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Albus Dumbledore and Guilty Old Men

I spent a lot of time this summer listening to audio books. It was not entirely of my own volition. I brought my 9 year old daughter with me to our… 755 more words


Big sister

Perhaps you’re wondering where Amelie is in all this. To be honest, I’ve been reluctant to write about her reaction to becoming a big sister for fear of hopping onto it too soon with a big fat ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ label. 651 more words


Get Wet! Baby Plays In Rain For The First Time

The kids are headed back to school and summer’s coming to an end. It’s time to focus on soaking up every last drop of the season — rain or shine. 228 more words


Day 286

Sleep, sleep, sleep… for the last 3 days!  Yet another afternoon that you came home from school and went straight to sleep.  I miss playing with you… :(


Lemon Yellow Shop Giveaway!

Today I’m talking about something that my fellow mamas are going to love! I love supporting small businesses, especially when they make quality, useful products. Before I had Sawyer I had never even heard of a binky clip, nor did I know why he would need one. 455 more words


I'm On the Internet!

Over two years ago, I submitted a couple pictures to a tumblr page depicting lesbians and babies. I stopped using my account and forgot all about it. 32 more words

Single Mother By Choice - SMC

Laundry: 2

I don’t think that was meant to go through the wash. Some kid is going to be royally pissed!