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I Want It NOW! How to Help Preschoolers Develop Self-Control

By Molly Breen

For preschoolers (and for lots of adults) it is hard to wait for a turn; it takes self-control. Waiting, or delaying gratification, can be a big developmental challenge. 1,142 more words


Too much stuff and too much help makes adulting tough for our kids

I found an interesting article on a website called Moneyish, which by the way is filled with interesting articles by a group of writers who happen to be women with backgrounds writing for the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Media Group and other major publications like the New York Daily News and Seventeen magazine. 949 more words


A Parenting Paradox

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon here, and I had quite a few things I wanted to get done today. I just realized that I won’t be crossing even one thing off my “to do” list, though, and I couldn’t be happier. 626 more words



I’ve been a mom for almost ten years now and three times over. In my journey of momdom (yes, I made that up), each experience is uniquely different from the rest. 223 more words


Misnamed & Names As Colors

When I was a young girl I would occasionally meet someone and think they were misnamed. Their name didn’t suit them, and it would be hard to remember, or the opposite; some people were perfectly named, like my childhood friends; Hilary, Rosalee, Misty and Holly.   315 more words


An Open Letter to Parents of Children with Autism

This post originally appeared on my Pride and Parentage/Love Blender blog in 2012. I am copying and pasting here.

An Open Letter to Parents of Autistic Children: 656 more words


"My son..."

“My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments…” – Proverbs 3:1

In order to fully appreciate the first two words of Proverbs 3:1, you need to either be a loving parent or the child of one. 311 more words

Book Of Proverbs