe tomorrow I’ll paint something and he can watch it dry.


The patience of J...

I have to say, my friends, that we are impressed with our son.  He has, somehow, managed to learn how to patiently wait while one or another of his parents runs endless errands.   1,039 more words


When Will You Tell Him He's Adopted?

Yesterday I briefly touched on some of the questions I’m often asked.  But, I intentionally left one out, because I think it deserve an entire post of it’s own. 519 more words


Festival of Instrumental Music, Sydney Opera House.

On Monday night, our daughter performed in the Combined String Ensemble at the Festival of Instrumental Music 2016 at Sydney Opera House.While a professional music critic might discuss the repertoire or wax lyrically about the wonders of Public Education, this is a parent’s perspective…the views of Mum-on-seat. 676 more words


A Milestone - College Move In

I can’t believe that I have yet to post anything about my boy going off to college. He’s been there two weeks! Well, not quite. Ten days actually, but who’s counting? 413 more words


Getting to Sydney Opera House.

There’s an old joke about the Sydney Opera House:

Q: How do you get to the Sydney Opera House?

A: You practice! Practice! Practice!

However, as much as kids might practice and dream of performing at the Sydney Opera House, they also need transport…the wind beneath their wings. 1,305 more words