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Watch "Diaper Free Baby Potty Training Tips & Tricks From A New Mom" on YouTube

Hi there he is another video I found in link below about potty training from early years. Elimination communication.

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Parenting Dilemmas

Toilet Training videos

Check out these videos I discovered and found really interesting if you to are toilet training your child.

It can be a frustrating time for you and your little on, so getting tips and advice can work a treat, and knowing you aren’t alone can be comforting too. 193 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Potty to Toilet Training

We have now decided to toilet train Henry rather than the Potty as it wasn’t going well and our son is still have accidents. We spoke to the Occupational Therapist who recommended the method to us. 132 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Avoiding bugs for kids

With the weather being as it is, it is very easy to catch those nasty bugs, but they are avoidable by regularly sanitizing yourself ( washing your hands and body thoroughly) and your home. 315 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Gift guide for babies and toddlers

There are so much choice when it comes to buying gifts for babies and toddlers that you can easily become overwhelmed and just want to hide underneath the duvet, and say “NOOOO CHRISTMAS COMING TOO SOON”. 300 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Looking for schools

This last couple of months I have been checking out Primary schools, due to my son being 4 years old, and will start school next year in September. 426 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Recommended videos

Watching Youtube I have come across some really good videos on tips for mums, on what to wear.

Check these out below:

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Parenting Dilemmas