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This Year, You'll See Me in Vacation Pictures

I am notorious for comments like “Ugh, can we just crop me out of that?” or “I’ll take the picture. No one wants me to pollute it.” I’m about 40 pounds heavier than I was just five years ago, and it certainly shows in pictures. 205 more words

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Chores at home... everyone can contribute

Some great suggestions for helping children develop a sense of responsibility, incrementally, for their world.

summer chores for children: teaching responsibility at home

Childhood Development

Why I Don't High-Five My Kids for Scribbles

In a world filled with competition, I have to ask – Why the heck do we give out medals for every modicum of minuscule success? Last place is just that, last place. 361 more words

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Temper Tantrums and the general public.

As you can see Lincoln is a regular tantrum thrower, has been for the past couple months. But it wasn’t until I was in Asda the other day without Lincoln and a middle aged woman was stood in the queue behind me talking to her friend about the child in the row over us who was quite clearly having a tantrum over the fact he wasn’t allowed any sweets. 812 more words

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How Domestic Violence Affects Children, and What That Means for Your Home

I’ll preface this article by saying the intention of this story is to inspire hope, because the facts that follow may be difficult to some, but they are so vitally important to hear. 1,367 more words


It's the Little Things - The Dangers of Social Media

A great man, Charles Chesnutt, once said

“We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things.”

Isn’t that so true? Isn’t it so easy to forget the importance of things like dandelion flowers or sweet scribbled stories that make no sense at all?

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10 Ways to Foster Confidence in Your Child

One of the most vital characteristics we can foster in our children is confidence. It’s the building block for all other learning capabilities. It’s no secret that children thrive in an environment filled with love. 888 more words