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We took a break.

The four of us in a little bubble for 10 days.

We traveled.

Saw ones we loved.

Woke up late and enjoyed our new toys. 256 more words


To blink

She went from this

to this

in the blink of an eye.

And this one, just a second ago, was refusing bottles.

Now she’s refusing the squash I make and talking me into getting her a facial. 21 more words


Mental Health and Hormones

This might be an odd topic to discuss, but it’s actually very important in terms of adolescent mental health particularly if there is a biologically-based brain disorder on the table. 563 more words


Parenting my black, immigrant daughter after the election

By Sara Ackerman

The next day, after you wake at 3:30am Eastern Africa Time to watch states turn red and blue, you first think yes, exactly. 883 more words


How (not) to talk to someone else's daughter

By Marina Koestler Ruben

“Well, aren’t you a kitten,” our male friend said coyly.

I cringed. It was not a catcall, per se, but the baby equivalent. 820 more words


We have to do better.

I remember it clearly.

I remember when I looked at my daughter sleeping. She was only a few weeks old at the time. So perfect, so amazing. 526 more words


Making David Sedaris Proud

It’s been a year since the girls and I have lived together sans their father here.  He moved out a year ago.  Last year was a year in transition to say the least, but everyone is emerging in very good shape.   932 more words