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Parenting Fail Video

Last Mandy has dipped her toe into the video world.

It came rather out of nowhere. I Snapchat regularly back and forth with my sister, and we’ve had some real gems between us that we have saved for future viewings. 109 more words

My Life As A Mom


“I said I love you Momma and now he’s gone”, the words choked out between the sobs.

“I shouldn’t have loved him if it wasn’t going to be forever”, … 68 more words


Talent Show

She caught me as I walked in the door.

Waving theĀ green paper in her hand, telling me she was going to do the school talent show. 234 more words


My 7-Year-Old Thinks Primping Is Bullshit: I'm Starting To Agree

My daughter equates having her hair brushed to child abuse. She hates it so much that it has become my biggest fear as a parent. I cringe every morning and think about it the whole time she’s eating breakfast. 425 more words


Daughter , I talk much nonsense but please listen to me on this one thing....

Today my eldest daughter turns 14

She has a fight and a zeal and a drive that terrifies me and makes me envious of her in equal parts. 1,001 more words


Girl Drama

My older daughter is turning 12 in two weeks. For those of you that have been there you probably know the signs. Going from 0 to 10 on the freaking out scale for no reason. 883 more words

Random Thoughts

Why I Love Being A Girl MomĀ 

This morning my one year old daughter threw herself an epic tantrum. I mean it was as though she was possessed. Throwing her body around and screaming at the top of her lungs. 1,319 more words

Loving My Children