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Potty training

Yes we are potty training at the moment, and yesterday Henry used his potty for the first time and actually had a pea.

Why am I sharing this?

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Free Speech & Four-year-olds

My son’s preschool teacher called me recently┬áto tell me he had called a friend ‘stupid.’ (FYI: all classmates in preschool are referred to as “friends” to protect their anonymity in cases of biting, hitting, name calling, and the like.) Ulysse’s teacher was concerned because this was not his first offense. 1,125 more words

Calls From The Teacher

Why we do settling down time

Getting out of repetition can be so easy as you can get bored doing the same thing, evening after evening, but the one thing I have learned, is that it is important for children, to continue repetition. 359 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Handling Meltdown and Tantrums at Christmas

Getting ready for the festive season can be so exciting for children. They may not be too aware of what it is all about, but they sense that the home they live in, is twinkling like stars, there’s a funny looking spiky green thing, which their mummy calls a Christmas Tree, covered in colourful balls and sparkles, and their keeps being a man mentioned, someone call Santa Claus. 1,209 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

I still find it hard when Henry is sick

Even now Henry is 3 years old, I still find it so difficult to handle when Henry is sick. I am not talking about a cold, even though that can be hard to deal with aswell, but more when he is vomiting. 995 more words

Parenting Dilemmas