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Know What Your Kids Are Searching

“I don’t recommend anyone set their child loose on the social media […] You should see every notification, everything that they can see.” — Parenting expert Dr.

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Working with an A+ team is something else!

After almost 20 years of owning my own business, I can honestly say without a doubt that the biggest challenge is always people. No matter how great you are or how many wonderful things you do, if you don’t have a good team, you won’t go far. 77 more words


What is Parent Mentoring?

Have you ever asked for help with a parenting issue from an ‘expert’ only to find their solution doesn’t work for your child?

Have you ever read a baby book and wondered why your baby doesn’t do what the book says? 557 more words


Brain Development is Pretty Cool!

It’s amazing that from the moment a child is born their brain is firing neurons and making connections that will affect that individual for the rest of their life and we as parents have a great deal of influence over that. 318 more words


Jim'll Fix It!

As I look along the parenting aisle in the book store I am strongly reminded of a TV program of my youth called Jim’ll Fix It where Jim came along and basically made the wishes of the kids come true.  427 more words


I am not a parenting expert

As I started the journey to opening the doors (figuratively) of The Parent Academy, I spent a lot of time wondering if there was anyone out there who was going to listen to me. 386 more words