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In The Spotlight... Twinkl

I had already used their free services a few times over the years for word searches and the like in school holidays, so as soon as we pulled the kids out of school in March, I headed over there for help. 734 more words


Lead Poisoning is Real

I finally found a decent picture of the vintage army trunk that poisoned myself as a teen and my baby (now 7). I purchased it from a flea market to keep my records in and someone before me had painted it an obnoxious green so my plan was to strip it and repaint it something authentic. 432 more words


Participate in Research on Polyamorous Parenting?

Image: Lots of words describing study with blue side.

A doctoral student, Melissa Manley in the Department of Psychology at Clark University, is conducting research on parents in polyamorous relationships. 301 more words


Raising A Daughter to A Strong Woman

Raising a child can prove tough and hectic, even for the most seasoned parents. And for fathers with daughters, it can be particularly daunting. Talk of social interactions, emotional and physical changes your daughter goes throughout her entire youth, and communication challenges. 730 more words


Corrie's Goodbye

Goodbye can be the chocolate your soul craves.

It is like this;

You have tried to diet for a long time. The reasons why are different. 988 more words


anti-bias education part 2: "Person-first" relationships for gender and family inclusivity in early childhood education and Montessori settings

Pride month might be over (…not to mention that it co-occurred during the BLM movement and a worldwide pandemic). But being a parent or student who falls into a marginalized group based on your gender identification or sexual orientation unfortunately might not be “over” for many parents or students out there. 3,022 more words

Day 185: A Desk Chair on its Last Legs, and a Little Bit About Happiness

Today we learnt that we really need to get rid of something before it’s completely worn out. My daughter has been telling me for weeks that she needs a new chair for her desk and I kept saying ‘find one you like online and I’ll get it for you’. 534 more words