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I think my son is possessed and I’m not sure I’ll survive the toddler years.

This was a text I got last week from my friend D whose son is 3.5.

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To Santa or Not To Santa

We just wrapped up Christmas here at the Pelton’s and it was a good one. Mindy and I had a great Christmas Eve Happy Hour with friends, Christmas morning with just the two of us and the cats and then Christmas Day dinner with friends. 938 more words

I can't think of a witty title. Sorry.

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. A really long time. I apologize, and, I explain.

First of all, I have a small confession to make. 742 more words

To Send or Not to send - Dilemmas of being a Boarding school parent

To Send Or Not To Send – Dilemmas Of Being A Boarding School Parent


My little girl M is going away. No she is not 16 and moving to college. 1,814 more words


The nappy list part deux

Every milestone in your life comes with a barrage of predictable questions. Hit that first blissful anniversary with a boyfriend and expect curious enquiries of ‘so is he the one?’ Get married and face questions about your plans to procreate before you’ve had chance to polish off the wedding cake.

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Learning to say 'NO'

I’ve always had an awkward relationship with the word no. I detest it, avoid it, ignore it and fear it in equal measures. My instinct is always to explore every possible avenue that may lead to a resounding…

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Parenting Dilemmas

Texting issues

‘I hate to be the bearer of bad news but’………when you receive a text with that opening line, you know you are not going to enjoy reading the rest. 318 more words