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Dad – You Are Important!

The tears were very real and sincere. I had just finished speaking to 18 mothers at a private Christian school in Indonesia. Julie had asked me to share about the importance of a father’s engagement in the family. 460 more words

Parenting Girls

Why I won’t be watching the new Cinderella film

Yesterday on the way to the park, my five year old daughter and her six year old friend, also a girl, started waving, saying hi and smiling rather coquettishly at some builders. 638 more words


Call it like it is? Pee-pee or penis ? bum-bum or vagina?

I suppose this has been a much debated topic for a long time now but it has only become my reality in the past year or so. 280 more words


Good Friday

It’s Good Friday and I’m back on my blog! The kids have gone to their grandparents for the night so I am free! Although I still got up early, faffed around a bit and then did some work. 245 more words

Being A Mum

Parents Struggle, Too

It happened at a church in Singapore. Our Generations of Virtue team was ministering to a group of teenagers and their parents when we had a very important revelation. 582 more words

Parenting Girls

Inputs and Outcomes

There are some lessons that we learn as we teach them. Anna had a physics group project due this Wednesday. In an already busy schedule, this seemed to push her over the edge. 743 more words


Generations of Virtue Seminars For School Children In South Africa

You have a purpose. You have a future. God has given you everything you need to fulfill your calling. These are words not every South African child hears. 421 more words

Parenting Girls