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Sometimes a momma’s heart just hurts.

There are things she cannot fix with kisses or hugs.

Little girls growing pains, stretching that at times feels unbearable. 118 more words


A tale of two princesses: my 3 year old son vs. my 3 year old daughter

When my son was three, he like so many other little people, became fixated on the Disney movie Frozen. It was all he wanted to watch, the only music he wanted to listen to and he desperately wanted to dress up as Anna, one of the main characters from the film, for Halloween. 807 more words


Parenting by Gender

Eric and I spent a wonderful Saturday evening with some new friends. Part of getting to know each other is always sharing the history of your courtship, your family, and your overall ‘story’.   563 more words

Remembering My Kids are Different

I’m over at the Kindred Mom blog today, writing about our family’s culture. It’s still a work in progress and I’m learning that what works today may not work in a month. 343 more words

The Power of Women

My eldest daughter of all four children is the one I worry about the most.

I know you can’t and certainly shouldn’t compare children. They’re all individuals. 998 more words


Growing up - the both of us

Something’s happening in my house, and I’m not sure I like it.     I am becoming increasingly irrelevant to my tweeny-child.  Irrelevant is perhaps not the right word, but it’s hard to think of one that better captures my feelings. 968 more words

Life At 40


We live our lives with the applause meter on.

The channels of social media feed the human desire for acclaim.

But, to live an authentic life, one in which we force ourselves to acknowledge the pieces that are less than show ready, that’s a challenge. 117 more words