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Holiday with a baby

Going on holiday with a little on can be tricky. You can end up taking everything apart from the kitchen sink. Here is an article where one mum shares her first holiday with a baby. 109 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Scared about the bath

Yesterday giving my son a bath, he completely freaked out and was petrified. I think it was because when he had a stomach bug not long ago, and he had messed eveywhere the only way I could clear it was to hose him down.  225 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Some Great Mum Hacks

I love Mum Hack videos and came across some of these videos which have some great mum hacks.

Check out Emily Norris Channel as she does some great Mum Hacks, check out one of videos below, which she collaborates with Kate Murnane, who also does some Mum Hack videos. 25 more words

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Sometimes I find it a struggle

I was contemplating whether to write about this or not, but feel as a mum this wouldn’t be a truthful blog if I didn’t, and I know I am not alone when I say that I find parenting a struggle at times. 377 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Breastfeeding support

When it came to breastfeeding I found it really tough and not easy at all. I did get quite stressed over it, making sure I expressed every 8 to 12 times a day when my son was first born, and kept trying to breastfeed my son directly, but he never latched on. 254 more words

Parenting Dilemmas

Watch "Diaper Free Baby Potty Training Tips & Tricks From A New Mom" on YouTube

Hi there he is another video I found in link below about potty training from early years. Elimination communication.

Many thanks for reading,


Parenting Dilemmas

Toilet Training videos

Check out these videos I discovered and found really interesting if you to are toilet training your child.

It can be a frustrating time for you and your little on, so getting tips and advice can work a treat, and knowing you aren’t alone can be comforting too. 193 more words

Parenting Dilemmas