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Laudable Linkage

Here is some good reading for this fine October day:

We Die a Thousand Ways in Love. “If God himself was willing, in love, to wash even feet, why would we refuse to lower ourselves, in love, for one another? 123 more words


Preventing mental illness starts prenatally

What if we could wipe out many forms of mental illness through the prenatal vitamins that a pregnant woman takes?  Sounds a little like science fiction, doesn’t it?  239 more words

How to Build Your Child's Attention Span

Have you ever wondered if your child’s attention span is too short… or could be longer?

Do you ever wish your child would just STOP and PAY ATTENTION to something for more than a few seconds? 361 more words

Playing the victim

I am only 27 years of age. Sometimes when we get into the true adult struggles at a young age, we tend to start feeling like we’ve seen it all. 659 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine!

My daughters sparkle and shine far more brightly than their surroundings…but maybe that’s only from my perspective.  Here are some shiny photos of them. I can’t decide which I like better: the color or the monochrome. What do you think? 



Brave New World

Seven weeks into the new school year a new groove has formed.  Life follows this new path revealing once unseen landscapes and vastly different views.  Yet, I can’t help but seek out the old and familiar sights.   763 more words


DIY and new Halloween costumes for my daughters from our local Value Village!

This week my daughters and I made our way to our local Value Village to hunt for Halloween costumes.  Value Village is always our top choice when searching for costumes because they have hundreds, if not thousands of costumes, and accessories this time of year. 601 more words